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i am 16, going on 17…

…weeks, that is. Alhamdulillah. πŸ™‚

I have been on medical leave yesterday and today.
I bled a bit down there so the doctor did an ultrasound on me, and Alhamdulillah she saw that my baby’s heart was beating normally, placenta was in a good position (read: not low lying) and told me there should be no major problems, InshaAllah. Was told to rest and don’t move around too much which was a piece of cake for a lazy bum like me. Hehe.
The bleeding might have been due to the excessive walking Mr Sunshine and I did on Saturday (details later).

I am currently experiencing slight pain and I don’t know whether that’s any cause for worry. Sometimes it feels as though my uterus is gonna fall out. As absurd as that may sound, that IS how I feel, so I keep holding my tummy to make that doesn’t really happen. Am I crazy ? :S

I can’t help it but I am worried sick.
It’s back to work tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.
Dear baby, please don’t make Mummy worry, ok ?

Now to what happened on Saturday…
I have been wanting to have pancakes for quite some time now, and the only place I know that has them is McDonald’s, so Mr. Sunshine and I planned to take a drive to KT on Saturday morning to have breakfast. We ordered the Family Breakfast Box. I had the Hotcakes, Mr. Sunshine had the Big Breakfast and we shared the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. πŸ™‚


Our heavy Saturday breakfast !
My Hotcakes. πŸ˜€

Since we were already in town, we decided to get my car serviced as well. We didn’t have an appointment, so we had to wait in turn. It was a FOUR hours wait !

We took a walk to check out the other shops around the service centre area. It wasn’t a real long walk, but I felt exhausted. Talk about lack of stamina !

At the service centre. Bored. Hehe.

After my car was ready, we drove to Giant to do a some groceries shopping and to Terengganu Trade Centre to visit the PIKOM PC Fair. I was feeling a bit dizzy at that time, wasn’t too sure why.
We stopped by Secret Recipe for an early dinner before heading home. I ordered the usual Chicken Cordon Bleu and Mr. Sunshine tried the Pan-Grilled Dory in Lobster Sauce.


Mr Sunshine’s dish arrived a bit late and by the time I realized I did not get a picture of it, it was happily traveling down his digestive system. :p

At the end of that Saturday, I was so worn out and my lower abdomen was hurting. Hence, the story above.

As for my morning sickness, I have not been vomiting much these days, Alhamdulillah. But am still nauseated after meals, and after brushing my teeth. Certain odours still make me wanna throw up.
Guess what I bought to help ease the urge to vomit after brushing my teeth ?

Kodomo Lion Strawberry toothpaste ! Haha.


I have gained a good 3 kilograms, much to the shock of the nurses during my latest monthly checkup. I know I am supposed to gain weight but probably not that drastically ? In my defense, I am just making up for all the throwing up and food I did not get to eat during my first trimester !
Oh, and for those of you wondering how (fat) I look like now, here’s a snapshot of me from last Saturday. πŸ™‚

Me, 4 months pregnant. πŸ™‚

P.S: My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami.


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did you miss me ?

Hello blogosphere !

Pardon my absence for almost 2 months.
I am not sure whether anyone is still reading this space, but I can assure you that I have valid reasons for the lack of updates. πŸ™‚

Remember my hospital admission in December
Well, after that, my days have been preoccupied with adjusting myself to aches, excessive bloating and burping and extreme exhaustion because the actual diagnosis at the time was…

If that’s not clear enough for you, prior to that, I had a couple, no wait, a few of these…

Paranoid, much ?

Yes, people, I am expecting. Alhamdulillah. πŸ™‚

Mr Sunshine and I agreed to keep the good news hush-hush until I have passed my first trimester and I have ! Alhamdulillah.

I am currently entering my 16th week of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah.

