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accidents happen.

It finally poured and I am feeling calmer than I was yesterday.
Mr Sunshine will be back late tonight, he’s playing futsal tonight.

I have six days worth of work clothes to iron. Six because I am working this coming weekend. Plus four days of Mr Sunshine’s shirts. Ironing shirts is just not my forte.
They appear the same before and after ironing !
I usually iron for the whole working week straight but yesterday’s hot weather did not allow me to stand and perspire for an hour.

Last Thursday morning, I was shocked to receive a text message from Lene, telling me that Marc met an accident.

She consoled me by letting me know he was alright, but the car was not.
I knew I had to be home.
When I called Mr Sunshine to let him know, he suggested we drive back and leave my car with Marc to use until the repairs are done. So, I took the afternoon off, drove to Kuala Terengganu to meet Mr Sunshine after he was done with work. We parked his car at the airport and started driving home in my car.
We reached Gombak just after midnight.

On Friday morning, we went to the workshop as I had to sign a few insurance documents, and they needed a copy of my MyKad as the Kelisa is in my name.
Note to self: Add Marc’s name in the insurance policy the next time I renew it.

Poor Kelisa. 🙁
Apparently, the accident happened while Marc was on his way to work, stuck in a jam in Jalan Kuching, when a stupid Myvi abruptly cut into Marc’s lane without signaling, then the car in front of the stupid Myvi suddenly braked. The stupid Myvi drove into the car in front of it, and yes you guessed it, Marc drove into the stupid Myvi. 🙁
The stupid driver of the Myvi was literally shivering after that. I know because Marc recorded her crying and admitting her fault.
Poor Marc.
I am just grateful that he did not get hurt.

Lesson of the week: DRIVE SAFELY PEOPLE !!

We took the first flight back to Terengganu yesterday morning.
We were definitely burned out by the time we got back.
I don’t think we have even recovered from traveling to Batu Pahat the previous weekend, and KL the week before that.

I think I need a day off just to sleep. Hehe.

Oh yes, I have not told you people about my weekend in Batu Pahat, Mr Sunshine’s hometown.
I had a great time with good company and good food.
We went shopping for a handbag for my mother in-law at Batu Pahat Mall after watching Prince of Persia which was absolutely fun !
It’s a pity one of Mr Sunshine’s sister, Syahieda couldn’t be with us as she is in Perak doing her practical.

Razy, Angah and I with our Coolblogs. 😀

We managed to attend Che Wan’s wedding while we were there too.  Che Wan is Mr Sunshine’s friend while he was a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah for three months.

Speaking of weddings, I am very disappointed that I have missed so many of my friends’ weddings because I am so far away. :'(

We bought more than a trunk load of kerepek for those who ordered them back in Terengganu !

When I distributed them to the staff here, they told me to buy myself an MPV because they’ll be ordering more for Aidilfitri. Yikes.

Mr Sunshine brought me to Tongkang Pechah to see his old house and his primary school.

My mother in-law can cook up a delicious meal for seven in less than an hour ! So cool.
She packed assam pedas for us to have on our way back to Terengganu. 🙂

And here I am finishing the scrumptious assam pedas at Kuantan’s R&R.
Sedap hingga menjilat jari ! 😀

Have you guys given Pizza Hut’s Fish Prawn King Pizza a try ?

You should ! So yummy ! And take note that this is coming from a chicken fanatic. 😀

Ok bye.


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photo updates.

Random shots from last Friday night’s dinner at Cozy Corner with the family.

If we’re not ordering individual dishes, we always order the same thing at Cozy Corner.

Chicken with Dried Chilli and Cashew Nuts. My favourite !

Splendid Beef Curry. Yums.

And a vegetable dish. 🙂

Photos from Sal’s Engagement.

And lastly, Marc and Linn’s ‘Outdoor Convocation Photo Shoot’. Hehe.


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oh no, not again.

I am feeling slightly under the weather (again).
Must have gotten the flu bug from Mr Sunshine.
He has been unwell since last Thursday.
Last Friday afternoon, I drove more than half the way back to Gombak because of that.
Usually Mr Sunshine will be THE driver to and fro. Hehe.
We drove home to attend my best friend, Sal’s engagement.

