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drama mama.

I spent a few hours going through my old WordPress and Blogger blogs the other day. I had to do so because I wanted to take down all photos of myself not covering my aurah.  
What a hassle, kan ? Siapa suruh tak tutup aurat dari dulu ? Isk isk.
As I was deleting the photos, I got to read some of my old posts, and I realized I could sum up my posts with one word; DRAMA.

I cringed while reading some of my posts. The life I had before was filled with unnecessary drama and I was all over the place. I still think I am a drama queen, but the old me was THE drama queen of all drama queens !

I have to remind myself to be constantly grateful for my present AND my past.
Without what I experienced in the past, I would not be the wiser (ahem !) person I am now. My past changed me, for the better. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah ! 🙂

Khayla has been down with fever, cough & runny nose for the past few days, which means more sleepless nights for Mummy and Ayah. This time, being sick has also affected her appetite. Poor darling. Alhamdulillah she is recovering and slowly, but I’m just wondering, is it normal for a baby to fall sick every month ? Khayla had her first fever around the same time last month. Hmm.

Oh, my baby is10 months old today ! Alhamdulillah. :))
I shall update on her 9 months milestones, soon, InshaAllah.

Khayla showing off her pearly whites. 🙂

My cold sores have cleared up, Alhamdulillah. I’ve gotta take better care of myself from now on.

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cold sores galore.

I’ve been having back to back cold sore attacks since April 17. That’s more than a month now. I have no idea what keeps on triggering the attack because I am trying my best to avoid chocolates (sigh !), nuts, sun exposure, extreme cold temperature, stress (!!) etc. I have been religiously popping multivitamins, vitamin B & C tablets, and making sure I don’t skip meals.

How can I not be stressed when I have these ugly sores on my lips that people keep staring at and asking me about, and I haven’t been able to kiss my daughter for so long ! Self esteem = ZERO.

Either there’s a trigger factor that I have been missing out on, or that my immune system has gone haywire. My boss (a doctor) told me that it could be due to the fact that my body is under a lot of physical stress because I haven’t been getting enough rest/sleep, have a baby to take care of and have to travel quite a distance to work every day.


For those of you who don’t know what cold sores are, Google can help.

In a gist, cold sores (herpes labialis) are small, painful, fluid-filled blisters or sores that appear on the lips, mouth, or nose that are caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is transmitted through oral secretions or sores on the skin.Unlike most viral infections, this virus is not completely eliminated as they reside quietly in a dormant/latent stage in nerve sheaths until something triggers its active stage which causes blisters on the lips known as cold sores. There is no cure !
Cold sore attacks can be brought on by the following conditions:

  • General illness or changes in the immune system (from mild illnesses to serious conditions)
  • Ultraviolet radiation 
  • Fatigue
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Immunosuppression due to AIDS or such medications as chemotherapy or steroids
  • Trauma to the affected area – my first attack this year (in February) was because Khayla bumped her head on my lips !
  • Menstruation (hormonal changes)

Cold sores are actually very common. About six in ten people in the UK carry the virus, no data for Malaysia though. However, not all of them have outbreaks. So far I have only seen one UiTM student with cold sores, and when she came to the pharmacy to get her medications, I felt like giving her a hug. Drama, much ?

Annisa and I with my cold sores on my lips. :'(

I don’t remember exactly when I had my first cold sore attack, but I know it was years ago, while I was doing my degree. My first outbreak was terrible because the doctor I went to see thought it was a bacterial infection and kept peeling my scab off, only to make it spread even worse ! After that, I have had one to three recurrences a year, but nothing like what I am experiencing now. :'(

Abu Hurairah R.A narrates Rasulullulah PBUH said,

“For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn – Allah removes some of his sins.”


“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”

So many people out there are suffering from far worse, so I need to stay positive !
I can do this.


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khayla meets harith.

Oh my, it’s already the last day of January !

I am just recovering from a day of slight fever, cough, runny nose and vomiting yesterday. My throat’s still sore but I am so much better today, Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah, Mr. Sunshine has been posted to Petaling Jaya since last Thursday.
He is planning to ride his bike to and fro work, something which we don’t see eye to eye about – due to safety reasons – but he insists that he can cut costs if he does so.We went to visit my best friend, Diana last Saturday and when we found out that her husband rides a bike to work too, I knew it was no use disagreeing with him anymore. 🙁
But it’s such a blessing that he’s here, Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Diana’s baby boy, Harith is soooo adorable ! Always with a smile on his face, he was so active rolling around the living room.
He and Khayla were born a month apart. To have my best friend also have a baby the same age as mine is awesome ! We frequently exchange stories about how our little ones are doing. 🙂

Wheee ! Khayla clearly wasn’t in the mood for a photo, unlike Harith. 🙂

Khayla & Harith – holding hands on their first date, haha.

