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the biggest loser ?

I think I have only watched one audition episode and one weekly episode of The Biggest Loser Asia.
I only came to know about the finale last night while I was channel surfing as I had difficulty falling asleep. Since I had nothing else to do, I decided to watch it and find out who will win the 100,000 US Dollars.

And, David Gurnani from Indonesia had shed off more than 50% of his initial weight. This percentage added to the whopping sixty something (correct me if I am wrong) percentage of fat loss made him Asia’s first Biggest Loser.

But in my opinion (no offence to anyone), he looked quite emaciated and sickly.
I was really worried for him on stage, hoping that he would not collapse or pass out.
He just was not a picture of good health (in my opinion).

Picture credits to

I’m all for weight loss, and I feel that what he had achieved was very amazing.
But I feel that this sort of sends out the wrong message to people about losing weight. 
Being healthy is not about what shows up on the scales, it’s about having sufficient energy to sustain your through your day, maintaining good blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose level with a balance between proper eating habits and exercise. 

Anywayyy, I hope David is well and happy. 100, 000 US Dollars is a lot ! 😉


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Mr Sunshine just left, he has some work to do tonight.
I hope he does not stay out too late. 🙁
We managed to have dinner at home together first though.

I still have not gotten used to addressing him as my husband/hubby/suami. Hee.

I was on medical leave today. I would like to jump straight to the reason I was given the leave but I think I’d let you all in on the series of events that led to me being in pain.

Hubby bubbly (haha) and I went shopping for tudungs on Saturday.
Yes, as seen here, I have started covering my aurat after tying the knot. Since then, I have been using the old tudungs/shawls that I already own.
That’s alright because they go perfectly with my dresses and tops, but I do not own any that would go with any of my baju kurungs for work. And I was going back to work on Sunday (yesterday !).
This intention of mine to cover up was not a hasty one, I have been wanting to do so for almost a year now. But I did not want to rush into it and wanted to make sure that my heart was really into it, because I do not want it to be an ephemeral change. I am trying, slowly, InshaAllah.
I am still my old self, a better me, hopefully, InshaAllah.
Despite it not being a rushed decision, I did not have time to go tudung hunting all this while because I was too preoccupied with other things (read: my wedding !). Which explains the last minute shopping lah.
Bought a few plain and neutral coloured ones which I hope would match with my baju kurungs.

The highlight of that Saturday was definitely lunch time, where Mr Sunshine took me to my favourite place. McDonald’s lah, where else ! Hehe.
I had the Double Chicken Prosperity Burger set. The large set.
Sorry, I am a glutton when it comes to McD’s. 😀
Mr Sunshine had the chicken porridge. Tak mencabar langsung. *yawns*

Mr Sunshine and I had our first home cooked meal that night. Nothing much, just spicy (a bit too spicy !) fried rice with fried eggs. :p
We do not have a stove yet but I used the multipurpose cooker which was given to us as a wedding gift (I really really can’t remember from who, sorry, but thank you so much !). It was my first time cooking in the cooker, and I had trouble getting the eggs I fried to be round in shape. Sobs. :p

Mr Sunshine tambah empat kali tau. I’m thinking I did alright. :p

So that was Saturday.
Yesterday morning, after Mr Sunshine headed off to work, I started getting this terrible pain in my tummy.
I was having a gastric attack ! The pain worsened by the minute. I took 6 tablets of antacids at home but they did not work.
I went to work and took some more antacids, but the pain did not go away. In fact it was getting worse.

I held myself together, I told myself I am not gonna let the pain control me because there were only two of us at work yesterday and I could not leave my colleague alone.
But the pain was unbearable, even after 8  Magnesium Trisilicate tablets, one tablespoon of Magnesium Trisilicate mixture and 1 Ranitidine tablet, I was still crunching in pain.
I was as pale as a dead person.
Sakit sangat. :'(
One of the senior pharmacy assistant rushed me to the Emergency Department where I was injected with an analgesic, Diclofenac Sodium and placed on IV Sodium Chloride drip with IV Ranitidine. 🙁

So yes, that’s how I got my medical leave.
Still don’t get it ?

Okay, bye.


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hey you, i love you.

Good morning.
I am still sniffing and coughing. Yeah, it has been a week now. Bouts of fever come every now and then. But it’s really the sniffing and sneezing that I cannot stand the most. I feel as though my whole brain is clogged up with mucus.
Haha I just had a mental picture of that. Disgusting nya.
There are times it’s a bit difficult to breathe, but I am assuming it’s because of the lack of physical activity.
I happily went to work yesterday morning, only to feel like passing out (I blame the face mask I had to wear) and be chased ordered told to go back home in the afternoon.
I was even told to not come back to work unless I really am free from influenza-like symptoms.
Eh, kenapa awak datang kerja, saya tak suruh pun.”


