InsyaAllah, Mr Sunshine and I will be solemnized at a mosque. I do not know which one yet.
Daddy told me he would be arranging the necessary but not now lah. Probably the earliest would be 3 months before.
I am anxious to know the details about the mosque, whether we’re allowed to bring the hantaran trays inside (there are mosques that have rules against this) and whether there will be an area to serve food to the guests.
Feeling a bit lost pertaining to my whole akad nikah ceremony now.

My reception would be preferably held in a hall instead of my house. Why ?
a) The area outside my house is just not kenduri-friendly. It was OK for the engagement because we only had one tent. I cannot imagine having 3 or more tents put up in such an area.
b) There will be a lot of spring cleaning to be done if I were to have it at my house, and I am, as usual, VERY lazy.
c) I want air conditioning. Call me spoilt but I am (very) sweat-prone and I don’t want to look hideous as a heavily perspiring bride.

My checklist can be updated now, I have got my official photographer !
He happens to be my junior when I was in Hillcrest and also my neighbour who lives just couple of blocks away from me.
I have been searching high and low, OK maybe just online, for a good photographer with affordable packages. I knew that he took good photos, so when he came up to me with an offer that was just so hard to resist (a super duper fantastic offer, to be exact !), it did not take long for me to say, “You’re hired !”. Hee.
Booked him (and his assistant photographer) for all three ceremonies. InsyaAllah. 🙂
You can check him out here or here.

Melissa R.

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