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on how to make a mushroom omelette.

Last weekend, Mr. Sunshine and I had mushroom omelette sandwiches for dinner. I made pasta for lunch that day so we were pretty stuffed.

Daddy makes THE BEST mushroom omelette.
And he obviously knows he does.
I sent a text message to Daddy asking for tips on how to make a good mushroom omelette and he replied with the whole recipe. Haha.

And this is how my mushroom omelette looked like:

Not very appealing huh ?
Mr Sunshine thought it was delicious and went back for seconds, but I would rather have Daddy make some for me. Hehe.


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it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

This is a lazy post.

Mr. Sunshine, Marlene and I had the privilege to attend the beautiful wedding of Trevor & Judith last weekend. 🙂
It was definitely a night to remember and I was thrilled to be able to meet friends I haven’t seen in almost a year  !

Didn’t get to take a picture with both the bride and groom, but here’s one with the gorgeous bride ! 🙂
Paul, Lene and I. 🙂

Sunshine ! 🙂
My beautiful sister.
With the ever so lovely Felicia ! 🙂

The whole family had steak at Uptown Damansara the night before. 🙂

With Cuppacakes for dessert !

THE BEST red velvet cupcake !

We stuffed ourselves and goofed around during lunch at Cozy House, Ampang Park.

I got to satisfy my cravings for Nando’s when I met up with Diana for lunch. We’re due exactly a month apart !

Mr. Sunshine was a happy man with his Subway sandwich. 🙂

Nothing beats having breakfast with my darling Annisa. 🙂

End of lazy post.


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silly pancakes.

Hello all !

Mr. Sunshine and I spent our last weekend in his hometown. We arrived safely in Kuala Berang yesterday afternoon and made it in time for my antenatal checkup.
Our time in Batu Pahat was spent mostly on eating !
But sadly, because we were too busy enjoying all the food that we forgot to take photos of them. The only food photo we took was of mum in-law’s ‘lempeng bodoh’ as she calls it but I beg to differ, it was simply delicious, eaten with her equally delicious sambal tumis. Yums !

Don’t let its simple appearance fool you, it’s SUPER SEDAP !

The highlight of my weekend was when mum in-law along with my sisters in-law cooked up a Raya feast for moi last Sunday ! Mr. Sunshine told his mum that I was craving for Raya food last month. There was nasi impit, chicken rendang, lodeh gravy and peanut gravy !
I had seconds and thirds, for sure. Hehe. YUMMY !!
Thank you so much mak & adik-adik ! ;D

Here are a few photos from the weekend. 🙂

Mr. Sunshine treated his mum & dad to a steamboat dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day AND Teacher’s Day ! Hehe.

Early morning before leaving to Kota Tinggi for a wedding.

At Kota Tinggi

The heat today is causing me to itch and perspire (heavily) all over. So uncomfortable lah. 🙁


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right here waiting.

The title has nothing to do with the rest of this post. It’s just that I’ve had Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting on repeat in my car for a couple of days now. Sure brings back good childhood memories when I used to imagine that Daddy’s golf tournament trophies were my microphones to sing. :p

I am watching the Top 5 contestants of American Idol sing their heart out while I am typing this.
I told myself I would stop watching if Casey Abrams fails to be in the Top 5 but I am weak (not much of a surprise ha). After being a fan of the show for the past 10 seasons, I just can’t refrain myself from turning on the telly at 6:05 pm every Thursdays & Fridays.

I took leave last Monday & Tuesday because Daddy, Marc, Lene and Linn came over to visit Mr. Sunshine and I. They arrived safely, Alhamdulillah, on Saturday evening just as I was starting to prepare the Soto I had planned to serve them for dinner. Lene & Linn were the first to comment on how big my belly is right now. Hehe.
Fair enough lah kan, the last time they met me in person was 3 months ago during Faizal & Dee’s wedding when I was still in my first trimester.
Lene was particularly amazed at the size of my breasts. Hahaha. Ok TMI, sorry.

Marc, Marlene and Linn helped out in the kitchen with the making of the bergedils and Mr. Sunshine fried the suhun and helped me to shred the chicken flesh into strips. 🙂
I’m glad all of them enjoyed my home cooked Soto. Marc even suggested I open a soto stall, hehe. But then again, they were all starving when dinner was served. :p

Our Sunday morning started with Mr Sunshine buying us Nasi Kerabu for breakfast. After that, we took our own sweet time to get ready for our trip to Kenyir Lake. We didn’t go on any boat rides this time around, we decided to just enjoy the scenery and snap photos. 🙂
We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon at home where I taught the girls how to make the infamous batik cake with Marie biscuits.

