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Workouts I Love

So I’ve decided to write on workouts I love simply because I wanted to share the FUN workouts I do to help me lose/maintain weight, get toned and stay healthy !

Not everyone likes to exercise, am I right ? But exercise IS important !
Engaging in regular physical activity not only helps us lose or maintain a healthy weight, it also helps prevent a wide range of health problems, improves our mood and it gives that boost of energy we need everyday.
“If I exercise regularly, won’t I be exhausted ?”
NO !
In fact it’s the total opposite. I am speaking from my own experience. I feel fresher on the mornings I workout. :)
Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores. (Source)

Ok back to the subject, I started exercising when I was in high school.
My preference has always been aerobics/dance workouts, although I have jogged and went to the gym a couple of times. But I am not exactly the outdoors kinda person. Haha.

I was obsessed with Paula Abdul’s Get Up and Dance CD during that period. It’s a 1-hour aerobic dance workout led by, well, Paula Abdul.

This DVD came out in 1995, so you can imagine how the dancers were dressed. Hehe. The workout is broken down into 6 sections, an Introduction and set of Instructions, Warm up, 3 sections of 3 dance steps each, a YMCA section and a cool down. What made this workout fun to me was that the dancers behind were in all shapes, sizes and age so it felt like we were all ‘regular people’ dancing together. You get what I mean ?

After I entered university, I bought the Pump It Up: The Ultimate Beach Body Workout DVD.

There are four main sections in this DVD – the Warm Up, The Main (cardio), Bums and Tums (works our hips and abs), and Warm Down section. A total of 1 hour of workout set to Ministry Of Sound dance music. The routines in The Main section are quite easy to follow, and they won’t really leave you aching for days, but the Bums and Tums will definitely make your bums and tums sore !

I used to love this DVD so much that I would sometimes do it for 1 hour, and then repeat !
And, I even bought another Pump It Up DVD, the Pump It Up-Burn It Lose It.

The DVD starts with 8 minutes of warm up and all the other segments are 15 minutes. There is the Aeroburn section (pure cardio that will leave you breathless, hehe), BPM (cardio with really cool dance moves), Beatbox (cardio and toning – something similar to kickboxing) and Below the Belt (the toning section which includes lunges, planking, sit-ups etc).

What’s cool about this DVD is that you can make up your own routine, pick and choose which sections you want to do. Best kan ?

Then I was introduced to Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred which went on to be my No. 2 FAVOURITE workout of all (used to be number one, but I have found my ultimate favourite workout, details later).
I know, I know it’s NOT a dance workout but I could really feel and see the difference after only 20 minutes a day, in less than 30 days ! What more could a girl ask for ?
Seriously, this DVD really, really works ! It features three levels of 20-minute workouts, each of which features short bursts of strength, cardio, and abs (interval training), and a cool-down. All you need is a set of dumbbells and an exercise mat (for the abs section).

I used this DVD diligently before my wedding and even my wedding dress tailor noticed the difference in how I fit into my dress during the last fitting session. :)

I love Jillian Michaels !

So, which workout has managed to knock down Jillian Michaels from her number one spot in all of my favourite workouts ?


I was introduced to Zumba last year, and bought the Zumba Exhilarate and Rush DVDs and instantly got hooked !
And then I was fortunate enough to come across the Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD set sold on Groupon, and I didn’t have to think twice about getting it.

ZumbaExhilarateThe set comes with 7 DVDs, a pair of toning sticks, and a program guide.

1. Step-by-Step – This DVD breaks down the basic Zumba rhythms and moves (1 hour)
2. Activate- a 45-minute Zumba class for beginners which applies all the moves learned in the previous Step By Step DVD.
3. Ripped –  is a 60-minute workout broken up into a toning section, using the 1-pound toning sticks, and a Sentao section, which uses a chair and your own body weight.
4. Exhilarate –  a full 60-minute Zumba class filled with really fun dance routines.
5. Rush- perfect when you’re short of time, this is a high-energy, 20-minute Zumba workout.
6. Mix- this is the coolest DVD, which features African, Latin, Indian, hip-hop, Asian fusion, and Flamenco dances from a variety of instructors. There is also a breakdown section which teaches you the routines which is really helpful.
7. Fitness Concert – this my favourite ! It’s a 60-minute live concert using the same moves and songs from the Exhilarate DVD.