Getting through my first trimester was no easy feat, I was constantly exhausted, felt as if I was running a marathon the whole day. Even waking up from sleep was dreadful, I always felt as if my energy was emptied while I was asleep. I was looking pale day in day out, much to the amusement of my boss who called me a ‘mayat berjalan’ (walking corpse) and the worry of my other colleagues.
Spending time in front of the computer/laptop gave me a headache, so that explains why I wasn’t tweeting, blogging or ‘Facebooking’. πŸ™‚

My sense of smell was terribly heightened, the slightest sniff of food (yes, food !), rubbish or any stench made me nauseous and sent me running to the toilet to throw up. I couldn’t even stand the smell of my hair conditioner, Mr. Sunshine’s shampoo and my laundry detergent. Brushing my teeth was not pleasant too.
I lived solely on bread for one month because everything else (and their odour) seemed to make me wanna vomit. I have not been cooking (poor Mr. Sunshine) for the same reasons.
I had a bitter taste that lingered in my mouth the whole day so I had to suck on sweets every now and then.
My tummy was uncomfortable most of the time, I was bloated and burping every minute. Some nights I would have trouble sleeping because of the bloating.

Things were not so rosy in the emotions department too. In the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, Daddy was hospitalised and I felt soooo dejected. Along with stress at work, I felt like I couldn’t handle all of it. In my second and third month of pregnancy, I would sometimes cry because I felt helpless that I couldn’t do anything about my appetite and my energy. I was worried my baby wasn’t getting enough nutrients. But all is good now, Alhamdulillah.

Ah, and the pregnancy hormones have caused my face to break out ! Pimples here and there, and everywhere !

As for my ovarian cyst, the check up I went for in January revealed no cyst. YAY ! Alhamdulilah. But they did see this…

That’s my little one at 10 weeks ! Alhamdulillah. πŸ™‚

I am currently actually still going through all of the symptoms above but I think they’re beginning to wane. I hope.
These days, lack of sleep is a norm because I have to wake up to pee once or twice in the middle of the night, every night.

I lost weight after my first trimester, due to all the vomiting and lack of food.
But I am slowly trying to eat properly and I can see the weight adding up fast. My clothes are getting a bit snug. πŸ™‚
For the first time in my life, I am not worried about gaining weight ! Ha !

The only trouble is, most of the food I feel like eating is in KL/Gombak. My pregnancy taste buds is not adapting to the food here too well. Hehe. How lah ?

As for reading materials, I only have Heidi Murkoff’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting suggested by a couple of friends including my best friend, Diana who is ALSO pregnant !! We’re only 4 weeks apart with our pregnancy, how exciting ! πŸ˜€

I am really blessed to have Mr Sunshine with me right here, he has been my rock, offering words of comfort whenever I was feeling blue. He has been doing the laundry, and cleaning up the house and even cooks once in a while, the whole time I have been down with morning sickness. Alhamdulillah.
Thank you sooo much sayang !
I tell our baby everyday about how sweet his/her ayah is, tau ? πŸ˜€

Why is it called morning sickness when it actually lasts the whole day ? So misleading, kan !
I have been very antisocial for the past two months. Apart from the fatigue, I wanted to avoid any outside odour that would make me vomit.

I am hoping to be able to go out a bit more after this. πŸ™‚

I hope my experience won’t scare anyone who is planning to have a baby, hehe. Every woman goes through it differently, I have a friend who had a very, very smooth sailing pregnancy with no vomiting, no nothing at all. πŸ™‚
And I am in no way complaining, just sharing. Alhamdulillah. πŸ™‚

Hopefully, everything goes well. InshaAllah. Ameen.
Ok bye !


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baby, we’re one !


Thank you for 365 days of blissful married life, my Sunshine !
Let’s pray for another 365 x 1000 days more. InshaAllah. πŸ™‚
Love you sangat banyak !

Oh oh, this one’s for you. πŸ˜€

P.S: I sense another vacation around the corner, could my instincts be fooling me sayang ? Hehe.


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week one.

Mr Sunshine and I kicked of the New Year watching awesome fireworks…..

….in our dreams.
As usual, I was fast asleep on New Year’s eve night as I had to work the next day.
(But I think even if I did not have to work on New Year’s day, I would still have dozed off by 2200 hours.)
Nevertheless, my New Year’s day was special.
Mr Sunshine surprised me with a buffet supper at Permai Inn, Kuala Terengganu !
He kept telling me that we were going to a ‘special’ place but being the joker he is, I didn’t take his word for it. I was not dressed up to dine at a hotel !
Supper was so-so but we got to watch Manchester United beat West Brom 2-1 while dining so I won’t complain. πŸ˜€

Thank you for the New Year’s Day supper, Sunshine ! πŸ˜‰

The first week of January was hectic, with year-end returns to complete and the boss’ endless commands (and demands) to obey and oblige to. I think it was getting too much for my body as I fell sick by the end of the week.
I was down with severe abdominal pain along with fever and cough last Thursday, landing me in bed the whole day ! πŸ™
The pain subsided as night time approached but the fever stayed on until yesterday night.
I am feeling so much better today, Alhamdulillah.
I have to be better for work tomorrow, I predict another stressful hectic week.