If you’re wondering why they were laughing, it was because Daddy was trying to suck in his tummy. Hehe.

Marc helped too !

Just in case anyone didn’t know how the batik cake looked like.

Mr Sunshine was kind enough to lend a hand in the kitchen when I was preparing dinner that evening. The soles of my heels hurts when I stand for too long (thanks to the huge amount of weight I have gained), so he actually brought in a chair for me to sit while I cook. Hehe.

Awww ! Hehe.

On Monday morning after a breakfast of home cooked fried rice and mihun, we drove to Pasar Payang where we went on a hunt for fish keropok.

Can you feel their excitement ? Ok let me rephrase that, can you feel Linn’s excitement ? Hehehe.

We drove to Kelulut with hopes of enjoying fried keropok lekor and fresh coconut water for tea after a stop at the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque a.k.a the Floating Mosque (Masjid Terapung), but much to my disappointment, they were only catering for takeaway that day. So we adjourned to Kampung Losong for some keropok lekor.

It was obvious that Marc was starving. :p

Pandak Beach was our next stop, which is where we chose to relax & enjoy our A&W Rootbeer Floats. Daddy deserves a treat once in awhile. 🙂

Daddy walked a couple of meters away from us just to stand and enjoy his float. :p

Love !

And our final destination for the day was Payang Serai Restaurant in KT, where Marc & Linn treated us to a scrumptious seafood dinner in conjunction with my birthday last week. 😀

The food was delicious and the price was pretty reasonable. Thank you so much Marc & Linn !!

Time sure flies when you’re having a good time, and before we knew it, it was already Tuesday and they had to leave for Gombak. I woke up pretty early as I had my monthly antenatal checkup scheduled that morning during which I had to drink 75 grams of glucose but more on that later lah.
I was so touched to see this when I got back home from my checkup.


We said our goodbyes after having lunch at KFC, Kuala Berang.
As usual, I just had to cry after that. :p
It was great having the family over. We had a fabulous time although Manchester United lost to Arsenal (arghhh !). Hehe.

One for the road. 🙂

Moving on to what happened at my antenatal checkup last Tuesday morning. It was also the day I had to take the MOGTT test as mentioned in this previous post of mine (click, please).
It started out with the nurse drawing out 2 mls of my blood prior to me drinking 75 grams of glucose mixed with water. Then I had to wait for 2 whole hours before they would draw another 2 mls of blood out of me. As for other usual glucose tests, I had to fast starting from 10 pm the previous night.
While waiting, I went through the routine monthly checkup which consists of checking my weight, blood pressure, fundal height and urine for ketones. This time around I got to hear my baby’s heart beat through something which I think is a doppler. It was amazing ! MashaAllah. 🙂

The other amazing thing is that I found out that I had gained a good 5 kilograms over the past month. 5 KILOS !!!
As a result, the doctor told me to get my blood pressure checked every other day (starting today) since I already had the MOGTT test done. Yikes. Blood pressure was normal today, Alhamdulillah.
I’m pretty worried about my weight gain pattern, I don’t want to end up with gestational diabetes or any other complications related to excessive weight gain in pregnancy. 🙁
Mintak dijauhkan. Ameen.

All the other test results came out normal, Alhamdulillah, but I’ll only get my MOGTT results after 2 weeks. I think I’ll be living in fear until then. 🙁
Oh, I also received my first dose of the anti tetanus toxoid vaccine that day. My left arm is still sore from the injection. The second dose will be at the end of this month, InshaAllah.

Baby’s movements are getting stronger by the day. Alhamdulillah. Sometimes I wonder what he/she is doing in there. Hehe.
Mr. Sunshine is able to feel the kicks and movements from the outside already, Alhamdulillah. Lene felt some movements too ! 🙂

Now for a closer photo of my belly at 24 weeks (6 months) and 10 kilos heavier !

Ta-da ! Huge kan ? And my Daddy’s so comel. ;D

Before I end, I have a note for my family in reply to what they left on my whiteboard.

Dearest Daddy, Marc, Marlene & Linn, 

Thank you so much for driving all the way here to pay Mr Sunshine and I a visit. We truly appreciate the company and good times you spent with us ! Please do come again. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeaaasssssee ! 😀

Syafiq & Melissa

Until my next post, bye !


