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pacify me.


Last night was the forth night Khayla slept throughout the night without her soother. Syukur Alhamdulillah.
We stopped giving her the pacifier during the day since December last year but she still needed to suck on it in order to go to bed at night.
I have been thinking of ways to wean her off (her pacifier), because she is the type who would wake up in the middle of the night and cry for her pacifier.

This was the time Khayla was busy scrunching up a wedding card, but immediately dozed off once her pacifier was in her mouth. :p

On Friday night, Khayla had trouble going to bed and staying asleep as she was in pain from her two molars cutting through her gums. Poor baby couldn’t even drink water without screaming. All three of us had very little sleep that night.

Mr Sunshine and I had already planned to go to Port Dickson that following Saturday so we thought hard on whether we should carry on with the plan since all three of us are exhausted and Khayla was in pain. We decided to go.
Mr. Sunshine bought a tube of teething gel from a nearby pharmacy just in case.
We brought along a thick comforter just in case the hotel didn’t provide a baby cot in which they did but I thought the mattress was too hard and was a tad too small for the cot, so we decided to let Khayla sleep on the comforter.
The funny thing is, as soon as I laid the comforter on the hotel room carpet, Khayla started rolling around on it as if she knew it was her ‘bed’, hehe. Syukur Alhamdulillah, after a few minutes of rolling around on the comforter, she dozed off on her own, without her pacifier !
She stayed asleep throughout the night too ! I guess she loved the air conditioned room. :)

I hid her pacifier again the following night. And Alhamdulillah she slept on her own throughout the night again. 😀
Khayla was cranky throughout the whole trip but she was manageable. :)
I am glad I didn’t have to use the teething gel.

I did the same when we got back to Shah Alam. Khayla did wake up crying but it was because she was feeling hot (she was all sweaty). Amboi baru tidur two nights in a hotel room dah tak boleh tidur bawah kipas ! Hehe. Fortunately she didn’t need her pacifier to go back to sleep. :)

Syukur Alhamdulillah.
I really hope this continues and that I can throw out her soother soon !

Next mission is to pierce her ears ! InshaAllah.


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two babies and a wedding.


Hellloouuuu all !


If you have, here is a looong pictorial post of the recent important happenings in my life plus a little update on my darling Khayla. :)


Mr. Sunshine and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by going out for a simple movie and lunch date at One Utama. :)

Alhamdulillah. I love you so much, sayang. Meh saya nyanyi sikit, “No one, no one, no onneeee, can get in the way of what I feel for youuuu !” 😀
Happy Anniversary, thank you for the oven ! I promise to bake and roast more often. 😉

My best friend, Akhir, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on her birthday ! Awesome kan ? Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Qaireen Alisha is the given name. :)


One of my sisters in-law got married on the second day of Chinese New Year. Alhamdulillah.
2 down, 2 more to go ! Hehe. Saja nak bagi Syahieda stressed sikit, muahahaha.

The newlyweds just after their solemnization ceremony. :)
We had cute badges on the day of the reception ! I’m the KAKAK PENGANTIN okayyy. Walaupun kakak, tapi maintain muda ok. Haha.
♥ ♥ ♥

The other sister in-law and I goofing around. 😀

The siblings in grey. Oh FYI, I sewed the lace on my baju kurung on my own ! *pats own back*

Mum in-law sayang !

Pengantin baru with ‘pengantin sentiasa baru’. Hehe.

Mr. Sunshine drove Khayla and I to Johor Bahru where we stayed for a night. We went to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park and Khayla absolutely enjoyed herself at the Little Big Club where she played to her heart’s content and got to meet Barney, Angelina the Ballerina and Bob the Builder. She was particularly ecstatic to get to met ‘Ani’ (Barney !). Hehe.
I would totally recommend bringing your child(ren) there.

Hellouuu Barneyy !!

For more information on Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, click here. :)


Mr. Sunshine and I attended a Shaklee Product Workshop last Saturday at Ayer Keroh. After listening to nutritionist, Celine Lim talk about all of the Shaklee products benefits and safety, I feel like consuming every single one. Falling more and more in love with Shaklee !

With Master Iffah Anuar. :)
With Master Shareeza. :)

My sisters in Shaklee. :) (It’s so obvious that I’ve gained a couple of kilos in this photo, sob sob sob)

We’re CERTIFIED Shaklee Independent Distributors yo ! 

And yesterday, Linn finally delivered a healthy baby boy ! I am a proud aunt and I can’t believe my little brother is a father now !*happy tears*
Alhamdulillah both mother and baby are well. :)

Assalamu’alaikum world !

Awwwhh !

