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of quickening and a growing belly.

At around 17 weeks, I have started to feel my baby’s movements from the outside. Alhamdulillah. They feel like butterflies fluttering in my stomach !
MashaAllah, it’s such an amazing feeling and at times I feel like my little one is reassuring me that he/she is doing a-okay. Alhamdulillah. 🙂
Mr Sunshine has not been able to feel these movements yet as they’re not quite strong. I can’t wait for the time he gets to feel what I feel !  
I believe the pregnancy term for the first baby movements that an expectant mother can feel is quickening.

Alhamdulillah, as at today, there’s no more bleeding or spotting to worry about. I actually refused to be admitted on Wednesday and I admit I was kinda worried I made the wrong decision. But, Alhamdulillah, so far so good. I know I’ve still gotta be careful, no heavy chores or walking too fast.
My belly seemed to have gone through a sudden growth spurt in the past week and everyone can notice it already.

My belly at 18 weeks.

I need to get new outfits for work, I don’t know how long more my baju kurungs will fit me.

Noor treated Matun, Miah and I to Secret Recipe after work on Thursday. Matun brought her 4-month old baby, Muhaimin who was soooo adorable ! All of us have to wear white scarves until April 29 in respect of the passing of our King’s mother, Almarhum Tengku Ampuan Bariah.

Matun, baby Muhaimin & Noor. Thanks so much Noor !

Miah and I with baby Muhaimin. 🙂

I had the Spaghetti and (burnt) Meatballs which was okay lah. I also had a slice of the Marble Cheesecake and an Orange & Apricot Slushie to wash all of that down.

Spaghetti and (burnt) Meatballs.

There’s something wrong with my laptop screen, it looks like this sometimes.

Anyone knows why ? I think it’s a connection problem, but I could be wrong. Hmm.

I have been getting extremely forgetful lately. I have to rely on my phone reminders all the time.

Mr Sunshine and I initially took leave this weekend to travel back to Batu Pahat but because of the circumstances pertaining to my health, we decided to postpone the traveling to another time.
Baby & Mummy’s health first ! 🙂

My Modified Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (MOGTT) is scheduled in early May but I am already so nervous. For those of you who don’t know what the test is all about, it’s a test to determine whether or not you have diabetes. Or in my case, gestational diabetes. I am so worried ! Firstly because Daddy is diabetic, and secondly because of my huge sweet tooth !
Argh, nerve-wrecking !
Hope for the best, hope for the best.

It’s dinner time. Bye !


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hello world wide web !

Ah hello, I’m back.
But nope, we still have not received our modem and we’re still stuck with the one the store gave us to use but I finally got it to work (read: got a TM guy to come over to get it done).

I’m also back from spending the whole weekend with my bestie, Annisa. She came all the way to Terengganu for a holiday with me. We had such a good time ! I can’t wait for her to upload them so that I can steal them. Hehe. Will blog more about my weekend soon. 🙂

Mr Sunshine turned 25 last week. 🙂

I hope you liked the gift I got you sayang. We’ll go for a holiday next year, InshaAllah, ok ?
I love you so banyak !

I am gonna express my dissatisfaction with the service provided by bakery in town from which I bought Mr Sunshine’s cake. Secret Recipe was just too far.
The girl actually misspelled “Sunshine” when I clearly jotted down the word on a piece of paper and all she had to do was copy it. “Ehh salah !”, I shrieked, and to my disbelief she just calmly wiped the mistake up with a piece of cardboard and rewrote on it. Did not do a really good job on that too !
She had got to be kidding me, I thought.
She just proceeded to pack the cake and since I was not in a confrontational mood, I just paid for it and left with a heavy heart. 🙁

Can you see the part where the pink cream is smudged ? 🙁

Oh well, it still tasted alright.


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i miss having a stable internet connection.

We still have not received our modem back yet.
Last Saturday, they gave us one of their modem to use while waiting for ours to be delivered from KL, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Somehow the link is just not working for me. Anyone has any idea why ?

I thought I had nothing to worry about as I had my Celcom Broadband modem, but it is super slow 99.9% of the time.
It takes more than 5 minutes to access my email. Other websites take forever to load. SUPER SLOW LAH !!

I’ve got loads to tell and photos to upload but I guess I’d have to wait until I get a stable internet connection.
Until then, bye.


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