I have been quite consistent with Zumba, doing it at least 3 to 6 times a week, even in Ramadhan. And I have seen amazing results. Results which I never expected to see with a dance workout.
My legs, abs and arms are more toned, not ripped, but more toned and I have definitely lost a few inches from my waist and hips !
What’s great is that I have an awesome time with Zumba !
Every time I put on any of the DVDs, I sort of get transported into another world and I don’t even notice that 60 minutes have gone by.

How can Zumba be so awesomely (?) addictive yet delivers amazing results ? Beats me.
All I know is that I can’t wait for my next Zumba session ! Hehe.

All the workouts I have mentioned are (in my opinion) good workouts which will definitely get your heart rate up and help you stay fit and healthy.

However you need to try them for yourselves because not everyone loves the same thing, kan ?

TIP: Drinking a protein drink after working out helps your muscles recover and grow. I always have a glass of ESP or my Mighty 3 Gems after my workouts. :)

Happy working out people !


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Shaklee September Double Promotion

Hello !
The title double promotion is making me so excited ! Can you tell ? Hehe.

As some of you might know, Shaklee has a different product promotion (Buy 6 Free 1) every month, and September is the month of Shaklee Collagen Powder !

Apart from that, Shaklee is also having a Buy 3 Free 1 promotion for Meal Shakes !

shaklee double promotion collagen powder meal shakes
How’s that for an awesome DOUBLE PROMOTION !


Collagen is an important connective tissue in our body. When we speak about collagen, people always tend to think about the face and how the lack of collagen can make us look older with more wrinkles. Hehe.
Well, that’s true, but collagen is also important for other parts of our body like our muscles, hair, nails, joints, blood vessels and even our teeth ! Read more on the importance of collagen in our body and what’s in Shaklee’s Collagen Powder HERE. :)

Many have tried Shaklee’s Collagen Powder and never looked back. Shaklee’s Collagen powder is made from Red Snapper fish scales which are a premium source of collagen with higher absorption and lesser contamination as compared to animal collagen. Click HERE to find out why Shaklee’s Collagen Powder is superior to others. :)


Meal Shakes provides 24 types of A to Z essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. It is dubbed as a healthy ‘fast food’ option for kids and adults. More facts on Meal Shakes HERE !

Meal Shakes is sort of like a multivitamin in powdered form, so it is suitable for those who can’t or do not want to be popping multivitamin pills everyday (elderly or pregnant).
But Meal Shakes is suitable for EVERYONE, young or old !
Here is a pictorial post on who needs Meal Shakes. :)

I am personally taking both Collagen Powder and Meal Shakes (my staple breakfast in my Mighty 3 Gems). Khayla is drinking Meal Shakes everyday too, it’s her favourite because it is so delicious !

Testimonials ? Of course ada ! Hehe.
Click here for testimonials on Shaklee Collagen Powder.
Click here for testimonials on Shaklee Meal Shakes.

P.S.: Collagen Powder Buy 6 Free 1 is valid September 2014 while Meal Shakes Buy 3 Free 1 is valid from September to October 2014.



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Our Raya 2014

So I am finally getting down to writing about our Aidilfitri celebration in the month of Zulkaedah. Hehe. Well, better late than never, kan ?

I wasn’t on a long leave during Raya. In fact, I was already back at work on the 3rd day of Syawal. :)

I actually have a not-so-happy story about our baju raya but I do not wish to dwell on it.
All ya’ll need to know is none of us got back our baju raya (and cloth) which we sent to a tailor nearby my house. We = Mr. Sunshine, Khayla, Marc, Marlene, Daddy, Fahim, Linn, Syahieda & I.


Anyway, this year was our turn to celebrate Raya in Batu Pahat first, so immediately after work on the Saturday before Aidilfitri (yes, kerja juga), we drove back to Batu Pahat. Alhamdulillah the traffic was smooth, so we managed to reach my in-laws’ place just before berbuka.

Sunday was Raya eve so we were all busy slicing, dicing, and cooking for the next day !
Many of Mr Sunshine’s relatives were around so the less work for all of us haha.

raya shaklee

A rare occasion in which Mr. Sunshine is helping with filling in ketupats. Haha.

shaklee raya

This is obviously not a rare occasion – me dressed like a makcik, chopping onions in the kitchen.

shaklee raya

Ketupats in the making !

After berbuka that day, we performed solat Maghrib berjemaah. :)
Ok not ‘we’, I couldn’t pray at the time, hehe.

And then the barbeque session started !

raya shaklee

Mr. Sunshine with his cousin & uncle hard at work barbecuing fishes and squids.

raya shaklee

I also helped out. No, I wasn’t just standing there pretending to hold the squid. Hehe.