I had trouble sleeping last night.
Hence me waking up at 7 *yawns* when I know I should be resting and sleeping this fever off.
I could not stop thinking of a friend’s younger sister (my junior in Hillcrest) who lost her husband (who was also my junior) yesterday.
It was a tragic loss.
I found out about what happened to arwah last Sunday night when a mutual friend texted me telling me to recite the doa for arwah, who was presumed to be drowned on his trip to Janda Baik that day.
Search efforts were stopped that night would resume the next morning.
The first thought that came to my head was about arwah’s wife and his four kids (at that time I thought they only had two kids).
When Marc told me they finally found arwah’s body yesterday morning, I felt this huge punch in my chest.
I do not know them that well, but my heart goes out to the wife and kids.
I can only imagine what they’re going through right now.
To lose someone you depend on in such a way at such a young age. :'(
I pray she stays strong.

Correct me if I am wrong, but mati lemas itu salah satu mati syahid kan ?

That’s life for you.
He brings you to life. And He can take you back anytime He wants.

I definitely learnt that the hard way. :'(

Although we might not notice, somehow we tend to take life and the lives of others around us for granted at times.
From simple actions like lashing out at someone for insignificant reasons, not replying text messages when you can and should, to passing judgments/remarks about people you barely know (fitnah is a huge sin) or cutting ties with relatives/siblings.
Sometimes we’re too consumed with our busy lives that we forget that we might not get that tomorrow or that second chance.

Have you hugged your Mum lately ?
Have you told your Dad how much he means to you ?
Have you apologized to your sister for yelling at her this morning ?
Have you told you husband/wife/fiance/fiancee how much you appreciate their presence in your life ?
Have you made that call you promised to make to your best friend ?
Have you prayed ?

My heart aches for you. Al-Fatihah.


Being human, no one can escape from making mistakes.
Some might think they’re better from others; spiritually, religiously, financially or intellectually.
But we must remember that in His eyes, we’re all the same.
What differentiates us is our niat and actions.
Praying five times a day does not guarantee you Jannah (heaven) if you go around bad-mouthing others.
Tak perlu nak menjatuhkan hukum dekat orang, itu bukan hak dan tugas kita.
But saling mengingati memang harus.
Feeling superior from others (riak, takbur) is already such a huge sin.
Your bachelors degree means nothing if you go around boasting about your grades, ignoring other people’s feelings.

This world and universe is a gift, and this whole life is a test.
A test of faith and love.
He showers you with money, what are you doing with it ?
He gives you akal, are you putting it to good use ?
He takes away the luxuries you once had, do you give up ?

Rezeki itu bukan dari segi duit sahaja.
Your family is your rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Love is your rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Your job is your rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Your friends are your rezeki(s). Alhamdulillah.

Whatever we believe in, I am sure it all boils down to the same core.

Oh boy, I am sorry to have nagged this long (and probably put most of you to sleep), but I am writing this to serve as a reminder to myself.
Because we’re all here for a purpose, and I am still working on mine.


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sigh sigh sigh.

Happy Friday everyone.
Hope that all of you are doing ok.
This is an emotional post, stop here if you don’t feel like being dragged into my depressing rants.

I am on medical leave at home and am advised to isolate myself from everyone else.
I fell sick with cough, flu along with on and off fever after working the night shift last Monday night. Which is a cause to worry, I guess.
I was started on Oseltamivir as chemoprophylaxis.
I called my preceptor yesterday and told him that I’d come back to work if I feel better, but he told me to stay at home and rest it out and come back on Monday.
The only thing I am worried about is my leave, which I have none left.
I was content with the news that I did not have to extend this phase after discussion with our Head of Department last month, and then I just had to fall sick again, didn’t I ?
Double sigh.
I don’t want to have to extend this and lose my seniority. OK it’s not actually about the seniority status. Who cares ?
Triple sigh.
And just when I tweeted about having a week left from last Tuesday to settle everything (ie: finish up my clinical work, my research write up, get my log book signed by the four preceptors I have left), THIS had to happen.


My mind is so cluttered I wish I could blow my brains out.

Mr Sunshine has the chickenpox and is on leave for two weeks.
And that just adds to this depressing state I am in.


What’s worse than sighing every second ?
So I’ll do just that.


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i’m thinking i might need more sleep.

Name: M
Age: 25

Chief complaint:
Persistent headache that does not wear off with medication. Took Paracetamol and Diclofenace Sodium on 25/07/2009. Associated with slight blurring of vision and laboured breathing.

