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pre wedding photos.

Today two people commented that I look like I’ve lost weight.
I would like to believe them but I can’t !

Anywayyyy, check out my pre wedding photos here

Melissa R.

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my body’s too bootylicious for you baby.

I took last Sunday off and was home last weekend as one of my close friends, Diana, got married !
She got married in such a beautiful and lavish ceremony. Akad on Saturday after Asar.

Berinai that same night (I did not go for this session). And the reception on Sunday afternoon.

How cantik is that pelamin ?

It was so touching to see the girl I used to sit next to in class the whole of Form 4 and 5 all made up, gorgeous, and MARRIED !
Mr Sunshine tagged along to both the akad and the reception. 🙂

I also had to be home last weekend to get a few things done.
The sister, my two best friends and Mr Sunshine headed to Jalan TAR to do some hantaran deco shopping. I had initially thought of going to Nilai, but time (and distance) was not on our side. 🙁
We spent half a day there, and we managed to get most of the important things such as trays, lovely (and pricey !) wooden containers and cloth from a shop in Semua House. Sal told me she will get the rest when she gets an idea of how she is gonna decorate my hantaran. 🙂

The wedding shopping entourage.

The highlight of the day was definitely when I tried on my reception dress !
As we walked into the store, I saw my red dress on the mannequin and to tell you the truth I was a bit dissapointed. I think both my sister and I had the same thoughts, we loved how the bottom of the dress and the trail looked like but the top, hmmm, could have been better ? I reluctantly tried it on, afraid that it would get stuck somewhere in between my hips and butt. But it did not, thank God. It actually looked pretty decent on me. 🙂

I would not want to puji my own dress, but I love it ! Everyone who were with me at that time loved how it looked on me too. 🙂
I did feel like my hips were huge but I was told not to slim down, if not the dress would not look as nice anymore. Hmmmmmmmmm. Tapi, hips saya besar mengalahkan Beyonce dan JLo. :'(
Here’s my blurred dress on my hips. :p

After lunch, Mr Sunshine drove the sister, Akey and me to Kajang where we discussed how my pelamin would look like. 🙂

That night after dinner, the whole family plus Linn and Mr Sunshine had dinner at One Utama and I got a hold of my perfume for his hantaran for me. 🙂
On Saturday morning before Diana’s akad, Mr Sunshine and I were at One Utama (again) to get a comforter set, and some new curtains for Mummy’s room.
Oh, we have come to a mutual decision that there will be NO bilik pengantin in Gombak. Tak wajib kan ? 🙂
It’s better for us to spend that money to get ourselves a new bed set for our pad here in Terengganu. 🙂
We’ll be using the sister’s single bed in Mummy’s room and decorate the place a bit just untuk cukup syarat. :p
I bought a pair of heels for my akad nikah that Saturday night ! It’s simple and sweet. Just like what I have been looking for. Not to mention, it was on sale ! Hehe.

Mr Sunshine and I had our pre-wedding photo shoot done early Sunday morning at Taman Metropolitan, Kepong. Here’s a sneak peek of the outcome. 🙂

Credits to Fadza. Can’t wait for the whole set !

It was a very very exhausting weekend. But I’m somewhat relieved that a lot of things had been settled.
Argh, it’s so tough planning a wedding when you’re 8 hours away.

Melissa R.

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how many ?

I am on medical leave, and am told to isolate myself from others. 🙁
Mr Sunshine is down with chickenpox. Poor thing.
But today he brought us both some good news.
My future in laws have finally managed to come up with a mutual decision on when the reception (bertandang) on their side would be on.
It will be on January 31st, 2010. InshaAllah.
Alhamdulillah. 🙂

I am grateful that my photographer is OK with the change of date. Thank you thank you Fadza. 🙂
I have heard of some that would not entertain cancellations !
Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Does anyone have an idea on how to know the number of pax I should book for the catering ?
Let’s say I have 700 people on my list. Do I order for 700 ? Or more ? Or less ?
Daddy is telling me not to order for too many as not all of who are invited would come.
It’s true, but how many exactly ?
Argh, tiba tiba rasa serabut.

Melissa R.

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