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and her name is…

Dian Khayla binti Mohd Syafiq
Dian – “Light, Cahaya
Khayla – “Beautiful, Cantik

My Beautiful Light with her Ayah a.k.a Mr. Sunshine. 🙂

Ramadhan blessing: Seeing my daughter smile in her sleep. Subhanallah. 🙂


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hello everyone..

..I have finally arrived !

After 21 hours of labour and 4-minutes of pushing (my Mummy’s awesome !), Mummy has safely delivered me into this world !
I was born at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu at exactly 0859 hours, weighing 2.56 kilograms (I know, I’m pretty tiny, so I guess all that weight Mummy gained was hers after all, haha !) and I was a champion because I pooped and peed immediately after I popped out !
Ayah has told Mummy to wait until he announces my name ‘officially’ (his exact words), but Mummy is so anxious to let everyone know, she keeps asking Ayah every 5 minutes, “Bila boleh bagi tahu niiiii ??”

As much that I am excited to grow up, at the time being I am focusing on keeping Mummy awake all night to feed me. Nyums.
Until next time, bye !

xoxo (Mummy says this means hugs and kisses)

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