We were back in Batu Pahat during the long Chinese New Year weekend. One of my sister in-law got engaged, yayyyy !! Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Her nikah is planned for March next year, InshaAllah. Khayla took quite a long time (3 days to be exact) to warm up to my in-laws ! She would cry (read: scream) whenever any of them held her, and would only calm down if I hold her.

I have been losing so much hair recently, and along with the fact that Khayla loves to tug at my hair, I finally decided to cut it short while we were in Batu Pahat. It has been years since I had real short hair. So now I would love to think I look like this..

..but instead I think I look like Peter Pan.

Well actually Lene has been calling me that ever since I chopped off my hair. Haha..

Work has been good, Alhamdulillah. The traveling can get pretty exhausting but it’s still manageable lah.

People (including mum in-law) have been asking whether Mr. Sunshine and I are planning to get a house nearer to our my workplace but we have decided to stay in Gombak for a couple of years first or until we’re really ready to settle down elsewhere.


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the chronicles of my weight (gain).

Khayla has been asleep since 1300 hours just now.
I have managed to freshen up, express milk, have lunch, perform my Zuhur prayers and tidy up the house a little. I’ve tried going back to bed but my eyes just won’t shut.
Since I have nothing better to do, I thought I’d put up a post on my pre and post pregnancy weight fluctuations. Narcissistic, much ?

I am gonna file this post under my ‘notes to self’ label to remind me that I still have a few kilos to shed and not to overeat like tak sedar diri. 🙂

Before I got hitched, my weight was around 54 to 55 kgs, which was considered normal for my height. I’ve always been curvy, blessed with (huge) boobs and (huge) hips. My other body parts are considerably smaller, which is why I think a number of people wouldn’t believe me when I told them I weighed 54kgs. There were even some who thought I weighed 10 kgs lighter !
But as Oprah puts it, it’s not about the number on the scale, ……okay so I forgot the rest of the quote but you get the picture, don’t you ? Haha.

Moving on !

1. I got married in January 2010 and I lost 2kgs for my wedding.

January 2010 – 52 kgs

2. By November 2010, I gained back the 2kgs I lost. Hehe.

November 2010 – 54 kgs

3. In March 2011, and at 16 weeks pregnant, I had already gained 3kgs.

March 2011, 16 weeks pregnant – 57 kgs

4. The weight was steadily piling on as the weeks progressed.

April 2011, 20 weeks pregnant – 59.5 kgs

5. May 2011 – There was just no stopping me at that time. I was happily putting on 5 kgs within a month ! The nurses at my antenatal clinic weren’t so pleased. Hehe.

May 2011, 24 weeks pregnant – 64.5 kgs

6. In June 2011, my weight skyrocketed, again !

June 2011, 28 weeks pregnant – 68 kgs

7. July 2011 – I just couldn’t stop getting fatter. Haha. But by this time, the weight increment was slower than the previous two months. Phew !

July 2011, 32 weeks – 69.5 kgs

8. In August 2011, it dawned on me that I had gained about 16 kgs throughout my pregnancy ! Woahhhh !

August 2011, 32 weeks – 70.5 kgs

9. About a month after I delivered my precious baby Dian Khayla, I only managed to shed about 7 kgs off ! *nangis*

September 2011, 3 weeks post-partum – 63 kgs

10. To date, I have lost a total of 10kgs, and I still need to lose another 6 kgs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

October 2011, 2 months post-partum – 59 kgs

I’ve got around 2 inches to lose around my hips in order for me to fit into most of my old baju kurungs a.k.a my work clothes. If I don’t lose ’em, looks like Mr. Sunshine’s gotta take me on a shopping spree ! Hehe.

I’m lucky I can still squeeze myself into a couple of baju kurungs, because I had a wedding to attend yesterday.
Here’s to hoping I get to say goodbye to my extra kilos, soon !


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smelly jackfruit.

I slipped and fell on my butt yesterday morning.

Yes, this is not a joke.
I fell like a smelly jackfruit (nangka busuk). Hah take that, direct translation ! Hehe.

