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of notions and beliefs.

Do not believe everything you hear.

Mr Sunshine and I currently agree to believe that suasa in not haram. For now.
Pardon us, we are not out to set our own hukum, but it’s because we, and most of the people around us grew up with the notion that Muslim men can wear rings made from suasa.
I do not know when all the hype about it being otherwise, started.
So, until we get real solid proof which proves that it is not allowed (not just information from other blogs), we plan to stick to our belief. 🙂

Managed to nick these articles. This first one is from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia’s (USIM), and the one below it is from Bahagian Hal Ehwal Islam (BAHEIS).
Clicking on the images would take you to the link where I found them.

We’re still discussing and trying to see if we can dig some answers from those who are more learned.

Melissa R.

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i knew it was too good to be true.

Thanks to a gentle reminder from Daddy, Mr Sunshine now does not have his ring yet.
To make a long story short, we were oblivious to the fact that suasa was haram.

No, I do not know what to do next.
I feel like crying my eyes out.

Melissa R.

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cut, clarity, colour, carat.

Check out my ticker.
Exactly 5 months more to go. InshaAllah.
Feel like pinching myself. *pinch pinch*

Is it too early for us to get our wedding rings ?
It does not matter anymore now, anyway.
We have been scouting around for the past three months actually, and today we finally bought ’em !
Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Talk about being over excited.
We were browsing at Habib Jewels, Alamanda today and when I set eyes on that ring, it took less than seconds for me to fall in love with it. It was a newly arrived item, for their Aidilfitri promotion.
I always knew that I wanted something simple, yet elegant looking (to me). I have never been a fan of huge flashy diamonds. This may sound cheap or foolish, but I do not see the significance of high carat diamonds.
I want something that I’d be comfortable having on for the rest of my married life (InshaAllah) and that would not get in the way of me doing the dishes, cooking or scrubbing the toilets.
Ok, maybe I won’t be scrubbing toilets. Mr Sunshine has promised that he’d do that for me (for the rest of our married life). Hahaha.
Ok, back to the main point, Mr Sunshine also managed to find a ring for himself. I really like it too !

You’ll get to see how they look like on that day lah ok. Hehe.
OMG we have our wedding rings alreadyyyyyy ! 😀

A busy, busy (and tiring !) weekend just went by.
Apart from me going to Kemaman and back on the same day (Friday) and attending Mr Sunshine’s sister’s convocation ceremony in UPM today, Mr Sunshine and I paid a visit to the Pameran Pengantin 2009 at MidValley Megamall yesterday.
I was super anxious to see all the exhibit booths as it was my first time attending such a thing.

I came back a with all these filled up in a paper bag…

..and a massive headache. I was just so overwhelmed.
There were good and reasonable offers but we did not find anything in particular that we were interested in, except for some of their wedding invitation cards.
Most of the booths had promotions lasting only for the duration of the exhibition, which mean you’d have to make a booking there and then in order to get the special prices they were displaying. Pretty good trick, but I did not think it was helpful for people like me who tend to take ages to make up my mind. 🙁
There were a few who had offers lasting until the end of the year. Yay !
I am thinking of dropping by one of the wedding card invitation shops to place my order soon. 🙂

I have finally got a rough estimate of the number of guests for the reception on my side and I am looking forward to book my caterer !

Melissa R.

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