Everything was so rushed.
Reached Gombak late in the evening on Friday, had dinner with the whole family at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park, then we dropped by Sal’s place to help around a bit with the preparations. The guy’s side of the family were expected to arrive at 1100 hours the next day.
On Saturday, both Mr Sunshine and I were at Sal’s place just before 1100 hours only to find out that the engagement ceremony had been postponed to 1230 hours.
So we stayed on and while I tried to be there for Sal and help in whatever I could, Mr Sunshine patiently waited on me in the living room. Love you sayang. 🙂

Alhamdulillah, the engagement ceremony proceeded and went on as planned. So simple yet lovely. Sal was so beautiful ! Their solemnization is planned for the end of July. I pray everything goes as planned. Ameen.
I am so nervous for her ! Hehe.

We had initially planned to drive back to Kuala Berang right after the engagement because Mr Sunshine had to work today, but then he so kindly agreed to stay back a bit longer to join my family in taking studio photos with Marc in his graduation robe. 🙂
We also had an ‘outdoor adventure’ photo shoot after that which was super fun even though it was drizzling. Hehe.
All of us had dinner at Hometown Yong Tau Fu, Wangsa Maju before leaving for Kuala Berang at about 2000 hours.
We reached home pretty late and the both of us were exhausted.
I went straight to bed without showering ! Haha.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat a blocked nose. Sniffing like nobody’s business, AGAIN !
I thought to myself that I possibly be sick again, not after last week, right ?
It was definitely a good move to take the day off today.
As soon as Mr Sunshine left for work, I drugged myself popped an antihistamine and dozed off.
After a sweaty (today is a hot day) two hours of sleep, my nose was cleared ! Alhamdulillah.
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my throat. I hope these Dequadin lozenges work.

My mother in-law found out about me being unwell, and as soon as she did, she tried to call me numerous times.
When I returned her call, she sounded so worried, “Abah cakap Along cakap Lisa demam, Mak risau lah, itu lah telefon banyak kali, kena dengar suara Lisa jugak.”
OMG. How sweet is that ? I was so touched, I was almost in tears !
I haven’t had a mother figure worry about me since Mummy left. :'(
Honestly, my mother in-law is great, she really is. Kind, caring and understanding.
You would expect a mother in-law to be the first person asking you over and over (and stressing you out) about whether or not you’re pregnant, but no, she’s the type of mother who would tell you not to worry too much and leave things like that to Him. 🙂
Alhamdulillah. I am so blessed. 🙂

We’ll be heading back to Batu Pahat this weekend. InshaAllah.
I hope I’ll be OK by then. Ameen.

Pictures will be in my next post.
I need to get some rest.


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My menses is three days early and I have no idea why.
This does not normally happen to me.
Hello ovaries, are you okay ?
I’m a bit worried because it’s more like spotting and since I am certain that I am not pregnant, spotting before a period could be a sign of uterine fibroids or polyps, ovarian cysts or cervical or uterine cancer.
Mintak dijauhkan. Ameen. 🙁

As written in my previous entries, I have been unwell since Saturday.
I had to take the whole day off yesterday just to recharge.
Sleep is the best medicine.
I’m healthy and happy now. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Well except for the spotting. 🙁

I received my first pay from the hospital on Monday.
I have still been receiving my salary from JKWPKL since I left Hospital Putrajaya.
There’s a quite a difference between how much I have been receiving there and what I just received this month.
The Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is less here because it’s a district hospital.
I wonder whether they took into consideration that most of the things and food here are more expensive than in Kuala Terengganu when they reduced it.
And RM500 will be deducted from my pay until November to pay back the ‘extra’ money JKWPKL has been paying me all this while I have been here.
RM500 is a lot ok !
In a nutshell, I am more or less broke for the next six months. :'(

Marc had his convocation yesterday and it sucks that I could not be there. 🙁
I am so sad that I did not get to witness my little brother up on stage with his robe, receiving his degree scroll AND the Vice Chancellor’s Award ! 🙁
Awesome lah kau !