It was actually the second time it had happened within the past 3 months. And both times, it happened at the same spot here at home.
The difference this time is, my back hurt longer than it did before and the pain intensified as the hours passed. As I was also worried about how Mini Mel was doing after the fall, I decided to get myself checked.
I was not bleeding and neither did I have any other sort of discomfort but the doctor told me I had to be admitted for monitoring purposes.
I did not refuse admission this time around because I knew it wasn’t only for my sake but for my baby’s sake too.

So, I checked into the maternity ward here (at the hospital I am working at) yesterday afternoon. The ward has a strict policy which disallows anyone to accompany the patients in the ward outside visiting hours so that means I was left alone the whole night. Mr. Sunshine got to see me for about 5 minutes yesterday evening because he couldn’t get off work early. 🙁
But Alhamdulillah, everything turned out normal with Mini Mel, my back pain became more bearable, and I was allowed home this morning.
All in all, it was not a pleasant one night’s stay (from sweating all night because the fan was too far, to painful looks on the faces of the other patients who were experiencing contractions to the soft screams of women in labour !!), but am extremely grateful that everything’s alright. Alhamdulillah.
I honestly take my hats off to the women who could go through all that labour pain ALONE. 
I can cry just at the thought of it !
Boy, am I glad to be home with Mr. Sunshine.

Note to self: Tak payah nak jalan laju-laju sangat lah bila perut dah besar ini !

Let’s move on to less despairing updates.
Mr. Sunshine and I made a trip to Kota Bharu, Kelantan last weekend to attend a friend’s wedding kenduri. We stayed at Tune Hotel, Kota Bharu which is located just a stone’s throw away from KB Mall. The room we got smelled of cigarette despite it being a non-smoking room, but other than that we were pretty pleased with it.
I made a mistake in purchasing 24-hours credit for the air cond & telly, we spent less than half of the time in our room ! Lesson learned.

We did some shopping for baby stuff while we were there, had breakfast with Zana (who’s currently working in Hospital Tanah Merah) and paid a visit to my ex-colleague, Ina and her 8-month old daughter. 🙂

Our King Sized bed.

We were lazy to bring our towels & toiletries so we purchased the towel+toiletries set !

Contents of the toiletries set.

We wasted more than 12 hours credit ! 🙁

The highlight of our trip for me was of course, KENNY ROGERS !!! 😀

At our UiTM mates, Izza & Bob’s kenduri. Congrats again you two !! 😀

That’s all for tonight I guess.
Before I end, I’ll leave you all with this.

Goodnight !


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right here waiting.

The title has nothing to do with the rest of this post. It’s just that I’ve had Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting on repeat in my car for a couple of days now. Sure brings back good childhood memories when I used to imagine that Daddy’s golf tournament trophies were my microphones to sing. :p

I am watching the Top 5 contestants of American Idol sing their heart out while I am typing this.
I told myself I would stop watching if Casey Abrams fails to be in the Top 5 but I am weak (not much of a surprise ha). After being a fan of the show for the past 10 seasons, I just can’t refrain myself from turning on the telly at 6:05 pm every Thursdays & Fridays.

I took leave last Monday & Tuesday because Daddy, Marc, Lene and Linn came over to visit Mr. Sunshine and I. They arrived safely, Alhamdulillah, on Saturday evening just as I was starting to prepare the Soto I had planned to serve them for dinner. Lene & Linn were the first to comment on how big my belly is right now. Hehe.
Fair enough lah kan, the last time they met me in person was 3 months ago during Faizal & Dee’s wedding when I was still in my first trimester.
Lene was particularly amazed at the size of my breasts. Hahaha. Ok TMI, sorry.

Marc, Marlene and Linn helped out in the kitchen with the making of the bergedils and Mr. Sunshine fried the suhun and helped me to shred the chicken flesh into strips. 🙂
I’m glad all of them enjoyed my home cooked Soto. Marc even suggested I open a soto stall, hehe. But then again, they were all starving when dinner was served. :p

Our Sunday morning started with Mr Sunshine buying us Nasi Kerabu for breakfast. After that, we took our own sweet time to get ready for our trip to Kenyir Lake. We didn’t go on any boat rides this time around, we decided to just enjoy the scenery and snap photos. 🙂
We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon at home where I taught the girls how to make the infamous batik cake with Marie biscuits.

