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syrup and bandung.

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Good morning people.
The lack of updates here is due to the current hectic and exhausting situation of my final semester.
It’s all about cases, day in day out. Case report, case clerking, case discussion, case presentation ! Argh.
Every day by the time I get back from school, I’d be lying ‘dead’ on my bed for a couple of hours. But then after that it’s back to work again la kan. Sigh.
But I’m very grateful for where I am right now and I won’t change a thing about anything.
I’d just have to grin and bear it for now.

Last Saturday, my faculty organized a futsal tournament and I was one of the so-called cheerleaders for my class teams. We only had a few hours of practice the night before and along with our unattractive pom-poms (Zana calls them anorexic pom-poms), we performed and lost. Hee.

During cheer practice. Hehe.

The ‘cheerleaders’.


With Zana.

The male team. They were good, but unfortunately they lost.

Zana, Yamin and I.

Halmy ! I think he secretly wanted to be in the cheerleading team. Hee.

Ayu, Zana and Juju.

Half of the girls’ team. They won second place yo !

Yus will be getting engaged later.
I have a wedding to attend tonight.
It feels good to be home. Even for awhile.

This semester is teaching me (and the rest of my classmates) to be more patient and stronger I guess. I think we’d be dealing with a whole lot more in the working world.

Gosh, this song is so sad.


Until my next boring post, take care everyone.


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treasure box.

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Okay, so this year’s Christmas was a little different. It started out with the family being at Kak Siti and Abang Shukeri’s place in Sungai Buloh. Abang Shukeri works as a prison warden so they were staying in the quarters near the Sungai Buloh prison. I didn’t eat much. I was more interested in watching Black Water which they were playing on their DVD player that morning. It was hilarious (no, it was not a comedy) because of the ridiculous Malay subtitles.

An example,
English: Adam, get on the tree !
Malay: Nabi Adam, menaiki pokok !

Another one,
English: It’s coming !
Malay: Kedatangan !

And the funniest was,
English: Fuck you !
Malay: Persetubuhan !

There’s more where that came from okay.
No pictures were taken while we were there. Hmm.

At about noon we adjourned to Aunt Thelma’s place for the usual Christmas lunch.
Marc and Faiz engaged in a very serious conversation after lunch.

While I listened and watched on.

And Lynn and Lene fought with each other because they couldn’t join in the conversation.


Aunt Thelma got me two lovely tops.
That’s how I spent Christmas day.

On the evening of Christmas eve, Heikal and I watched Enchanted. Yes, it was the second time for me, and the first for him. I suka okay !
Then we had dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes.
Well, my dinner was sort of like a desert because I had this.

Treasure Box !

It was sooooooo sweet I tell you. Even with a huge sweet tooth like mine, I couldn’t handle it. In other words, we couldn’t finish the whole bowl la.

Heikal having his plate of Brussels, looking err, angry ? Heee.

My ex classmate during high school, Fira, got engaged last Saturday. Congratulations, dear !

Another schoolmate of mine, Wan Syazwani got married the day after that. She used to be this cute and quiet little girl in school, so it’s so hard to believe she’s actually married ! I’m so happy for her.

Spent some time at Akey’s place after that. I have promised to pay for her pelamin when she it’s her turn to get married ! Hehe.

My guardian angel.

Daddy’s not feeling well. Sigh.
I feel bad because the sister and I would be going to Feli’s place tonight (yes, she’s back ! ) for a barbeque dinner, while Marc is out and I do not know what time he’d be back.

I’m having this bad feeling for unknown reasons.


Anyway, hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas.
If not, you still can !


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ketchup or chilli ?

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Was out with the sister and Adam today. We watched National Treasure, Book Of Secrets. I wasn’t really keen on watching it at first as I’m not a fan of Nicholas Cage but it turned out to be a pretty good movie. It did have a few corny lines in it that were just unnecessary.

Had dinner at Dome.

Adam and I. Both of us were supposed to be on a diet. Hmm.

Dig in yo !

With the sister.

His hand is getting better and he’s leaving next weekend. Sigh.


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