Khayla is 18 months now, Alhamdulillah. 
She’s experimenting with a lot of new poses when we ask her to smile for the camera. Hehe.

Looks to the side and smiles.

Presses her cheeks against others and smiles.

Squashes people’s cheeks with hers.
I shall call this Khayla’s sexy pose, hahaha.

She is expanding her vocabulary pretty well I would say, Alhamdulillah.
She know’s how to ask for water, “Nak air (pronounced as air = angin), nak nak, jom !”.
Says “nanak” when she doesn’t want something.
Says “akut” when she’s afraid of something, will want to “wosh” her hands when they’re dirty.
She’s very generous with hugs and kisses. “Ag, Ag !” (hug)
Loves to “des” (dance) ! Looks for her “owel” when she needs to bathe, says, “nak uwa” when she wants to go out, says “oat” (kasut) when she wants to put own her shoes. Points to my handbag and says, ‘bag, bag” before we go out or get out of the car.

Says “awuwu” when we say I love you to her. :)

A = apul (apple), awwoh (Allah)
B = ball
C = tat (cat) – she’s afraid of cats.
D = dog

Can count from 1 to 3 then stops and continues with 8, stops and then, tennn ! Hehe. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ! In a nutshell, she’s quite a talker !
Alhamdulillah, it’s such a blessing to see her develop and grow up so beautifully. *happy tears*
Time for a sibling ? Haha, InshaAllah, if there’s rezeki. :)

Okay people, time to finish packing up parcels for my dear customers and then I must get some shut-eye.
Assalamu’alaikum. :)


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baby talk #3

I would usually count in front of Khayla when I am preparing her milk or buttoning up her blouses. Two nights ago while I was getting her dressed, this happened:

While buttoning up her blouse,
Me: One…
Khayla : Tuuu..
Me: *gasps* Threeee..
Khayla: Porrr..
Me: *screams and runs out of the room to tell Mr. Sunshine* – Yes, I can still be a drama queen.

MashaAllah, mashaAllah.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this beautiful blessing. :)


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dian khayla – 15 months progress report


Dian Khayla is now a healthy 15 month-old toddler, Alhamdulillah.
It amazes me how fast toddlers at this age absorb and imitate what they see around them. MashaAllah.

  • These days, she is starting to be a pro at throwing temper tantrums. Whenever things don’t go her way, she would hit me, slap my face, bite me (!) and/or scream at the top of her lungs. Isk isk. I try my best not to lose my cool with her, while praying hard that this tantrum phase will fade away soon. She doesn’t act like that with her Ayah, I guess she knows he can be strict. Hehe.
  • She says, “nak” or “tu” (while pointing to something) when she wants something.
  • She would take the house keys, go to the door and makes gestures as if she’s trying to open it.
  • She insists on feeding herself, meal times are messy times.

  • She LOVES Upin & Ipin. I let her watch both the English and Malay version. Don’t judge ! 
  • Her newly developed ‘skill’ – spinning around and around while standing AND walking backwards. Hehe.
  • She wants to eat EVERYTHING we eat.
  • She would wave her index finger and says, “Nooo” to us when she knows she’s doing something wrong. Haha.
  • Would sometimes take any piece of cloth, (ie. blanket, her blouse) and wipes the floor or any hard surface with it. Rajinnya anak Mummy. Hehe.

  • She rearranges our dining table chairs for us. Heck, the whole house gets a makeover these days. T___________T
  • She would pick up the house phone and says, “Ohh?”.I think she means ‘hello’. Hehe. She even knows what to press on my phone so that it lights up, then she’ll put it to her ear and says, “Ohh?”. Hehe.
  • Sometimes if she’s done doing her ‘business’, she would come over to us, lift up her blouse, and says, “Yakk.” Hahahaha.
  • On good days, she would hold out her arms and legs to help me dress her. On not-so-good days, I would have to chase her all around the room just to get her diaper on.  
  • Finally calls me, ‘Mi’ or ‘Aaami’. But I am also ‘Ayah’ and ‘Eyyy !’. T_________T
  • Other words she’s forming are ‘Nenek’, ‘Bik’ (Ambil), ‘Ayoo’ (Fuyoo), Bird, Cat. Those are the ones I can remember. She makes a roaring sound when I say ‘lion’, which is something I taught, hehehe.

Can you believe how big my little girl is now ? She’s growing up too fast ! Isk.


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And so it has been a week since we officially moved in to the not-so-new pad we’re renting in Shah Alam.
House is still incomplete & messy. (read: not ready for visitors.)
Khayla isn’t having such a easy time with the new sitter.
Traveling time to and fro work is around 30 minutes. As usual, the nearer you stay, the later you arrive at work. In my case, the sitter feels that 0730 hours is the best time to drop Khayla off, so I can only leave for work after that.