Oh, and today I chopped off my no-longer-manageable waist length hair ! I look like this now..

Well, minus the gorgeous face. Hehe.

How did you start your 2011 ? I’m sure it was fabulous ! πŸ˜€

Goodnight everyone !


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of hospital admissions.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already !
Alhamdulillah, Daddy was discharged from Selayang Hospital last Wednesday. From what Marc and Marlene told me and from Daddy’s voice through the phone, he’s looking/sounding much better. Alhamdulillah.
Poor Daddy, he had to spend a week in the hospital ! He had a hard time accepting the fact that he was down with pneumonia. πŸ™
Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who attended to Daddy and thank you to all relatives and friends who took time to come and visit him. πŸ™‚
Much love to Marc and Marlene for taking turns to accompany Daddy throughout his nights in the hospital. &hearts:
Marlene was there on most nights, and Marc and I slept over for one night each only as we had work commitments.

This was taken last Saturday. Poor Daddy. πŸ™

On that very same Wednesday on which Daddy was discharged, I was referred and admitted to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu for a persistent lower abdominal pain I have been having for the past three weeks or so. The doctors in my hospital referred me to HSNZ because they found something abnormal on the ultrasound image they carried out on me. At that moment, I was already crying because I was terrified of what I might find out.
I was fortunate to get a comfortable room in the first class ward, and Mr Sunshine spent the night with me. πŸ™‚

Me in my oversized hospital clothes.

Mr Sunshine getting real comfy on the couch in my room.

I had to go through a pelvic exam, using a speculum (very uncomfortable !) and a bimanual one. They told me my cervix was normal, Alhamdulillah. Then I had to go through a transvaginal scan, which is how they detected that I had a 2.7cm x 2.7 cm cyst in my right ovary. :'(
I was discharged yesterday because I did not complain of any pain. Well actually, I was in slight pain but I did not let the doctors/nurses know because I did not want to spend another night there !
I have an appointment with the O & G clinic in a month’s time, to see whether the cyst is getting bigger and whether it’s benign or malignant. I hope everything goes well, Ameen.

I need to learn to not get worked up over things so easily. Not healthy, not healthy !

Since I am told to get lots of rest, Mr Sunshine has disallowed me from doing ANYTHING. No house chores at all ! He did the laundry, he went out to buy food for us, and he’s currently cleaning up the house.
I definitely have THE BEST husband in the whole wide world ! Alhamdulillah. ;D

December has been pretty rough for the whole family. πŸ™
I’m hoping the new year will be better. Ameen.

Happy Christmas and happy holidays to all ! ;D


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a terengganu getaway.

Annisa spent the Deepavali weekend here in Terengganu. It was something that we had planned since June, but due to work and our conflicting schedules, she was only able to make a trip here this month.
I have Mr Sunshine to thank for giving me permission to stay and spend time with her while she was around. πŸ™‚
I drove to pick her up from the airport on Thursday night and it was my first time driving there on my own from where I stay. I was obviously excited about seeing her but I was also very nervous about driving her around since I am not really familiar with the roads in KT.
I am so used to being driven around KT. Hehe.
I was also worried about the weather as the monsoon season had just started.