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of hospital admissions.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already !
Alhamdulillah, Daddy was discharged from Selayang Hospital last Wednesday. From what Marc and Marlene told me and from Daddy’s voice through the phone, he’s looking/sounding much better. Alhamdulillah.
Poor Daddy, he had to spend a week in the hospital ! He had a hard time accepting the fact that he was down with pneumonia. 🙁
Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who attended to Daddy and thank you to all relatives and friends who took time to come and visit him. 🙂
Much love to Marc and Marlene for taking turns to accompany Daddy throughout his nights in the hospital. &hearts:
Marlene was there on most nights, and Marc and I slept over for one night each only as we had work commitments.

This was taken last Saturday. Poor Daddy. 🙁

On that very same Wednesday on which Daddy was discharged, I was referred and admitted to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu for a persistent lower abdominal pain I have been having for the past three weeks or so. The doctors in my hospital referred me to HSNZ because they found something abnormal on the ultrasound image they carried out on me. At that moment, I was already crying because I was terrified of what I might find out.
I was fortunate to get a comfortable room in the first class ward, and Mr Sunshine spent the night with me. 🙂

Me in my oversized hospital clothes.

Mr Sunshine getting real comfy on the couch in my room.

I had to go through a pelvic exam, using a speculum (very uncomfortable !) and a bimanual one. They told me my cervix was normal, Alhamdulillah. Then I had to go through a transvaginal scan, which is how they detected that I had a 2.7cm x 2.7 cm cyst in my right ovary. :'(
I was discharged yesterday because I did not complain of any pain. Well actually, I was in slight pain but I did not let the doctors/nurses know because I did not want to spend another night there !
I have an appointment with the O & G clinic in a month’s time, to see whether the cyst is getting bigger and whether it’s benign or malignant. I hope everything goes well, Ameen.

I need to learn to not get worked up over things so easily. Not healthy, not healthy !

Since I am told to get lots of rest, Mr Sunshine has disallowed me from doing ANYTHING. No house chores at all ! He did the laundry, he went out to buy food for us, and he’s currently cleaning up the house.
I definitely have THE BEST husband in the whole wide world ! Alhamdulillah. ;D

December has been pretty rough for the whole family. 🙁
I’m hoping the new year will be better. Ameen.

Happy Christmas and happy holidays to all ! ;D


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of sacrifices.

I have to work tomorrow but I am still awake, forcing myself to blog about how my Raya Haji/Korban went.
When we talk about Raya Korban, the thought about slaughtering an animal to commemorate and remember Prophet Ibrahim’s trials comes to mind. It is also sometimes associated with making sacrifices in our lives, either big or small.
I have to say that this year’s Eid-ul-Adha saw me making a big sacrifice which was agreeing to spend only ONE night in Gombak. 🙁
These past few days were kinda bumpy for both Mr Sunshine and I.
We left Kuala Berang at about 0620 hours on Tuesday morning, hoping to reach Gombak by lunch time. About 15 minutes into our drive, our car hit a hole and two of our left tyres were punctured ! We initially thought we lost only the front tyre, but while replacing it Mr Sunshine realized that the rear one was losing air too !

Sweater’s on.

Sweater’s off.

Poor Mr Sunshine. 🙁

So we drove very, very, very slowly with our hazard lights on, looking for a tyre shop. Luckily enough there was one about half an hour from where we hit the hole. Alhamdulillah. But it opened at 0900 hours, and it was only 0730 hours. We decided to have breakfast at a stall nearby and wait for the shop to open.
Mr Sunshine had to fork out almost RM500 for both tyres. We’re fortunate he had extra cash on him, but the cash was actually meant for paying Mak for the kerepek orders we had asked her to help get.
The sport rims were also dented, so we knew we were gonna have to fork out more money to get them fixed.
Dugaan betul. :'(

Oh well, enough of all the sad news, I was really happy to get to be back in Gombak even it was only for a night.
Mr Sunshine drove Daddy, Lene and I to Empire Shopping Gallery Subang where I treated them to dinner at Serai Empire. 🙂
We chose to go there as Marc’s office was just around the corner so he would not have any trouble joining us after work. Dinner was good. Mr Sunshine, Marc and I ordered the Serai Platter, Lene had the Nasi Kerabu and Daddy had the Middle Eastern Medley. To top all of that, we shared a Berry Pavlova ! Oh nyums !

