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of dress sketches and a card draft.

And so Monday has arrived. *vomits*
But the weekend did not leave me in vain, hehe.
Good news people, Mr Sunshine and I finally attended our marriage course a.k.a kursus perkahwinan ! Alhamdulillah.

Our certificates will be ready by next week, I’m probably not going to be able to get them at that time as I’d be working. The week after that, maybe ?

He arrived here on Thursday night, we used Friday to go to the tailor for her to measure us for our reception outfit. Here’s a blurred sketch of my dress !

I blurred it on purpose, did not want to spoil the surprise. Hehe baik tak payah upload kan ?  I hope it turns out nice ! Risaunya !

We also went to order our wedding cards here. Their cards are simple and cheap. Hehe.
They’ve already sent me the draft of the card (they emailed it on Friday night itself !) but there are still some amendments to be done and Mr Sunshine wants to show it to his family first before we proceed with the printing. 🙂

I am so nervous !

Melissa R.

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raya 2009.

Hello, I hope it’s not too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
How was your Raya ?
You can read about mine here and here.

I know I am guilty of not updating often enough over here.
But truth is, there is nothing much to update all of you with.
Mr Sunshine and I have registered to attend our marriage course next weekend, InshaAllah hopefully we’d be able to make it.
I am planning to take next Friday off (I have been working two nights straight this weekend) to go to the tailor for our reception outfits, order our wedding invitation cards and hopefully go for our HIV test.
Which reminds me, I’ve been wanting to call the clinic to check on the duration of validity of the test.
Oh, I would also like to spend a bit of quality time with him, hopefully.I miss him. 🙁

Happy Raya everyone ! 🙂

Melissa R.

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good news bad news.

Reception/bertandang on the groom’s side might be postponed ! 🙁
Might be at the end of January.
There’s no exact date yet.
But I have booked our photographer ! 🙁

My akad nikah would be carried out at a mosque in Manjalara.
Is that far from my place ? Apparently not, according to Daddy.

My reception would be at night, at Pusat Komuniti Taman Koperasi Polis 2.
Why not at the huge hall in my neighbourhood you might ask ?
Well simply because I am not very fond of it.
It’s too big.
Haha ok that’s not the problem, it gets really hot in there and as mentioned in an earlier post, I am very sweat prone.

Which is really sucky as Ramadhan is around the corner and I don’t know whether we would wanna attend the course during that month.
(Our next two weeks are packed.)
Which leaves us to after Aidilfitri !
Sigh, I so want to get it over and done with.

Does anyone know of a good (and reasonably priced) tailor for my nikah outfit ?

Melissa R.

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