But it did not turn out that bad, as a matter of fact I think I did a pretty good job being a tour guide. Hehe.
We checked in at Primula Parkroyal Beach Resort, Batu Burok. After checking in and freshening up, we headed to A&W Batu Burok to have waffles. It suddenly started raining heavily. And I will never forget what happened after that. We were sitting opposite each other, we had already finished eating and were talking when I noticed water flowing towards us. Ann saw the look on my face, turned her head back and looked at me.”BANJIR !
Ok, so actually the first thought that came to my head was TSUNAMI ! since we were by the beach and faces of my loved ones started flashing in front of me one by one. Haha talk about overreacting !
I freaked out, and we jumped off our seats. The staff there were pretty relaxed about the whole thing, even when we saw a little snake in the flowing water, the manager just stepped on it to kill it ! That must be something they go through on a regular basis ?
We ran out of the place, the water outside was up until our calves ! Ann was calm enough to drive us back to hotel and luckily enough we managed to find a parking spot which was not in the basement level. Alhamdulillah, we were back safe in our hotel room, on higher ground. πŸ™‚

The beautiful Sultan Mahmud Airport. πŸ™‚

On Friday morning after a hearty breakfast, I drove us to Mesra Mall, Kerteh which was about two hours away from KT. We had initially planned to watch a movie but decided it would be a waste of time (we wanted to talk more rather than sit in a cinema for a couple of hours). So, we just walked and lazed around the mall.
We spent most of our time in Starbucks exchanging updates on our lives.

The view as soon as we step out of our hotel floor lift.
The view from where we had breakfast.

Sleepy me at breakfast. 

Focus, Melissa, focus.

Mesra Mall !
The lovely Annisa ! πŸ˜€

My Starbucks Ad. :p

In the evening, on our way back to KT, it rained again. Allah was so kind to us that day because when we stopped by Teluk Bidara, Dungun, the rain stopped !
Ann’s face was lit up the whole time we were by the beautiful beach. Me, on the other hand was acting like an old grumpy lady, giving her disapproving stares whenever she wanted to go nearer to the water. Haha.
FYI (for those who don’t already know), I absolutely love beaches but I am petrified of the sea especially at this time of the year. And I can’t swim. πŸ™‚

I was not lying when I said I loved beaches.
I would not go near that rock with those huge waves hitting it. 


After an enjoyable time at the beach, we headed to drop by the picturesque Tanjong Jara Resort, Dungun to snap photos and use their ladies room. Hehe. The place was so divine, we were hesitant to leave. We made ourselves at home, really wished we could have spent a night there, but that would burn a gigantic hole through our pockets. Hehe.

The entrance.

We reached KT just after Isya’, we walked around Dataran Shahbandar and Bukit Puteri before having a late dinner at the Waterfront.

The night market had just ended when we arrived.

The Tengku Zaharah Mosque a.k.a Masjid Terapung.

A replica of the historical Batu Bersurat.

The following morning, we skipped the hotel’s buffet breakfast and stayed in our room to talk and listen to oldies on Ann’s notebook. We checked out just before 1100 hours and headed straight to a shoe shop to find myself a comfortable pair of sandals as the ones I brought were a pain in my huge a***. I got myself a pair of comfy and pretty Fuschia coloured Scholl sandals ! Then we had brunch at Pizza Hut and gave the delicious Extreme Cheesy Pizza a try.
We walked around Chinatown and Pulau Warisan where they were having a fishing contest. We were annoyed at the men who were staring at us as though they’ve just seen ghosts and making weird sounds while they were at it to attract our attention. Ergh.
The people here stare. A lot. 

Chinatown !

How pretty is this building ?

Notice the dark clouds above ?

Ann having a blast !

Me feeling rather unstable on this thing. Please take note of my pretty fuschia sandals. Haha.

Well, we got over that and I drove us to Taman Tamadun Islam, then Masjid Kristal and then State Museum.

 Yes, my a*** is that huge, thanks. πŸ™‚

 Ann with her Taman Tamadun Islam passport. 

The Crystal Mosque.

There was an exhibition on venomous animals at the museum but it was nothing fantastic.

Terengganu state museum. 

Ann loves snakes !

We made a stop at Losong for some keropok lekor.

I drove us back to Kuala Berang to pick Mr Sunshine up so that I won’t have to drive home alone at night after dropping off Annisa at the airport.
The three of us then headed to Riyaz Heritage Resort, Marina and Spa, Pulau Duyong for dinner at The Verandah. That was the third time Mr Sunshine and I dined there, but we never actually got beautiful shots like these:

Cantik takkkk ?

My chaperon for the night. Hehe.

After two days of being excited tourists, we sent Ann off at about 2100 hours that night. πŸ™
All in all we had a superb time ! It was a much needed break for Ann and myself. Alhamdulillah.