My in-laws are planning to come over during the Awal Muharam public holiday, InshaAllah. Mum in-law & Angah are planning to go to IKEA to hunt for stuff for Angah’s wedding. I think it would be a great idea because I can look for stuff for my house too. Hehe. And have some IKEA meatballs while I’m at it !

Last Sunday before we moved in, we went to Serai in Empire to celebrate Daddy & Mr. Sunshine’s belated birthdays. I can’t remember whether I’ve wrote about this but they share the same birth date ! Awesome tak ? Hehe.

I have no idea why I posed bongkok like that.

Birthday Man No. 1 !

Birthday Man No. 1 with his granddaughter.

(Hot) Birthday Man No. 2 !

Soon to be parents, InshaAllah. Khayla is going to have a younger cousin she can bully play with !


A new year is around the corner, let’s take this time to reflect on how we are and how we can change for the better. InshaAllah.


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baby talk #2

“Aping, aping !”, she says while pointing to my laptop.

Aping (sometimes Apin) in Khayla’s language is Upin & Ipin. Haha.

Other ‘words’ she’s forming are:

“Ayah”   – Ayah
“Tup”     – Tutup
“Kak”    –  Buka
“Toww” – Jatuh
“Mam”   – Makan
“Dom”   – Jom

She can point to her nose and tummy when asked to.
Knows how to put her hands when told to, “Baca doa !”. In fact, she would put her hands together as if to recite a doa whenever she hears the Adzan, Bismillah or Alhamdulillah. :)
Ask her a question starting with ‘Who’ or ‘Siapa’, and she’ll raise her arms. “Siapa tak sayang Mummy ?”, Mr Sunshine would playfully ask and Khayla would raise her arms. T_____T
Always seems fascinated with animals. We’re planning to take her to the zoo soon. :)
Shows her temper by throwing stuff. I’ve ran out of ideas of how to discourage her from doing so. Whatever she doesn’t want, she just flings ’em away !
Walks pretty steadily now, thinks she can already run, sometimes.

A future drama queen in the making, just like Mummy !


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october fever.


Quick update.

Khayla is well now, Alhamdulillah.
She fell sick twice this month, actually. First in early October, where she had fever and spots all over her body. The spots disappeared after a couple of days.

Spots all over !

The second time was last week. This time was a terrifying experience because there were two instances in which my baby turned blue !

She had gotten so used to getting her temperature checked.

Nebulized with Combivent at Hospital Selayang. Yes, she’s sucking on her pacifier, because she was asleep.

If you can notice her hands are of a slightly different colour than the rest of her body. They were blue. She was 40 degrees at this time. :(

Her fever got extremely high -reaching 40 degrees. :'(

But Alhamdulillah, she’s all better now and her appetite’s improving.

Hari Raya Aidiladha is tomorrow ! Am gonna try to make some rendang tonight. Haha.

Before I end, check out these before after pictures of my acne scars !

All thanks to Shaklee !!
For more information, you can go to

Selamat Hari Raya ya’ll !
Bye !


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Hi all.

I’m at home, taking care of Khayla who is down with high grade fever (highest recorded was 38.7 degrees Celcius, isk isk). She also had mild diarrhea yesterday. Been sponging her and attending to her crankiness. Hehe.

While she’s asleep, I’m taking time to answer enquiries on my new found passion, Shaklee and their products and am also taking some orders. Alhamdulillah. Many are interested in the amazing Energizing Soy Protein
(which is on promo this month, by the way).

It feels good being able to share this with people. :)

Best jugak if boleh jadi WAHM (working at home mum).

Ok bye.


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how i fell in love with shaklee.


I’m about to share with you something really special !

I’m sure most of you have heard about Shaklee. For those of you who haven’t, Shaklee has been around for over 50 years and is the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S.  Did you know that they came up one of the first biodegradable household cleaners ever in the 1960s ? This is because they believe in keeping the planet healthier as well !

As a pharmacist, I care about what medication my family and I consume and I usually would research thoroughly about a specific product/supplement before purchasing it. That is why you don’t see me taking any supplements (prior to this). Haha. None were up to my standards. Ecewah.

I have been searching high and low for a good brand of supplements (you can click here to read about why we need supplements) because I was constantly exhausted.