On the first day of Syawal, as usual there was the bersalam-salaman & asking for forgiveness session in the morning after the men came back from Solat Sunat Aidilfitri, and then we were off to beraya at Mr. Sunshine’s uncles & aunties houses around Muar. :)

raya shaklee

My Batu Pahat family. :)

raya shaklee

My sisters in-law. :)

raya shaklee

Mak. :)

raya shaklee

Mine. :)

raya shaklee

Khayla & Aflah. :)

raya shaklee

Aflah and I ! :D

We headed back to Gombak that evening itself.
Had a little Raya dinner with Daddy, Marlene, Marc & family.
The next morning almost all of us were down with diarrhea ! Yes, all of us except for Marc, Daddy and the two kids (Alhamdulillah) had to run to the toilet every hour or so.

raya shaklee

My Gombak family. :)

raya shaklee

A ‘wefie’ of us haha.

We visited arwah Mummy that morning, then went to Aunty Maziey’s for lunch. :)

raya shaklee

Sisters. :)

raya shaklee

The ladies at Aunty Maziey’s. :)

raya shaklee

All of us !

Then it was back to Shah Alam for Mr. Sunshine, Khayla and I because I had to work the next day !

Although my Raya leave was short, but Alhamdulillah we got to visit most of Mr. Sunshine’s relatives and be with my side of the family in just two days !

Of course, I don’t leave home without my little pill box of Shaklee supplements to keep me energized through all the traveling (with a kid) and keep the weight off from indulging in all the rendangs and lodeh ! Haha sempat lagi promote. 😀

So that’s how wonderful my Raya was, how was yours ? :)

P.S: There is an awesome DOUBLE PROMOTION from Shaklee going on in September, will write more in my next post !


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How Vivix Compares to other Superfruit Products

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone !
Maaf Zahir & Batin. I know I said that I am sad to see Ramadhan go in one of my previous posts, but that doesn’t mean I am not happy to celebrate Raya ! I’ll post more on my Raya in my next post, InshaAllah.

Since today is the last day for Shaklee’s July 2014 Vivix Promotion, I would like to share with ya’ll a diagram of comparison which was done between Vivix and other ‘superfruit products’.

Well, it is pretty obvious which one is the best ! Hehe.

If you’re wondering whether Vivix is a just another juice beverage, NO IT’S NOT !

It is an exclusive, concentrated liquid anti-aging dietary supplement that delivers the purest form of resveratrol and a highly potent polyphenol extract created from the only grape in nature with an extra chromosome. This unique blend of polyphenols includes ingredients that have been shown in laboratory studies to fight key mechanisms of cellular aging. Laboratory studies have shown that the polyphenols in Vivix have the potential to increase your lifespan and your health span (your quality of life as you age), plus they significantly reduce markers of inflammation.


One teaspoon of Vivix delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine !

Vivix is definitely an amazing, AMAZING breakthrough !
Click here to read about how other people feel about Vivix.

Feel free to CONTACT ME if you need more information on Vivix or any other Shaklee products. :)


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ESP & Vita E Mask

Good morning everyone !

This will be a short one.
I would just like to share a favourite tip for more supple & glowing skin using a combination of ESP & Vita E externally. ESP & Vita E Mask !

Since Raya is only 3 days away and I have neglected my skin for about a week while I was taking care of Khayla in the ward. This is sort of like my S.O.S skin treatment. :)

How is it prepared ?

ESP & Vita E Mask

1. Get 1 tablespoon of ESP & 1 capsule of Vita E

ESP & Vita E Mask

2. Pierce the Vita E capsule and squeeze out all the contents

ESP & Vita E Mask

3. Add a little (clean & filtered) water, and mix mix mix !

ESP & Vita E Mask

4. Apply on face and leave on until dry. Wash face thoroughly.

ESP & Vita E Mask

Although you will be looking like a green-faced monster for about 15-20 minutes, you won’t regret it ! The results after that is a more supple, fairer skin.

You can use this mask 2-3 times a week, or everyday, if you like. :)
You can also opt to use ESP only or add Vita C and/or  Alfalfa. Use your creativity. :)

TRUST ME, you will absolutely LOVE the effect this mask has on your skin !

To get your hands on ESP & Vita E, CLICK HERE.
If you just want to try ESP alone, CLICK HERE.
(Both links will lead you to a page where you can check out with your favourite products and have them delivered straight to your doorstep !)


If you need a more personalised consultation, CONTACT ME ! I would be more than happy to assist you. :)


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Ramadhan vs Syawal

Hi ya’ll !

