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Shaklee Nutriferon

Helloouuu February !
This month Shaklee brings to you a few promotions and Shaklee Nutriferon is one of the items on offer !

I have blogged about Nutriferon before, but I thought it would best to ‘repost’ and share the information once again.

The only supplement created by the Immunologist – Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima. Nutriferon was developed after more than 40 years of research after screening, testing and evaluating thousands of compounds and more than 200 different herbs.

Nutriferon contains:

  1. Pumpkin Seeds – Stimulate the production of natural interferon in our body – Fight free radicals and cancer causing factors
  2. Plantago Asiatica Seeds – Contains polysaccharide which activates the overall immune cells
  3. Japanese Honeysuckle – Fights the intrusion of viruses and germs
  4. Safflower Flower – Produce and strengthen ability of macrophage in destroying viruses and germs.
    shaklee nutriferon

Sooo, NutriFeron naturally activates the production of your body’s own interferon. With its patented combination of four plant extracts, it invigorates your natural immune system and increases your resistance safely and naturally.


Interferon is a natural substance produced by every cell of the body. It is activated when a cell is attacked by microbes, viruses, cancer cells, etc., and has two important functions:

  1. It signals neighbouring cells to prepare for action and triggers other resistance mechanisms.
  2. It activates other “soldier” immune cells that kill foreign invaders.

Interferon helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of foreign invaders that can lead to serious sickness and disease.


  • Strengthen Immune System in 3 Days – It is the only natural interferon in the world. Studies have shown that interferon is able to stimulate and enhance body’s overall immune system by calling the natural killer in the body to action: T-cells, B-cells and macrophage
  • Helps in Cancer & Tumor – Natural interferon contains active polysaccharides that stimulates and activates the immunoglobulin to fight against tumor and cancer cells. Also, it can minimize discomfort during chemotherapy treatment.
  • Protects against influenza – It balances immune responses to allergies of environment and air pollutions, effectively protects against harms by various viruses, microbes, which include cold, flu, allergies, inflammation, and influenza.
  • Ease Stress & Lethargy – Eases harms caused by anxiety, stress, lethargy and hectic lifestyle.
  • Delays Aging – The unique formula of Nutriferon stimulates the production of macrophage in order to reduce free radicals, viruses and germs rapidly. Hence, cells become healthier.
  • Reduces Infections By Hepatitis B & C Patients – the efficiency of Nutriferon in combating viruses can reduce the infection and minimize any discomforts, for instance, bloating, nausea, vomit, etc of Hepatits B & C patients.
  • Improves Menopause – Hypertension, high cholesterol, blood circulation and other various problems arise from menopause can be improved.
  • Improves PMS – Clinically proven to improve symptoms caused by imbalance endocrine system i.e. Menstrual Cramps, Backache, Tender breasts, Acne, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Mood swings.

shaklee nutriferon
I can say that it is a must for every household to have at least 1 box of Nutriferon !  As you can see in the photo above, it comes in little sachets which makes it easy for us to carry them anywhere we go. :)
The whole family can benefit from strengthening our immune system.

If you have any extra questions on Nutriferon or any other Shaklee supplements, don’t hesitate to contact me. :)


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Confinement with Shaklee

Day 33 of confinement.
This means Khaleel is already 1 month old, Alhamdulillah, and I have 11 days to go before I taste freedom. Haha.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to go through my confinement period with Shaklee supplements. Here are what I have observed:

  1. My perineum stitches healed faster. I remember very clearly about still having trouble sitting down properly and complaining about being sore down there 3 weeks after I gave birth to Khayla, but this time, it took about a little over a week for me to be able to sit and move normally. Alhamdulillah.
  2. I feel energized and fresh every single day despite the fact that I am waking up several times to nurse Khaleel during the night. In fact, I actually felt like getting back on my Zumba regimen last week but let’s not overdo it lah. Hehe.
  3. Alhamdulillah, so far I have no issues with breast milk supply although I do not get to express my milk as often as I should. Khaleel sometimes have to let go of my breasts, while panting and gagging a little because too much milk is going into his mouth. Hehe.
  4. I have lost 11 kgs so far. After I delivered Khayla, it took me about 2 months to lose the same amount of weight ! Just in case y’all did not know, I gained 18 kgs throughout this pregnancy. Haha. So I have about 7 kgs more to lose to achieve my pre-pregnancy weight. Wish me luck ! Hehe.