The guys engaging in a serious conversation about, hm, cars.

Daddy, Lene and I. 🙂

The Serai Platter. 

The Nasi Kerabu. 

The Middle Eastern Medley. The lamb shank was so delicious !

This is Daddy trying to take a bit from the Berry Pavlova before I got to take a photo of it. Lene and I screamed, “Noooo !” Hahaha.

If we didn’t scream, I would not have gotten to show you this. *drools*

My brother, fresh from his first day as a Marketing Executive ! 😉

On the morning of Eid, after Mr Sunshine repaired his rims (and was more than RM100 poorer), he drove us to Shah Alam for lunch.


Daddy had his hands full entertaining his grandkids.

Daddy had his hands REALLY full entertaining his grandkids. Hehe.
The ever adorable Alya. 🙂

We left for Batu Pahat after dinner at around 2030 hours that same day and reached just before midnight. All of Mr Sunshine’s siblings were around this time. 🙂
Since yesterday and today were not holidays in Johor, my parents in-law had to work, so we had less time to spend with them. 🙁

One big happy family, at dinner. 🙂

And today we’re back here in Kuala Berang.
Although I wish I had more time to spend in our hometowns, but I have work commitments, and I shouldn’t be complaining because this is my rezeki. 🙂

My eyes are tearing and my back hurts, my body is sending me signals to tell me that it’s exhausted.
Goodnight everyone ! 😉

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a terengganu getaway.

Annisa spent the Deepavali weekend here in Terengganu. It was something that we had planned since June, but due to work and our conflicting schedules, she was only able to make a trip here this month.
I have Mr Sunshine to thank for giving me permission to stay and spend time with her while she was around. 🙂
I drove to pick her up from the airport on Thursday night and it was my first time driving there on my own from where I stay. I was obviously excited about seeing her but I was also very nervous about driving her around since I am not really familiar with the roads in KT.
I am so used to being driven around KT. Hehe.
I was also worried about the weather as the monsoon season had just started.

But it did not turn out that bad, as a matter of fact I think I did a pretty good job being a tour guide. Hehe.
We checked in at Primula Parkroyal Beach Resort, Batu Burok. After checking in and freshening up, we headed to A&W Batu Burok to have waffles. It suddenly started raining heavily. And I will never forget what happened after that. We were sitting opposite each other, we had already finished eating and were talking when I noticed water flowing towards us. Ann saw the look on my face, turned her head back and looked at me.”BANJIR !
Ok, so actually the first thought that came to my head was TSUNAMI ! since we were by the beach and faces of my loved ones started flashing in front of me one by one. Haha talk about overreacting !
I freaked out, and we jumped off our seats. The staff there were pretty relaxed about the whole thing, even when we saw a little snake in the flowing water, the manager just stepped on it to kill it ! That must be something they go through on a regular basis ?
We ran out of the place, the water outside was up until our calves ! Ann was calm enough to drive us back to hotel and luckily enough we managed to find a parking spot which was not in the basement level. Alhamdulillah, we were back safe in our hotel room, on higher ground. 🙂

The beautiful Sultan Mahmud Airport. 🙂

On Friday morning after a hearty breakfast, I drove us to Mesra Mall, Kerteh which was about two hours away from KT. We had initially planned to watch a movie but decided it would be a waste of time (we wanted to talk more rather than sit in a cinema for a couple of hours). So, we just walked and lazed around the mall.
We spent most of our time in Starbucks exchanging updates on our lives.

The view as soon as we step out of our hotel floor lift.
The view from where we had breakfast.

Sleepy me at breakfast. 

Focus, Melissa, focus.

Mesra Mall !
The lovely Annisa ! 😀

My Starbucks Ad. :p

In the evening, on our way back to KT, it rained again. Allah was so kind to us that day because when we stopped by Teluk Bidara, Dungun, the rain stopped !
Ann’s face was lit up the whole time we were by the beautiful beach. Me, on the other hand was acting like an old grumpy lady, giving her disapproving stares whenever she wanted to go nearer to the water. Haha.
FYI (for those who don’t already know), I absolutely love beaches but I am petrified of the sea especially at this time of the year. And I can’t swim. 🙂

I was not lying when I said I loved beaches.
I would not go near that rock with those huge waves hitting it. 