All photos credits to Annisa’s super camera. πŸ™‚

But that’s not it, I have more great news to share !
Marc will start working at Sime Darby Foods effective November 16 ! Alhamdulillah. πŸ™‚
I know I will be sounding like a broken record but I am super proud of him !!! πŸ˜€

Ok, I’ve gotta get ready for bed. Gotta work tomorrow.
Enjoy your Sunday, people !


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hello world wide web !

Ah hello, I’m back.
But nope, we still have not received our modem and we’re still stuck with the one the store gave us to use but I finally got it to work (read: got a TM guy to come over to get it done).

I’m also back from spending the whole weekend with my bestie, Annisa. She came all the way to Terengganu for a holiday with me. We had such a good time ! I can’t wait for her to upload them so that I can steal them. Hehe. Will blog more about my weekend soon. πŸ™‚

Mr Sunshine turned 25 last week. πŸ™‚

I hope you liked the gift I got you sayang. We’ll go for a holiday next year, InshaAllah, ok ?
I love you so banyak !

I am gonna express my dissatisfaction with the service provided by bakery in town from which I bought Mr Sunshine’s cake. Secret Recipe was just too far.
The girl actually misspelled “Sunshine” when I clearly jotted down the word on a piece of paper and all she had to do was copy it. “Ehh salah !”, I shrieked, and to my disbelief she just calmly wiped the mistake up with a piece of cardboard and rewrote on it. Did not do a really good job on that too !
She had got to be kidding me, I thought.
She just proceeded to pack the cake and since I was not in a confrontational mood, I just paid for it and left with a heavy heart. πŸ™

Can you see the part where the pink cream is smudged ? πŸ™

Oh well, it still tasted alright.


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birthday gift dilemma.

I finally received payment for the claims I made in August. Alhamdulillah.
I have promised myself that I will use some of that money to pay my income zakat (alms) for this year.

October will be ending in a little more than a week’s time.
And November happens to be a super special month because three VVIM (very, very important men) in my life were born in November !
Daddy and Mr Sunshine share the same birth date on November 1st (but arwah Atok registered Daddy’s birth a day after), and Marc’s birthday is on November 26 !

After what Mr Sunshine did for me for my birthday (you can check it out here and here), he definitely set the bar pretty high for me.
Frankly, I don’t think I can ever top what he did, knowing that I suck when it comes to surprises or getting gifts for people. :'(
I already got him one of the few gifts I am planning to get, but I have a feeling he already knows what it is and he will just pretend to act surprised when he gets it. Hehe. Kan awak, kan kan kan ?
But at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and it’s not a competition of who gets who the best gift right ?
Ok, I am obviously consoling myself here.

One of my besties, Annisa is planning to make a trip here early next month and I am so excited. Although she won’t be staying over at my place but the thought of having someone I’m close to near to me for a weekend is just nice. She also happens to be a November baby ! ;D

Note to self: Don’t touch eyes after slicing cili padi.


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this is for you, mr sunshine.

Just for being you. β™₯

Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)

I never thought I’d be in love like this
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip
Then you came in and knocked me on my face
Feels like in I’m in a race
but I already won first place

I never thought I’d fall for you as hard as I did
(as hard as I did, yeah)
You got me thinkin bout our life our house and kids (yeah)
Every mornin I look at you and smile
cause boy you came around and you knocked me down.. knocked me down

Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)

Say u gotta put the good with the bad, happy and the sad
So will u bring a better future than I had in the past
oh Cause, I don’t wanna make the same mistakes I did
I don’t wanna fall back on my face again
Whoaa, whoaaa
I’ll admit it, I was scared to answer love’s call
Whoaa, whoaaa
and if it hits better make it worth the fall

(When it comes around)

Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)


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all in good time.

I just wasted a bucket worth of tears and two days feeling miserable.