These are the supplements I take everyday:

ESP, VitaLea, Vita C, B Complex, Zinc Complex, Alfalfa Complex, Ostematrix, Omega Guard & Lecithin

ESP, VitaLea, Vita C, B Complex, Zinc Complex, Alfalfa Complex, Ostematrix, Omega Guard & Lecithin

And here is how I take them daily:

I take 1 tablet of Zinc Complex as soon as I wake up in the morning.
After lunch, I will take 2 tablets of VitaLea, 1 tablet of B Complex, 1 tablet of Sustained Release Vita C & 3 capsules of Lecithin.
I take another tablet of Sustained Release Vita C and another 3 capsules of Lecithin after dinner.
And before I go to bed, I take 4 tablets of Ostematrix along with 3 capsules of Omega Guard.

I drink ESP & Meal Shakes when I am hungry in between meals which is usually in the evening of before I go to bed.

I occasionally take Alfalfa Complex too, but I noticed it made my breasts engorge with milk too much (which is a good thing !) so I take it as and when I feel like it. Hee.

I believe that the Zinc Complex and Vita C helped speed up my healing process and the others contribute to my energy, weight loss (thank you Lecithin & Omega Guard !) and milk supply !
Lecithin has also helped me when I had (painful) blocked milk ducts.

All this while I have been reading and receiving positive feedbacks from others about going through confinement with Shaklee supplements, so I am extremely grateful and ecstatic I got to experience the awesome-ness firsthand. Yay ! :)

So happy I got to share this with all of you. And yes, I would definitely recommend Shaklee supplements for anyone who are pregnant or going through the confinement phase. Heck, I would recommend them to everyone ! Hehe.

Ok bye !


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Top 10 Reasons To Join Shaklee

I have been consuming Shaklee products since 2012.
Little did I know I would be making extra income through Shaklee while improving my health as well. :)

I know 3 years does not seem like such a long time, but I personally know of mentors who have been in the business for over 20 years (Shaklee has been in Malaysia for 25 years) and are still going strong !

Sooo, as the title suggests, here are TOP 10 REASONS TO JOIN SHAKLEE:

top 10 reasons to join shaklee

  1. Shaklee has given a total payout of RM26 billion for simply sharing Shaklee products
  2. Shaklee in Malaysia has grown 1000% in the past six years
  3. Shaklee is the no. 1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US
  4. The Shaklee Difference: Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green
  5. The Landmark Study published in 2007 showed people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than people who took either a single multivitamin or no supplements at all
  6. Shaklee is in 9 countries, reaching out to HALF of the world’s population !
  7. Shaklee was recognized by BrandLaureate in 2014/2015 as Best MLM brand in nutrition
  8. Shaklee reaches out to underprivileged children by giving nutritional support through Shaklee Cares.
  9. Shaklee provides incentive trips included Japan, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and United States
  10. Shaklee is the FIRST company in world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.

Blessed to be with Shaklee ! :)


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October 2015 Promotion

october 2015 promotion vita e

Boy, time sure flies. It’s already October !
Shaklee has announced their October 2015 promotion and it’s too good to be true !



october 2015 promotion vita e

You can click HERE to read more on Vita E.

Next up are:

– Buy 2 and get 5% off
– Buy 7 at the price of 6

– Buy 2 and get 5% off
– Buy 7 at the price of 6

october 2015 promotion omega gla (1)
october 2015 promotion omega gla

To find out more on GLA Complex, you can click HERE.
To find out more on Omega Guard, you can click HERE.

How’s that for being too good to be true ?
Especially the VITA E COMPLEX CLEARANCE SALE ! *chicken dance*

Feel free to CONTACT ME for more information. :)


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Reasons to Choose Shaklee ESP

I just wanted to share a few important reasons why people are choosing choose Shaklee ESP and why YOU should do so too !