If you’re wondering why they were laughing, it was because Daddy was trying to suck in his tummy. Hehe.

Marc helped too !

Just in case anyone didn’t know how the batik cake looked like.

Mr Sunshine was kind enough to lend a hand in the kitchen when I was preparing dinner that evening. The soles of my heels hurts when I stand for too long (thanks to the huge amount of weight I have gained), so he actually brought in a chair for me to sit while I cook. Hehe.

Awww ! Hehe.

On Monday morning after a breakfast of home cooked fried rice and mihun, we drove to Pasar Payang where we went on a hunt for fish keropok.

Can you feel their excitement ? Ok let me rephrase that, can you feel Linn’s excitement ? Hehehe.

We drove to Kelulut with hopes of enjoying fried keropok lekor and fresh coconut water for tea after a stop at the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque a.k.a the Floating Mosque (Masjid Terapung), but much to my disappointment, they were only catering for takeaway that day. So we adjourned to Kampung Losong for some keropok lekor.

It was obvious that Marc was starving. :p

Pandak Beach was our next stop, which is where we chose to relax & enjoy our A&W Rootbeer Floats. Daddy deserves a treat once in awhile. 🙂

Daddy walked a couple of meters away from us just to stand and enjoy his float. :p

Love !

And our final destination for the day was Payang Serai Restaurant in KT, where Marc & Linn treated us to a scrumptious seafood dinner in conjunction with my birthday last week. 😀

The food was delicious and the price was pretty reasonable. Thank you so much Marc & Linn !!

Time sure flies when you’re having a good time, and before we knew it, it was already Tuesday and they had to leave for Gombak. I woke up pretty early as I had my monthly antenatal checkup scheduled that morning during which I had to drink 75 grams of glucose but more on that later lah.
I was so touched to see this when I got back home from my checkup.


We said our goodbyes after having lunch at KFC, Kuala Berang.
As usual, I just had to cry after that. :p
It was great having the family over. We had a fabulous time although Manchester United lost to Arsenal (arghhh !). Hehe.

One for the road. 🙂

Moving on to what happened at my antenatal checkup last Tuesday morning. It was also the day I had to take the MOGTT test as mentioned in this previous post of mine (click, please).
It started out with the nurse drawing out 2 mls of my blood prior to me drinking 75 grams of glucose mixed with water. Then I had to wait for 2 whole hours before they would draw another 2 mls of blood out of me. As for other usual glucose tests, I had to fast starting from 10 pm the previous night.
While waiting, I went through the routine monthly checkup which consists of checking my weight, blood pressure, fundal height and urine for ketones. This time around I got to hear my baby’s heart beat through something which I think is a doppler. It was amazing ! MashaAllah. 🙂

The other amazing thing is that I found out that I had gained a good 5 kilograms over the past month. 5 KILOS !!!
As a result, the doctor told me to get my blood pressure checked every other day (starting today) since I already had the MOGTT test done. Yikes. Blood pressure was normal today, Alhamdulillah.
I’m pretty worried about my weight gain pattern, I don’t want to end up with gestational diabetes or any other complications related to excessive weight gain in pregnancy. 🙁
Mintak dijauhkan. Ameen.

All the other test results came out normal, Alhamdulillah, but I’ll only get my MOGTT results after 2 weeks. I think I’ll be living in fear until then. 🙁
Oh, I also received my first dose of the anti tetanus toxoid vaccine that day. My left arm is still sore from the injection. The second dose will be at the end of this month, InshaAllah.

Baby’s movements are getting stronger by the day. Alhamdulillah. Sometimes I wonder what he/she is doing in there. Hehe.
Mr. Sunshine is able to feel the kicks and movements from the outside already, Alhamdulillah. Lene felt some movements too ! 🙂

Now for a closer photo of my belly at 24 weeks (6 months) and 10 kilos heavier !

Ta-da ! Huge kan ? And my Daddy’s so comel. ;D

Before I end, I have a note for my family in reply to what they left on my whiteboard.

Dearest Daddy, Marc, Marlene & Linn, 

Thank you so much for driving all the way here to pay Mr Sunshine and I a visit. We truly appreciate the company and good times you spent with us ! Please do come again. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeaaasssssee ! 😀

Syafiq & Melissa

Until my next post, bye !


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so lonesome for you.