My best friend Sal (my beautiful hantaran maker) will be getting engaged this Saturday, InshaAllah.
After all that she has done for me for my engagement and wedding, I am a bit disappointed that I have not done a single thing for hers apart from calling her every now and then to check on her.
I am hoping to do the best I can to be there for her this weekend.


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my friends-filled weekend.

The weekend has finally arrived ! Alhamdulillah.

My Thursday started with me not feeling too good.
Woke up with a sore throat, a runny nose and a head that would not stop hurting.
While I was on my routine ward round, I was suffocating in the face mask I had to put on.
As our wards here are not air conditioned and the male ward I was in charge of was fully occupied, it got pretty stuffy and hot !
I occasionally felt like I was gonna pass out, but I held on tight to the patients’ beds and took deep breaths.
My head was spinning but I did not want another medical leave.
I think I chugged down more than 1.5 litres of water in the morning only.

So I dragged myself throughout the whole day at work today bearing in mind that it’s Thursday and I get to go back earlier than usual.

Here I am, at home,  and surprisingly feeling much better. Alhamdulillah.
It must have been due to the over consumption of water.

Mr Sunshine and I were back in Gombak last weekend.
We actually had a wedding to attend last Saturday but we couldn’t make it due to last minute changes in that day’s plans.
I must say my time was really well spent last weekend.

On Friday morning, it was breakfast with Diana at Old Town White Coffee Taman Melati.

We talked about everything from marriage to buying houses to babies. Happy times ! Hehe.
On top of that, she gave me a lovely pink ‘instant’ hijab for my birthday.
Absolutely loved the colour !
Thanks dear ! :))

Then it was just bumming at home, watching telly with Daddy. Pure bliss.
That night after the brother got back from work, we (Daddy, Marc, Mr Sunshine, Linn and I) rushed to One Utama to catch Iron Man 2 !
I know some of you might be thinking otherwise and say that you prefer the first installment. In the words of Cher Horowitz, “Whatever !” *cue hand gesture*
And I would definitely want to watch it again (if I am not living in this cinema-less Terengganu).

No family photos taken because we got there just in time and after the movie, I needed to pee so badly, snapping photos was the last thing on my mind.

On Saturday morning, I had breakfast with Annisa with McDonald’s at The Curve.

I received two tins of yummy Crabtree and Evelyn cookies from her ! White Chocolate and Rasperry cookies and All Butter Orange cookies.
They’re both super delicious, and finished. Hehe.
Thanks Ann ! 🙂
We hopped from McDonald’s to IKEA with hopes of sharing a plate of meatballs that I have been craving for. Much to our disappointment, they only start serving meatballs at 12 noon. 🙁
Ann was also pretty disappointed as she felt that her camera was not giving her good photos that morning, so we adjourned to Starbucks, Ikano Power Centre to snap some pretty shots.
We were at three places in two hours we were together ! Haha.

Then it was lunch with Mr Sunshine’s two sisters, Liyana and Syahieda.
McDonald’s again. This time in Shah Alam. Hehe.
That place has changed so much since the last time I was there, which was more than a year ago. Not bad.
After lunch, the four of us headed to Bukit Subang where Mr Sunshine’s aunt stayed for a visit.

The Curve was my next destination (again) after dropping off Mr Sunshine’s sisters.
This time it was to meet up with the Gombak Gang. :))
Honestly, I had mixed feelings about meeting up.
I was obviously very very very excited about seeing them after so long but there was also this silly fear of their reaction towards my new image.
I was nervous when Navin asked me, “How do we do this ?” because we usually kiss and hug each other whenever we meet.
But after that everything was alright, I was so touched that both Gan and him did not show any sense of them being uncomfortable with the fact that I cannot touch/hug/kiss them.
I knew I was stupid to even think about not being ‘accepted’.
These people are the people I have known for more than a decade, and we’re definitely not friends just because of how and what we look like.
I am doing what my religion commands me to, and I am sure all of them are mature enough to see that. 🙂
I am blessed to have these people in my life. 

We had dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes, then dessert at The Chocolate Lounge. :))
Too bad Judith and Trevor could not make it that night, and I wished I could have stayed on longer. 🙁

And then, it was back to depressing (and hot) Kuala Berang.