Well, of course the most important fact is that it has been clinically proven to sustain energy hour after hour.

shaklee espApart from that, major plus points for ESP are:

  1. It provides 14 grams of heart healthy soy protein and 500 mg of calcium per serving
  2. Water (not with alcohol or other chemicals) is used to retain those critical isoflavones and provide you with the whole goodness of soy.
  3. It uses high quality non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) plant-based protein.
  4. Complete with all essential amino acids, including 9 amino acids which can’t be produced by our body.
  5. Helps to maintain muscle tone, tissue repair, and proper functioning of enzymes and hormones.
  6. Low glycemic index which helps maintain blood sugar
  7. Helps support the immune system, retain normal cholesterol levels and promote heart and prostate health.
  8. Lactose, cholesterol and caffeine free. :)
  9. Most importantly, it’s HALAL !

shaklee esp
This picture above just goes to show that ESP is for everyone, not only for women, but men as well !

Everybody looovvvesss ESP. Hehe.
I’ll be sharing a few testimonials on ESP in my later posts, InshaAllah.
In the meantime, you can read the ones I have already shared earlier.

Until my next post, bye !


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September 2015 Promotion: Shaklee ESP

I have great news for all you Shaklee ESP lovers out there !
Shaklee ESP is on promotion this month. :)

shaklee esp shaklee esp
You can buy 7 canisters of ESP for the price of 6 OR you can buy 2 canisters and get 5% off your purchase !

I cannot begin to express how excited I am about this month’s promotion.
ESP ini kegilaan ramai tau !

I fell in love with ESP since I first tried it in October 2012.
My acne scars started to fade, my gastric condition eliminated and my energy was improving.
I was soooo disappointed when I could not take ESP during early pregnancy because it kept coming back out and making me feel nauseous. Hehe.

But now, I am back to my habit of drinking it daily along with all the maternal milk supplement samples I have been receiving.

Yes, ESP is safe to be taken before, during and after pregnancy !
It tastes good on its own, mixed with chilled fresh milk or chilled plain water, but you can mix it with anything you like, blend it into a smoothie or bake cookies with it.
The possibilities are limitless. Cewah.

For more information on ESP, click here.
For testimonials, click here.

Need help getting your hands on ESP this month ? CONTACT ME today !


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Your Trusted Shaklee Shah Alam Distributor

Assalamu’alaikum & hi everyone !

shaklee shah alam

Introducing moi, Melissa, a thirty-something mother of 1 (soon to be mother of 2, inshaAllah ameen), your Shaklee Independent Distributor in Shah Alam.
For a brief intro on who am I, click here.

Anddd, here are 6 SUPER REASONS why you should choose ME as your Shaklee Consultant:

1) Cash on delivery to you, yes YOU !

If you happen to stay in Shah Alam (heyyy orang Shah Alam :) !), Mr Sunshine and I can deliver to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We currently do delivery at night on weekdays and throughout the weekend. Do contact us at 012-2966442 for a free consultation about which products to get and to set the delivery date & time. :)

2) Delivery through Poslaju, GDEX or Citylink throughout Malaysia

If you do not stay around Shah Alam, we also deliver throughout Malaysia.
These postage fees apply:

RM 7.30 (Peninsular)
RM 11.55 (Sabah/Sarawak)

RM 10.60 (Peninsular)
RM 21.20 (Sabah/Sarawak)

FREE postage with:
Purchase of more than RM 800 (Peninsular)
Purchase of more than RM 1000 (Sabah/Sarawak)

3) Ready stock of Shaklee products

We always have ready stock of Shaklee products with us, so you do not have to wait so long to get your hands on them. :)
shaklee shah alam

4) A Shaklee Distributor & Leader Since 2012

Mr. Sunshine and I are Senior Supervisors in Shaklee and we have been recognized in Shaklee National Conferences.

shaklee shah alamshaklee shah alam

I have also attended Shaklee Distributor Trainings and Nutrition workshops to make sure that I am equipped with adequate and correct knowledge to share with all of you. :)

shaklee shah alamshaklee shah alam

5) An avid Shaklee user since 2012 !

You didn’t think I’d sell you something that I have not tried on myself and family, did you ?
Well of course not !
My family and I have been Shaklee users ourselves since 2012.
And we have been continuing to reap the benefits of Shaklee products – health wise and financial wise. Alhamdulillah.

So you can trust that I will only provide you with the best supplements around. Hehe.

6) Fast & super friendly consultation

I can be contacted through WhatsApp, SMS or Telegram at 012-2966442. I promise a super friendly, concise consultation especially tailor made for you.

So, what are you waiting for, drop me a line now. :)


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