Do not believe everything you hear.

Mr Sunshine and I currently agree to believe that suasa in not haram. For now.
Pardon us, we are not out to set our own hukum, but it’s because we, and most of the people around us grew up with the notion that Muslim men can wear rings made from suasa.
I do not know when all the hype about it being otherwise, started.
So, until we get real solid proof which proves that it is not allowed (not just information from other blogs), we plan to stick to our belief. 🙂

Managed to nick these articles. This first one is from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia’s (USIM), and the one below it is from Bahagian Hal Ehwal Islam (BAHEIS).
Clicking on the images would take you to the link where I found them.

We’re still discussing and trying to see if we can dig some answers from those who are more learned.

Melissa R.

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