Thank you Mr Sunshine for driving me here and there over the weekend.
You’re awesome, just like Tony Stark. Haha.

Both of us have some major spring cleaning to do this weekend.
When was it ever winter eh ? Hehe.
This house is a pigsty.
I hope I remain well tomorrow.

Oh, if you’re curious about me or if you have anything to say to/about me, you can voice them out here

Ok, bye !


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he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

How could I have forgotten to write about Marc’s job offer ?!
Yes yes, after going through FOUR stages of interview, he was offered a place as a Management Trainee at Sime Darby !
Effective April 19, he will be starting his six months as a trainee, and InshaAllah if he performs well, he will be absorbed into the company.
I know he can !
He had doubts throughout all the four stages of interview but I was confident he would make it through. Adik saya kan hebat. Hee.
Alhamdulillah, this also means he will be getting his first paycheck very soon ! 😀

Oh wow, this is overwhelming.
Feels like I just saw him in his diapers a few years ago.

Before I knew it, he was all grown up…

…got through his Diploma with flying colours !

And soon to be graduating with a honours Degree !

*Sudden rush of emotions alert !*

Words cannot express how proud I am of you, Marc. I’m overjoyed !
We’ve been through some shitty times, it was heartbreaking to see us drift away just because of a stupid idiot, but we managed to pull through and we’re slowly patching things up.
Blood is thicker than water.
Although I don’t say it out often but I ♥ you with all my heart.



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fried farts and onions.

I do not know why I have been really easily worn out these past few days.

I have been wanting to blog but I just could not bring myself to purge mind contents out.

I am probably just recovering from the past two hectic weekends that I had.

Ok so I am aware this is wayyy overdue, but Happy Year of the Tiger everyone !
Roaring health and wealth this year for all of us, perhaps ?
The brother was born in the year of the tiger. 🙂
For us here in Terengganu, we had Friday until Monday on that week, off. But I was on call on Sunday and Monday.
Daddy, Marc and Marlene reached our abode on Saturday evening. They took almost 9 hours to get here.
I cooked up a simple meal for dinner that night, then we took a drive to Kuala Terengganu to show the three of them how the city looks like at night.

The truth is the brother and sister had planned to go to the dentist there, I’ve called the clinic up earlier in the day to check whether they’d still be open that night since it was Chinese New Year eve already. The lady I spoke to told me they will only be closed on the firsat and second day of Chinese New Year only.

So after a 45 minute drive, we arrived at the clinic only to see it’s shutters closed.
There was an A4-sized paper paper stuck to it, and on it was written “Kami tutup bermula malam ini (13/02/2010) sehingga hari Selasa (16/02/2010). Harap maklum.”

Whatttttttt !@%*&$*&###%#@!%&(* ?????!!

I was so angry and disappointed. I really wanted Marlene and Marc to get their teeth checked and clean there because it’s much cheaper back in KL. 🙁

Tak ada rezeki lah kan.

We drove by the Pasar Payang area and they were selling durians ! Personally I am not a durian fanatic but the rest of my family (hubby included) are. So we stopped and bought what we were told were D24 durians.
Back home we realized that we were conned.
They were not D24 durians, did not taste that good and some of them were even rotten !
I felt like driving by that place again and throwing them back at the idiot seller.

Argh, tak ada rezeki lagi lah kan.

The following day after work, we drove to Kenyir lake ! I remember going there when Mummy was still around when I was little. I was not very little as I remember tasting tapai for the first time while we were there, and swore it would be the first and last time I would consume such a foul-tasting thing. Hehe.
Daddy was eager to get there just for the sake of reminiscing the good old times.

The fanatics.
 The superhero and her sidekick. No prize for guessing which is which.
“You ain’t got the pose,” the sister claimed. *rolls eyes*

We rented a boat to take us around the lake.
We also had the option to rent one which stops at a waterfall and the herb island they have there but since none of us brought extra clothing or even a towel, we had to go for the first option.
Probably next time.