History of present illness:
Headache started after getting back from work at 7 am, 25/07/09. Was only able to get 2 hours of sleep, had to wake up to rush to meet caterer to get test food. Rushed to a friend’s wedding right after. Was feeling dizzy by then. Had another 2 hours of sleep but headache did not resolve. Had to do another night shift on the same day. Headache worsened as an unusually huge number of patients flocked the Emergency Department. No lost of appetite, nausea or vomiting.

Acute deprivation of sleep. Hahaha.

Pharmaceutical (and non-pharmaceutical) management:
Cadbury Bytes 80 g STAT
Yahoo Messenger chat with Mr Sunshine STAT
Tramadol 1 cap STAT then PRN. Suka hati je kan.
Gutt. Hypromellose 2 drops PRN BE
To get at least 8 7 6 hours of sleep after work. But I have another wedding to attend later !

To consult doctor if symptoms persist.


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left eye.

Good morning.
I am in Gombak, drove home late last night after picking up Mr Sunshine (he’s down for the match this Saturday) as I thought my eyes were safe to be near Daddy and Marc’s already.
Woke up today with my left eye slightly pinkish and itchy. *straight face*
Daddy was blinking and covering his eyes with his hands when he saw me. (It was cute lah).
Bila nak betul betul baik ni ? 🙁

The fact that I have been falling sick more often than other people do has become an issue at my department now.
I don’t know what’s going through their minds but I just hope they don’t think that I get sick certificates for fun.
It’s no fun being ill and staying in bed the whole day.

I had a 3 hour long phone conversation with one of my best friends last night. *heart smiles*
Funny because we just met up last week and the last time we spent that amount of time on the phone was during our school days. We were reflecting at all the good and bad times we have been through that has made us more mature as individuals and as friends. 🙂
Although we don’t meet up as frequent as we would want to, I am content that even after more than a decade, we still make time to call and text each other every now and then. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Mr Sunshine will be hanging out with the guys this weekend.
I’m giving him a hard time for not bringing me along to the match.
Merajuk one minute, all normal one minute, then merajuk again. Just for fun. Haha.

It’s almost Ramadhan !

I am confused about which states to put in my placement application form.
Syafiq has decided on Malacca, Johor and Negeri Sembilan.
Talked to Daddy and he’s ok with those choices.
I am a bit hesitant because am worried if they see that I am willing to go out of KL, I won’t get any of those places and they would just chuck me in some faraway (exaggerating, I know) state. Alone. Away from Daddy, away from my husband (soon-to-be). Die.
Help ?


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how old are you ?

Daddy’s latest IJN checkup revealed that his fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and triglycerides (TG) levels were elevated.
Acarbose was added to his other two antidiabetics (Metformin and Gliclazide).
The doctor did not start him on statins for his TG, but told him to watch his diet and will see how things go at his next checkup.
I am very worried lah.
I should be more aware of what he eats. But how do you tell your old man he can’t take this and that. It feels awful. Sigh.
I should stop bringing home donuts. Not that I do all the time.

I am stuck at home in Putrajaya with conjunctivitis.
My right eye hurts. Sobs.
I am sick of all the sick leaves I have been taking.
You would not believe how many days of leave I have left. It’s not even Raya yet, and there goes my plan to save leaves for my wedding.
Sigh, depressing.

The ex came over (to Gombak) to pick up his baby pictures yesterday afternoon.
Yeah, I still had them.
Been wanting to post them back to him, but he kept refusing to give me his address, insisting that he wanted to pick them up himself.
Oh well, that’s done.

I stopped blogging in my private blog for quite some time now.
I did not feel like sharing it anymore. My private thoughts would be, well for my eyes only. :p
But, around the middle of last month, I had set up my very own wedding/bridezilla blog to document my wedding preparations and made sure I am doing all the right things.
I have kept it private because I did not think anyone would be even slightly interested to read all that nonsense. Hehe.
But if anyone of you happen to be curious about what’s going on in that other blog of mine, do drop me your email addresses ok ? 🙂
I might make it public soon though.

Argh, my eye hurts.

I have this sudden crave for Nasi Kukus.


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gotta have E71.

My body temperature has returned to normal after almost 48 hours.
I guess I needed the two days worth of rest.
There’s still this annoying slight cough but my throat’s not so sore anymore.

Faiz had an appointment with a Dermatologist at the hospital last Friday evening. He called me earlier to warn me he’d be dropping by and that he’d be wanting to have coffee plus chit chat with me after work.
And so we had coffee (chocolate for me) at Starbucks, Alamanda. He gave me a tour of his iPhone 3G which I thought was pretty cool but I would not see myself getting one. Not my kinda gadget. I’m more of a E71 or Blackberry Bold person. Hee.