My medical leave has been extended until today. So that’s a total of 5 days of leave, 7 if you add the weekend, but I’m working this weekend so it will be only 5 days for me.
I fell sick in the middle of the week, with an awful sore throat and flu. I am OK now, Alhamdulillah. Asam Jawa juice works wonders !
A week of medical leave might help me physically, but it’s done almost nothing for me emotionally.
I don’t think I’ll be traveling back to Gombak anytime soon. 🙁
People keep telling me that I shouldn’t be so stressed up because I am expecting. Some things are definitely easier said than done.

It has been raining non stop over here in Kuala Berang.
My heart has been as gloomy as the weather.

I am so blessed to have my Sunshine here with me. Alhamdulillah.


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week one.

Mr Sunshine and I kicked of the New Year watching awesome fireworks…..

….in our dreams.
As usual, I was fast asleep on New Year’s eve night as I had to work the next day.
(But I think even if I did not have to work on New Year’s day, I would still have dozed off by 2200 hours.)
Nevertheless, my New Year’s day was special.
Mr Sunshine surprised me with a buffet supper at Permai Inn, Kuala Terengganu !
He kept telling me that we were going to a ‘special’ place but being the joker he is, I didn’t take his word for it. I was not dressed up to dine at a hotel !
Supper was so-so but we got to watch Manchester United beat West Brom 2-1 while dining so I won’t complain. 😀

Thank you for the New Year’s Day supper, Sunshine ! 😉

The first week of January was hectic, with year-end returns to complete and the boss’ endless commands (and demands) to obey and oblige to. I think it was getting too much for my body as I fell sick by the end of the week.
I was down with severe abdominal pain along with fever and cough last Thursday, landing me in bed the whole day ! 🙁
The pain subsided as night time approached but the fever stayed on until yesterday night.
I am feeling so much better today, Alhamdulillah.
I have to be better for work tomorrow, I predict another stressful hectic week.

Oh, and today I chopped off my no-longer-manageable waist length hair ! I look like this now..

Well, minus the gorgeous face. Hehe.

How did you start your 2011 ? I’m sure it was fabulous ! 😀

Goodnight everyone !


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of hospital admissions.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already !
Alhamdulillah, Daddy was discharged from Selayang Hospital last Wednesday. From what Marc and Marlene told me and from Daddy’s voice through the phone, he’s looking/sounding much better. Alhamdulillah.
Poor Daddy, he had to spend a week in the hospital ! He had a hard time accepting the fact that he was down with pneumonia. 🙁
Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who attended to Daddy and thank you to all relatives and friends who took time to come and visit him. 🙂
Much love to Marc and Marlene for taking turns to accompany Daddy throughout his nights in the hospital. &hearts:
Marlene was there on most nights, and Marc and I slept over for one night each only as we had work commitments.

This was taken last Saturday. Poor Daddy. 🙁

On that very same Wednesday on which Daddy was discharged, I was referred and admitted to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu for a persistent lower abdominal pain I have been having for the past three weeks or so. The doctors in my hospital referred me to HSNZ because they found something abnormal on the ultrasound image they carried out on me. At that moment, I was already crying because I was terrified of what I might find out.
I was fortunate to get a comfortable room in the first class ward, and Mr Sunshine spent the night with me. 🙂

Me in my oversized hospital clothes.

Mr Sunshine getting real comfy on the couch in my room.

I had to go through a pelvic exam, using a speculum (very uncomfortable !) and a bimanual one. They told me my cervix was normal, Alhamdulillah. Then I had to go through a transvaginal scan, which is how they detected that I had a 2.7cm x 2.7 cm cyst in my right ovary. :'(
I was discharged yesterday because I did not complain of any pain. Well actually, I was in slight pain but I did not let the doctors/nurses know because I did not want to spend another night there !
I have an appointment with the O & G clinic in a month’s time, to see whether the cyst is getting bigger and whether it’s benign or malignant. I hope everything goes well, Ameen.

I need to learn to not get worked up over things so easily. Not healthy, not healthy !

Since I am told to get lots of rest, Mr Sunshine has disallowed me from doing ANYTHING. No house chores at all ! He did the laundry, he went out to buy food for us, and he’s currently cleaning up the house.
I definitely have THE BEST husband in the whole wide world ! Alhamdulillah. ;D

December has been pretty rough for the whole family. 🙁
I’m hoping the new year will be better. Ameen.

Happy Christmas and happy holidays to all ! ;D


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I found out about something today.
Something that’s really hard for me to digest.


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