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My Shaklee Before and After Pictures

Hi y’all !
Assalamu’alaikum. :)

Hope everyone is doing a-ok. :)
I have deliberated for quite some time to share these pictures with all of you because the before pictures are a bit embarrassing.
But I thought that since there has been improvement and it’s obviously a positive thing, I definitely should share them !

First and foremost, I would like to state that I have never had flawless skin and even now, it is not completely flawless.
A little history – I started breaking out in high school all the way through university. I have used benzoyl peroxide gel, adapalene gel and topical antibiotics for my acne.
In 2008, the doctor I saw in HKL when I went for my pre-employment medical check-up prescribed a 4-months course of oral antibiotics for me.
I did not even complain about my complexion, so that’s how bad my acne was ! Sob sob.

I know how it feels to not want to go out and the let whole world see how ugly my skin was. I had very low self-esteem and I was always self conscious and sort of depressed because how my complexion looked like. :(

Alhamdulillah, the oral antibiotics did help to clear up my skin but I still had acne scars, both dark and pitted ones which are more prominent on the right side of my face.
That’s why I have gotten used to showing the left side of my face when I pose for photos. Haha.

Presenting, the transformation of the right side of my face !

shaklee before and after

As you can see, that was how my right cheek looked like back in 2006 – red, pimply and scarring was obvious.
In 2012, I had less pimples but my scars were still very much obvious. I just started consuming Shaklee products that year.
And the most recent photo in 2015 was taken a couple of days ago. Can you see the difference ?
Alhamdulillah ! :)

The 2006 photo was taken using my Canon digital camera, the 2012 one using my Samsung Galaxy S2 (and you can still see the scars so clearly !) and the 2015 photo was taken with my Note 3.

Here’s another photo:
shaklee before and after

How I looked in 2008 compared to how I look now. Can you see spots, scars and red inflamed skin in the 2008 photo – even on my left cheek ?

Alhamdulillah, Shaklee products (only with Allah’s grace of course !) has helped improve my skin tremendously. I do occasionally get zits these days but they are definitely not as bad as before.

I have also managed to lose some weight and maintain it with the help of Shaklee products and some exercise.
I have been battling with weight issues for as long as I can remember. I think I was at my heaviest during my diploma days – my weight once reached 60 kgs. My weight dropped to about 46 -48 kgs after a bad breakup but I gained all of it back after that. Haha.

I was 52 kgs when I got married and 54 kgs before I got pregnant.

Of course, I ballooned during and after pregnancy ! I gained a whopping 16kgs which means I was 70 kgs before I delivered Khayla.
After giving birth, my weight plateaued at 57 -58kgs and I struggled to lose that excess 4-5 kgs.

shaklee before and after

I have managed to bring my weight down to about 52- 53 kgs now. Look how chubby I was 2 years ago !

Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful Allah has led me to Shaklee and I love how it has helped improve my life. :)
If you want to know what Shaklee supplements I am taking on a daily basis, you can click here. :)

Of course, you can contact me if you need free personal advice and consultation (unless you’ve already bought you Shaklee supplements from someone else, then you should seek advice from that person, hehe).

Fun fact: Mr Sunshine got to know me back in late 2007 when I was all pimply and chubby, haha. I love you Sunshine ! :*

Ok bye !


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Vivix for Slimming

Hello all. Assalamau’alaikum. :)
Vivix for slimming, a topic which might be of interest for most of us.
Siapa tak nak slim kan ? Hehe.

Vivix is one of Shaklee’s best selling ‘magic tonic’ !

So far, I have wrote about how the super grape in Vivix is packed with resveratrol, about how Vivix works in our body, about how Vivix compares to other superfruit products and about the clinical studies that has been conducted on Vivix’s main ingredient.

I have also shared with you testimonials on how Vivix is keeping Master Law Chu Hian healthy and young, how Vivix can help a person quit smoking and also a collection of testimonials from Malaysia and abroad.

And now I am here to tell you that Vivix can also help you LOSE WEIGHT !

First up, Master Nana Macarona lost 6kgs on Vivix apart from all the other ‘side effects’ she got.
vivix for slimmingvivix for slimmingSource

Another awesome testimonial is from Puan Zurina, about her husband who has been taking Vivix for 2 years.


hari ni nak sharing tentang testimoni suami tercinta..
pada tahun 2012 suami saya selalu keluar masuk hospital sebab selalu sakit..tekanan, diet yg tak seimbang menyebabkan suami saya kena penyakit batu karang dalam hempedu..

lepas dah operate buang batu karang tu dan hempedu/ gallbladder pun dah takde..kesihatan suami agak kurang baik sikit..selalu demam dan selalu pening kepala sampai satu tahap mase driving pun bole nak pitam..kat site construction pun pernah tumbang..

memang takut..mase tu die dah terfikir nak mati dah..jumpe doktor pakar..doktor cakap resdung akut yg serius..if operate 50% bole kena infection balik dan bole jadi lompong hidung suami..doktor sendiri suruh cari kaedah tradisional..dan yg pitam tu tanda2 awal nak kena strok..Allah ya Allah anak2 masih kecil..macam2 cara altenatif kami dah try..

then 2013 baby kedua lahir..suami nekad stop smoking dan saya bagi try VIVIX ( sebab mase tu promo buy 6 free 1)..

alhamdulillah dah setahun..kesihatan suami saya makin baik..dah 100% stop smoking..

dan yg tahun 2014 langsung xde masuk hospital..dan yg best suami makin sihat,kulit makin cerah dan berat badan turun 12kg..alhamdulillah syukur pd Allah..

vivix for slimming


Amazing kan ?
No wonder Vivix is adored by many !

Want to join their journey too ? Contact me and I will gladly guide you. :)


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