On the second day of Chinese New Year, we attended a wedding kenduri in Dungun. It was the wedding of an old friend of Daddy’s son. We arrived quite late in the afternoon because we had to leave after I got off work and the journey took almost an hour.

After filling up our tummies, hubby bubbly took us to Teluk Bidara beach.
The beach was so clean and beautiful !

It was so good to just sit and enjoy the breeze and scenery.

The VVIMs.

Ok so of course we did not just sit.

We shamelessly stripped into our boxers !

We unleashed our inner monkey-ity !


We even gave it a go at being Hindustani actors !

Et cetera et cetera et cetera. :))

On the way back to Kuala Berang, we stopped at this placed called Kelulut because hubby bubbly was eager for us to try air nira and have some keropok lekor and coconut water to cool our throats.

No offence to anyone, but air nira smells AND tastes like fart.
I know you might be wondering whether I have tasted fart before. No I have not and I don’t think that’s even possible.
But if fart had a taste I know it would be air nira.

 See that bottle on the right ? That’s air nira.

Hubby bubbly told us that some people mix the air nira with their coconut water. See, because it does not taste good on its own. But after tasting it, there was no way I was pouring it into my yummy coconut water.
Hubby bubbly did not seem to have any complaints about it.
Mungkin orang yang suka kentut suka kot ?
Hahaha, forgive me sayang, gurau je  ! Ampunnnn. 🙂

Nevertheless, the keropok lekor was delicious ! There were people queuing until outside the shop to buy them.
Daddy, Marc and Lene headed back home last Tuesday. 🙁

Last Thursday after work, hubby bubbly took me to Kuantan to watch Valentine’s Day !
We spent a night at a 3-star hotel named LA Hotel.
I made reservations for Vistana, Kuantan but after considering we were only going to spend a few hours in the room to sleep, we figured we should not waste money.
But the room was lousy even for the RM105 we had to fork out.

I should have taken pictures of the fan they put in the room because the air cond was faulty. It was a super small fan, even my head would not have been cooled off by it.
And there was also the faulty bathroom sink faucet which could not be turned off. Water was splashing all over the place. When hubby bubbly called them up to let them know, the lady actually said, “Oh, paip itu memang macam itu, biar lah Encik.”
The both of us had a good laugh about the whole situation. :p
It was probably just our luck, I do not think all of their rooms are like that. At least I hope not.

We drove back the next day, after breakfast at McDonald’s Teluk Chempedak, a stroll on the beach and DVD shopping. 🙂

As soon as we got back I had to get in front of my laptop to finish work that was due last Sunday.
I still have aches from sitting and staring at Microsoft Excel’s sheets, rows and columns for two days straight.
Hubby bubbly was such a darling. He prepared breakfast and a late lunch and helped me with the laundry on that Sunday. :))

Phew, I just realized this is a really long post.

I just received sad, sad news.
Will blog about it tomorrow I think.



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My mother in-law has been calling to check on me everyday since Mr Sunshine left for Kedah.
I’m so touched !
Sayang mak. 🙂

I miss Mummy.


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i still love chicken.

Three days to go to the end of 2009. Have you made any resolutions for 2010 yet ?
I have given up on making them, because I never seem to be able to make them all come true. So, instead of creating a long list of unattainable goals, I’ll stick to making and realizing them one by one. Regardless if it’s the year 2010, 2015, or 2020. :p

My first goal for 2010 is…TO GET MARRIED.
Haha. Well, actually the aim is to have the nikah and both receptions run smoothly as planned. InshaAllah.
I am so anxious to get it all over and done with.
Pardon me, I don’t me to sound like I’m so itchified (Mummy used to use this term, hehe) to get married but it’s just that I am kinda tired of having all these wedding details in my head. 🙁
I am trying my best to be optimistic but most of the time I fail.
Hope and pray.
Hope and pray.

Speaking of weddings, one of my best friends’ tied the knot a fortnight ago (12/12/2009).

Diana and I, we go a long way back. We’ve known each other since we were 12 when we used to go for mengaji together. We sat next to each other for two years in Form 4 and 5. We cried over breakups, laugh over everything, gossip in class until the teachers call our names out. Aww, those were some good old memories !
I am so happy that she has finally found her Mr Right. 🙂
I am still finding it hard to believe that she’s somebody’s wife now. Hee.