I was walking back from work last Thursday when I decided to give the Ministry of Health’s HR department a call. The minute I found out that both Mr Sunshine and my transfer applications were KIV-ed and that the next meeting to reconsider our applications would be at the end of the year, it was as if someone just hit me on the head but I did not feel pain.
I was in a daze.
I sat on the chair in my living room staring into space for about half an hour.
Then the tears started to fall. :'(
So many thoughts were running through my head, about Daddy and how cruel I thought the decision was because I submitted Daddy’s IJN doctor’s letter along with my application, about work and how it’s slowly starting to suck, about my friends who I felt like I am gonna lose if I continue being miles away. πŸ™


Honestly, I knew it was for the best. Because He always knows best.
But I just couldn’t stop crying.
I felt bad for making Mr Sunshine see me in such a disappointing state.
He had ran out of comfort words for me.
He took me out for dinner at McDonald’s that night, with intentions to cheer me up.

I had the new and delicious Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

We ordered the large McValue meal which came with the much missed Spicy McShaker Fries ! Oh so sedap !!

I swear I felt so much better that night. Joking around with Mr Sunshine, watched Grown Ups after we got back, which was pretty hilarious by the way. πŸ˜€

Thanks to Mr Sunshine and a few comforting words from my family and best friends, I was not crying anymore.
I am okay, we’re okay. This isn’t that bad.“, I thought to myself before I went to bed.

I thought wrong.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling as though I had a huge brick on my chest.
And the tears started to run (happily ?) down my cheeks.
I woke Mr Sunshine up and asked him all these ridiculous questions like, “I think it’s (insert name)’s fault that our application was not approved, do you think so ? Yes it was !!” and said even more ridiculous things like, “I am not gonna be near to IKEA meatballs !!”.
All that while crying like a baby.

I decided I needed to go out.
I forced Mr Sunshine to take me somewhere far, anywhere besides Terengganu, please !
Even better if we got to watch a movie !
And so he brought me to watch a movie.
At East Coast Mall, Kuantan !
Had a late lunch at Black Canyon Restaurant. This is our forth time there and we’ve never not enjoyed the food there.
Mr Sunshine ordered the American Fried Rice (I’m assuming it’s Nasi Goreng USA, no ?)

And I had the super spicy and yummy Fettuccine with Seafood and Spicy Paste.

It tastes better than it looks like. Hehe.

We watched Eat, Pray, Love that evening.
Although my eyes were stinging and tired from all the crying I had been doing, I enjoyed the movie very much !
I can’t say the same for Mr Sunshine, hehe, but I commend him for staying awake throughout the whole two and a half hours.
“Kalau girlfriend ajak tengok movie macam ini, mesti tak tengok punya,” he told me.
What he meant was he watched it with me because I’m his wife and not just a girlfriend of his.”
Yes, I found that sweet. πŸ™‚
I have not read the book yet but I plan to do so soon. πŸ™‚
The movie not only provided me with some of life’s lessons that I needed, but also made me crave for spaghetti ! Hehehe.
Mr Sunshine, either he was being the darling he is or he was just afraid I was gonna end up in tears again (I choose to believe the latter), brought me to the nearest place we could have spaghetti at, which was Pizza Hut !
That’s happy, tired and swollen-eyed me with my Spaghetti Bolognaise.

And to end the day, I treated myself to my favourite Baskin Robbins’ Pralines and Cream ice cream !

Mr Sunshine went to great lengths to make me feel better and I love him so much for that.

I apologize for being such a nuisance, sayang. πŸ™

At the end of the day, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for.
At least Mr Sunshine and I are living together, and not living in different cities.
I have a job. I have to learn to accept it with all its trials and challenges. Who am I to say that if I move to another place, things will be better ?
Ikhlaskan hati, Melissa.
I have daily internet access, I have a telly with Astro.
I never go hungry.
And even though I won’t get my Nando’s or IKEA meatballs over here, there’s always McDonald’s. Hehe.

This might not be the right time for us to move anywhere. We’re not exactly in a stable financial situation to do so actually.
Staying here saves us from having to pay extra rent and fork out money for furniture.
I still can have extra snooze time in the morning before work if I want to, since the hospital’s only a 5-minute walk away.
Our rezeki is still here, in beautiful Terengganu. πŸ™‚
I need to start looking at all the good things that this place has to offer.
Allah knows what’s best for us.

I won’t deny that I am still sad, but grateful at the same time.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (Al-Baqarah 2:216)

So yeah, I am okay now. We’re okay.
This isn’t that bad. πŸ™‚


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