I am currently blogging from the Paediatric Ward of DEMC. Khayla has been admitted here since last Thursday due to pneumonia. This is DK’s second hospital admission.

Alhamdulillah she is much better now. We’re hoping to be discharged tomorrow. InshaAllah. Aameen.

She is currently asleep, which explains why Mummy is so rajin to blog even from her mobile !

Khayla Ramadhan vs. Syawal admission

I am much better now everyone, thank you !

Shaklee for kids

Supplements for Khayla while she is warded. :)

I have been away from work for almost a week now, I can only imagine the amount of work I have to finish before Raya.

Speaking of Raya, I will only be on leave on the 1st and 2nd day of Raya so this year it will be a quick trip to Batu Pahat and we’ll be back in Gombak in the evening of the 1st day of Syawal. InshaAllah. :)

I am now learning to appreciate Ramadhan more than Syawal and I am genuinely very sad that Ramadhan is coming to an end.

(Hence the Ramadhan vs Syawal post title.)

It has been a culture for us here to look forward to Syawal (Raya to be exact) rather than focusing on fully submitting ourselves during Ramadhan.
1st of Syawal is actually a celebration for us who have completed Ramadhan. And completed doesn’t only mean fasting from food and drinks. There is a whole lot more to Ramadhan than that !

Some even cry when they don’t get to see their parents/children/aunts/uncles/cousins during Raya instead of crying because Ramadhan has come to an end. Yes, I was one of them.

I hope to change.
I want to change !

To istiqamah is always a struggle for me.

Anyway, I am craving Nando’s and I am secretly hoping Mr. Sunshine (who is at work now) reads this and would surprise me with a quarter meal (hot) with grilled salad & mediterranean rice for berbuka tonight. Haha.

Ok bye.


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Quit Smoking with Vivix (Berhenti Merokok dengan Vivix)

Smoking kills.

That’s a fact that I do not have to elaborate about. When you smoke, you don’t only put your own health at risk, but the people around you too.

There are so many who want to quit smoking with little or no success.
Today I would like to share a couple of testimonials regarding smoking and Vivix.
The first is a video of En. Hazrin sharing his experience being ‘kenyang dengan rokok‘ after consuming Vivix.

Secondly, a testimonial from Puan Ieyzan Ghani regarding her mother who has been a smoker since her teenage years.

berhenti merokok dengan vivix

salam…selamat pagi semua…nak share satu story..
Mmmm…segan dan agak malu bila ibu kita seorang perokok tegar kan…mak saya memang perokok tegar dari usia belasan tahun lagi…bukannya rokok daun..tapi rokok Dunhill… Dulu memang rasa segan dengan kawan2…dengan keluarga bakal suami..tapi tu la…bila kita nasihat…orang tua ni bukannya nak dengar…keraplah mak sakit perut yang teruk,mungkin sebab organ dalaman dia dah x berapa elok kot sebab sekarang umo dia dah 63tahun…tapi alhamdulillah…awal minggu lepas saya poskan VIVIX kat mak saya…tup tup mak call saya..jeng..jeng..jeng…dia kata ubat apa yang saya bagi dia minum tu??? saya tanya kenapa? Dia kata rokok terasa PAHIT MACAM HEMPEDU!!.dia langsung xleh hisap rokok tu….saya kata itula ubat yang saya cari selama ni untuk dia…alhamdulillah…dah seminggu dia x beli dan x sentuh langsung rokok…dia cakap selera makan dia pun makin bertambah…ramai dah yang tegur cakap dia nampak berisi..alhamdulillah,syukur pada allah..akhirnya saya jumpa supplement yang betul2 sesuai untuk ibu saya…xpela kuar duit banyak sikit pu..IBU KITA SEORANG JE…selagi dia masih ada memang nak tengok dia sihat…

WOW, right ?

If you are planning to quit smoking or you want your loved one to quit, why not give Vivix a try.
Apart from helping to stay away from cigarrettes, since Vivix works at the DNA level, it can help our organs stay healthy, InshaAllah. :)

With Allah’s will, semua orang boleh berhenti merokok dengan Vivix !

InshaAllah. :)


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Vivix Testimonials Collection (Malaysia)

Earlier this week I shared a collection of international Vivix testimonials, today I would like to share a few testimonials from our very own Malaysia !

Vivix and High Blood Pressure.

1. Puan Ashikin Amir gave her father Vivix for his blood pressure along with VitaLea.
She noticed a significant improvement in his health. Her dad is also taking HerbLax for his constipation problem.