My typical day would start at around 0445 hours, preparing food for my daughter and/or Mr. Sunshine and I’d have to leave the house by 0630 hours and drive for about an hour (depending on the traffic) to work. After work, I would have to drive for more than an hour (two hours if it’s during Ramadhan !) and I usually reach home just before 1900 hours. By that time, all I feel like doing is grabbing my pillow and going to bed. But I obviously can’t because I have tonnes of house chores to do. On most days, ok maybe EVERY DAY, because I am too tired, I usually leave things to do to the next day and I get all stressed out, cranky and kelam kabut in the mornings !

After doing a bit of reading, I decided to give Shaklee a try three months ago.

With Shaklee, they guarantee that their products that are always (naturally !) safe , always works AND always green.
I started out with their B Complex, Vita-C, Vita-E Complex then I added their Vita-Lea Iron Formula and ESP-Soy Protein Isolate.
With Allah’s grace, I now feel like an ‘Energizer bunny’ in the mornings and at night after I come back from work. I now have enough energy to get all my chores done before I go to bed and I wake up more relaxed and stress-free ! Wheee ! Alhamdulillah. To add to that, my skin doesn’t get so dry so easily like before (provided that I drink adequate fluids), because I work in an air-conditioned environment and even my cellulite has reduced ! Yes, I have cellulite. Haha. Alhamdulillah.
Mr. Sunshine bears witness to the change I am going through, he told Lene, “Sebelum ini, pagi-pagi je nak marah, stressed. Sebab penat lah tu. Sekarang ini, pagi-pagi ceria je !”. Kan dah kantoi, cranky in the mornings. Isk.
And he has noticed the improvement in my skin too, my cellulite skin is now more smoother. :)

I have fallen in love with Shaklee that I’m on a mission to get my whole family on it ! Haha.

Mr. Sunshine has been on Vita-Lea Iron Formula, B Complex, Vita-C and Vita-E Complex  for two weeks now and he says it has improved his energy level too. Alhamdulillah. He also claims he feels less hungry. Woot !
I’ve been trying to coax him to try the ESP, but he isn’t interested in liquid supplements. Leceh, he says. T_____T

Oh, and I even started Khayla on Shaklee Meal Shakes especially for its natural fiber benefits. Alhamdulillah, her constipation problem which she suffered for (an agonizing) 6 weeks is gone now !

Sounds too good to be true ? You’ve gotta try them, to believe them. :)

I am planning get supplements for Daddy from Shaklee too. Since I’ve tried them and now believe in them, I have confidence to put Daddy (who has heart problems and is diabetic) on them too. Let’s invest in health, people !

I am not sharing this not because I am a (new) Shaklee distributor, but I just want to share what is working for my family, with Allah’s grace. Alhamdulillah. I am excited to let people feel The Shaklee Difference ! InshaAllah.

Anyone interested to get more information about Shaklee products, you can sms/whatsapp me at 012-2966442 or email me at OR you can just hop on to

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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This morning I had to send Khayla to the nursery because Mr. Sunshine has some work to do outside of KL. She didn’t shed a single tear, as a matter of fact she was pretty calm when she was in the arms of her teacher, while we were both talking to each other. The teacher was telling me that Khayla loves to pinch the other babies (T___________T) and that she can be quite fierce (garang) with them. *slaps forehead*
Aiyoooo, how come lah like that ?! But apparently it’s just ‘cubit-cubit sayang‘ with her friends there.
She also told me that Khayla has a big appetite. No surprise there. Hehe.

Looking at how Khayla is with her teachers and friends at the nursery, it pains me to have to put her through another phase of adjusting to a new sitter. Yes, Alhamdulillah we have found someone who is willing to take care of Khayla once we move to Shah Alam. Khayla does not wail in strangers’ arms anymore (unless she’s in a crowded place, or is hungry/sleepy), but she does take quite some time to warm up to strangers. I can only pray the sitter would have the patience to handle Khayla and that it’ll be a smooth transition for Khayla. Ameen.

I’ve been having mixed feelings about moving out from Gombak.

The cons:

1. I won’t get to see Daddy (and Lene) on a daily basis anymore.
2. I won’t have anyone around to help me keep an eye on Khayla when Mr. Sunshine goes outstation, which is like, all the time. Boohoo !
3. Khayla will have to learn to adjust to the new house, surroundings and sitter.
4. Heck, all of us will have to adjust to the new surroundings and neighbours. 

The pros:
1. I would (hopefully) save time and energy because the place we’ll be renting is pretty near to my workplace. I’m hoping to get to save on expenditure, in terms of fuel and toll, but then the rent is pretty high and there will be utilities to pay for too.
2. More ‘family time’ for me, Mr. Sunshine and Khayla. More privacy ?
3. It would be easier for my in-laws to come over.

So yeah, mixed feelings. Hmm.


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