Lene came over later that night and we watched Monsters vs Aliens together. She spent the night here and accompanied me to my fellow PRP, Mizah’s wedding last Saturday. I had some work to do so we went to the hospital after the wedding and stayed until almost six in the evening.

Headed to AEON Setiawangsa to look for a few much needed things after freshening up, but went home empty handed. Sigh.

On Sunday Daddy and I went for Lene’s Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang SPM Gombak (organized by Biro Pelajaran and Hal Ehwal Pelajar UMNO Bahagian Gombak) at Hotel Putra.
The whole thing was a tad boring, but I felt super proud as usual for my little sister. 🙂
Plus, the food was delicious.

Anndddd I started feeling sick that afternoon. 🙁

Currently feeling a bit off, received an unnecessary phone call and a couple of annoying text messages. Sigh.

I need to focus.
It’s tough. I’m doing one thing but in my mind I’m worrying about another thing.
Stressed nya !

I am so dead.

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rebung reflux.

I have this habit of lying down on my tummy, be it while doing my work, or going online on my lappie.
This habit is bad as I do it even after I eat.
My acid reflux seems to be getting worse.
Plus I cannot stop myself from eating spicy food lah. Non spicy food are just tasteless to me.

I had rebung gravy for lunch without knowing it was rebung gravy.
As I was carrying my plate to the cashier I smelled the strong stench of rebung (pardon me, but I don’t fancy rebung) and was wondering where it came from.
Lifted up my plate to my nose and sniffed my food, but well, it was too late.
I think I still have rebung breath.
Sorry, I have no idea what the English term for rebung is.

I fell asleep while lying in an MRI machine yesterday.

I have been having creepy nightmarish dreams lately.
I wonder why.


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I failed to complete whatever I needed to complete last week.
But I successfully created a number of excuses to why I could not complete them.

I cried so much last week that I had constant headaches every day.
There was this one hour phone call the boyfriend made to me last week which was basically just me sobbing, muttering words he could not make out the meanings of. For the whole one hour.
I PMS like mad.

Putting that aside, I made a very rash decision to take a drive to Kuantan last Friday.
Ok kidding, I took the bus.
I cannot imagine me driving that far alone, at night. Yet.

I know I said that the boyfriend and I were not gonna meet until July but that was when I did not know he would not be working last Saturday. Hee.
So right after work, I rushed to the Petronas station at Precint 9 with hope that there would be Transnasional tickets left for that night.
They were all sold
out but I was lucky enough to have one customer who sold his/her ticket back ! So I managed to get my hands on one 10:30 pm ticket to Kuantan and bought a return ticket from Kemaman too.
I left the house a bit late, rushed to the ERL station, parked my car there and got on the KLIA Transit to Bandar Tasik Selatan and took the LRT to Plaza Rakyat.
I was already texting Mr Sunshine letting him know that I might not be in time. 🙁
I had a real good exercise that night, power walking to the point my sweat was dripping all over. I gave out evil stares to everyone who stared at me that night. Bengang sikit. Hee.

I reached Puduraya a couple of minutes before 10:30 pm, only to find out that my bus was delayed.
Finally boarded the bus at 11:00pm and reached Kuantan at around 3 am.
I had to wait for an hour for Mr Sunshine to come get me as he had trouble waking up earlier.
We drove to Teluk Cempedak and had an early breakfast at KFC.
I brought my lappie and helped Mr Sunshine with creating his research data collection form. I did some reading on my clinical cases too.

We took an early morning stroll by the beach while it was drizzling. *heart smiles*

He brought me to watch Night At The Museum 2 at Teruntum Complex.
He dozed off halfway through the movie !
I was still hanging on.
The movie was alright lah, I prefer the first one though.

Had pizza for lunch and seafood for dinner. NYUM !
The amount of seafood we ordered was enough to feed four people but we managed to swallow everything up.

Look at those panda eyes !


Keep in mind that I did sleep for more than 24 hours by that time. Awak dapat tidur dalam cinema, tak adil !
But I succumbed to fatigue on our way back to Kemaman.
Mr Sunshine said I was mumbling with my eyes closed. How’s that for being nuts ?
Took the 1 am bus reached home at 7 am.

Oh oh, here’s a little something for all you Man United fans.

Tak tahu kenapa Rooney bongkok like that.


So that was my exhausting yet exciting Saturday.

Ok so now let’s take a look at pictures of my fat legs.

Does not look too bad ? Check out the close ups.

Awful, right ? Itches like crazy, stings like hell.
Most of the time I scratch is when I am asleep lah. :'(

Work tomorrow.


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