Puan Ashikin’s mum also is taking Vivix – her secret to staying healthy and energetic !

Vivix 1


2. Puan Nizan Nafi gave her mum Vivix.

Blood pressure before: 140/120
Blood pressure after: 100/80 !

vivix 11

Vivix for glowing youthful skin

Vivix has helped this lady get rid of her dull-looking skin and helped even out her complexion. :)


Vivix and Diabetes

1. Puan Eina gave her father Vivix for his diabetes. His glucose and blood pressure levels have significantly improve !

vivix 2

2. A diabetes patient with readings of 17-18 mmol/L has reduced to 5.4 mmol/L ! He is also more energetic and is able to work shift hours. :)

vivix 12


I have personally seen a marked improvement in my health after consuming Vivix consistently. Lesser migraines and lesser cold sore attacks. I also am noticing a more pinkish complexion. :)

And how can I forget my scald injury recently ? It has cleared up, Alhamdulillah. :)

With all these experiences, both internationally and locally, it’s no wonder Vivix is the no. 1 best selling supplement in Shaklee U.S and also in Indonesia.



Contact ME !


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Princess down with fever

Khayla has been down with fever since Monday. Poor baby.

I am currently at home. I took leave to nurse my little baby-girl back to good health. She doesn’t have much of an appetite too.

Her temperature seems to be slightly higher at night. Hence, sleepless nights for both DK and I.

I am thinking of bringing her to a doctor this evening if she is still unwell. I am hoping it’s just viral fever. I have been giving her Nutriferon, Chewable Vita C along with her usual Meal Shakes. I bathed her with a few drops of Basic H too, to help bring down her fever.

Oh this time around I applied a drop of Vivix on her nose, for her flu. :)

fever flu vivix

Get well soon, baby !

So she’s looking a bit like Rudolph. Hehe.

I still am giving her Paracetamol syrup because I do not want to risk her having another febrile fit (she had another episode at the sitter’s in March).

Being the paranoid mother that I am, I check her temperature every 10 minutes. She has gotten used to it and even requests for me to check the temperature in BOTH ears ! Hehe.

Being sick, all she wants to do is lie down near to me and whine. Poor girl.

On another note, there’s this video about a woman lashing out at an old man for hitting her car going viral on the internet. I do not want to comment on what happened in the video but I feel that spreading it around just isn’t right. Especially in this holy month of Ramadhan.
Anyway I am in no position to tell anyone anything, this is just a personal opinion. :)

I am off to feed Khayla some porridge. :)

Bye !


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Resveratrol in Vivix, an Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Resveratrol, is a powerful, antioxidant phenol that is found in grapes. The highest concentrations are found in red wine, but purple grape juice, the skin of young unripe red grapes, and grape seeds also have significant amounts. It’s also found in small amounts in peanuts. Resveratrol has been shown to have anti-aging effects and to boost athletic performance (in mice, rats and primates)

VIVIX = A unique botanical blend of Polyganum cuspidatum, Muscadine grape, European elderberry and Purple carrot which are rich in Polyphenol nutrients that help to keep you at optimal health.
The key ingredients are found to be 10X more powerful than Resveratrol alone and all you need is one teaspoon per day.

In 2006, investigators at Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Aging found that mice treated with RESVERATROL lived longer, more active, healthier lives–despite being fed a high-fat, high-calorie diet.

In 2011, a clinical study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that key ingredients in Vivix blocked a key marker of biological stress response after the consumption of a high-fat fast food breakfast totaling 930 calories


In June 2014, researchers found that RESVERATROL prevented arterial stiffening and inflammation in monkeys on a high fat, high sugar diet. It also reduced fatty build up and calcification of the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis.

If that isn’t enough,results from a laboratory study at a leading university showed that key ingredients in Vivix inhibited the formation of Age proteins, which may result in cellular damage. See image below:

vivix age protein

Wait, there’s more !

A laboratory study at a leading university showed that key ingredients in Vivix significantly increased mitochondria— the cellular power plants that produce energy.


AND (yes I’m not done yet, hehe)..

Laboratory studies even showed that key Vivix ingredients help protect against DNA damage, supporting DNA replication for healthy cell function.


Just to refresh your memory, all the above is the FOUR KEY MECHANISMS at the cellular level which Vivix® ingredients positively impacts.

You wouldn’t want your cells to give up on you, wouldn’t you ? :)

Click here to read testimonials on Vivix.

Try the exclusive, patent-pending VIVIX today !
Contact me and I will gladly assist you. :)

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