 The hantaran.
 Ameen. 🙂
 Mas kahwin.
 The stunning bride.
The stunning dais. 🙂
 Silat performance which was really, really good. Look at the size of those blades. I was covering my face out of fear.:p

Both Marc and Lene received their exam results before the weekend Diana got hitched.
And they did AWESOME lah !
I am so proud that Marc is finally done with his degree and that Lene is going on to her second semester already !
Lene, Marc, Linn and I treated ourselves, Daddy and Mr Sunshine to some Kenny Roger’s Roasters. 🙂

The sister got us these wicked tees. 🙂

I went to get my hair trimmed and my roots touched up at a salon here in Kuala Berang.
I didn’t have time to do so when I was back in Gombak.
I do not think I’d be going back there anytime soon. She washed my hair in the same sink her children used to wash their fingers etc. Gross, right ? 🙁
The hair’s not too bad considering that her rates were wayyyyy cheaper than anywhere I’ve been.

Oh oh, AVATAR WAS EXTRAORDINARILY AMAZING ! (Yes, you did just read ‘extraordinarily amazing’) Hehe. 😀

Ok, so now I have nothing else to talk about. Hehe.


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molek lah tu.

I am in Gombak. 
Had to come back to get the rest of my things and settle a few wedding related issues.
I am starting to fall sick from all this traveling and living like a nomad for the past week. 🙁

I was on call last Saturday in Putrajaya, Mr Sunshine came down by bus that evening and we both drove to Kuala Terengganu that night itself. 
Checked in at Grand Continental Hotel for two nights. Rented a room at RM70 per night at a ‘homestay’ in Kampung Sungai Rengas for three nights. 

I reported for duty at Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Terengganu on Sunday morning and only got to know in the evening that I will be working in Hospital Hulu Terengganu.
When the person in charge said Hulu Terengganu, I went, “Kat mana tu ??”
It’s actually 45 minutes from Kuala Terengganu, which is not really bad compared to Setiu, Besut or Kemaman which takes an hour or more to reach.
So, Alhamdulillah.

Hospital Hulu Terengganu is situated in Kuala Berang. It’s a district hospital so it’s not

But my first week there was good, Alhamdulillah. 🙂
I am one of their clinical (ward) pharmacist, in charge of the male ward.
I have tons of reading up to do to brush up on my clinical knowledge !

Initially Mr Sunshine and I spent everyday looking for a house to rent in the area between Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Berang. We were planning to pick a house that we can stay immediately after we get married. We did not opt to stay at the hospital quarters as we thought it would be troublesome for him to commute to Kuala Terengganu from the hospital everyday. But house hunting was harder than the both of us thought. 🙁

After giving it much thought (Mr Sunshine reluctantly agreed to travel to and fro daily, haha), the both of us decided that I should apply to stay at the hospital quarters for officers. So I did just that and was lucky enough to get into the very last lot ! Alhamdulillah.

I have checked out the place. Apart from it being filthy and unkempt, the place is quite spacious, with three rooms and one bathroom, a toilet and built-in (outdated) cabinets.

It still needs a lot of repairing and touching up to do, but I think I will be able to make it as cosy as home in time for Mr Sunshine to move in. InshaAllah. 🙂

I won’t be able to put my things in until they clean the place up. They will be starting to do tomorrow. I hope I can move in by Sunday. Ameen.
Frankly, the idea of staying there alone for the next two months is a bit creepy lah. But there’s nothing I can do about that, can I ?

Being 6 hours away from Daddy, Marc, Lene and all my friends gets to me at times. Sobs.
But I am grateful to have Mr Sunshine nearby. He has been my rock, listening to me whine about almost everything (even when I blamed him for making me get posted so far !), wiping my tears when I felt homesick and exhausted and driving me to McDonald’s when I am down. 🙂
Thank you awak. 🙂

Siapa nak melawat Terengganu boleh lah stay over at my place. 🙂
I can chaffeur you around town, we have McDonald’s tau. Hehe. 🙂

Argh, nak demam. 🙁


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