After an enjoyable time at the beach, we headed to drop by the picturesque Tanjong Jara Resort, Dungun to snap photos and use their ladies room. Hehe. The place was so divine, we were hesitant to leave. We made ourselves at home, really wished we could have spent a night there, but that would burn a gigantic hole through our pockets. Hehe.

The entrance.

We reached KT just after Isya’, we walked around Dataran Shahbandar and Bukit Puteri before having a late dinner at the Waterfront.

The night market had just ended when we arrived.

The Tengku Zaharah Mosque a.k.a Masjid Terapung.

A replica of the historical Batu Bersurat.

The following morning, we skipped the hotel’s buffet breakfast and stayed in our room to talk and listen to oldies on Ann’s notebook. We checked out just before 1100 hours and headed straight to a shoe shop to find myself a comfortable pair of sandals as the ones I brought were a pain in my huge a***. I got myself a pair of comfy and pretty Fuschia coloured Scholl sandals ! Then we had brunch at Pizza Hut and gave the delicious Extreme Cheesy Pizza a try.
We walked around Chinatown and Pulau Warisan where they were having a fishing contest. We were annoyed at the men who were staring at us as though they’ve just seen ghosts and making weird sounds while they were at it to attract our attention. Ergh.
The people here stare. A lot. 

Chinatown !

How pretty is this building ?

Notice the dark clouds above ?

Ann having a blast !

Me feeling rather unstable on this thing. Please take note of my pretty fuschia sandals. Haha.

Well, we got over that and I drove us to Taman Tamadun Islam, then Masjid Kristal and then State Museum.

 Yes, my a*** is that huge, thanks. 🙂

 Ann with her Taman Tamadun Islam passport. 

The Crystal Mosque.

There was an exhibition on venomous animals at the museum but it was nothing fantastic.

Terengganu state museum. 

Ann loves snakes !

We made a stop at Losong for some keropok lekor.

I drove us back to Kuala Berang to pick Mr Sunshine up so that I won’t have to drive home alone at night after dropping off Annisa at the airport.
The three of us then headed to Riyaz Heritage Resort, Marina and Spa, Pulau Duyong for dinner at The Verandah. That was the third time Mr Sunshine and I dined there, but we never actually got beautiful shots like these:

Cantik takkkk ?

My chaperon for the night. Hehe.

After two days of being excited tourists, we sent Ann off at about 2100 hours that night. 🙁
All in all we had a superb time ! It was a much needed break for Ann and myself. Alhamdulillah.

All photos credits to Annisa’s super camera. 🙂

But that’s not it, I have more great news to share !
Marc will start working at Sime Darby Foods effective November 16 ! Alhamdulillah. 🙂
I know I will be sounding like a broken record but I am super proud of him !!! 😀

Ok, I’ve gotta get ready for bed. Gotta work tomorrow.
Enjoy your Sunday, people !


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birthday gift dilemma.

I finally received payment for the claims I made in August. Alhamdulillah.
I have promised myself that I will use some of that money to pay my income zakat (alms) for this year.

October will be ending in a little more than a week’s time.
And November happens to be a super special month because three VVIM (very, very important men) in my life were born in November !
Daddy and Mr Sunshine share the same birth date on November 1st (but arwah Atok registered Daddy’s birth a day after), and Marc’s birthday is on November 26 !

After what Mr Sunshine did for me for my birthday (you can check it out here and here), he definitely set the bar pretty high for me.
Frankly, I don’t think I can ever top what he did, knowing that I suck when it comes to surprises or getting gifts for people. :'(
I already got him one of the few gifts I am planning to get, but I have a feeling he already knows what it is and he will just pretend to act surprised when he gets it. Hehe. Kan awak, kan kan kan ?
But at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and it’s not a competition of who gets who the best gift right ?
Ok, I am obviously consoling myself here.

One of my besties, Annisa is planning to make a trip here early next month and I am so excited. Although she won’t be staying over at my place but the thought of having someone I’m close to near to me for a weekend is just nice. She also happens to be a November baby ! ;D

Note to self: Don’t touch eyes after slicing cili padi.


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I dislike the feeling I have when I wake up after having a weird dream, especially when it involves people who are no longer in my life (either dead or alive).

Last night was weird.

My lappie has developed a habit of turning itself off without warning, and now I can’t seem to use my wireless connection function. I’m back to using the good old cable to go online.
My lappie has gone weird on me.

Word of the day: Weird.

Marc is done wit his Management Trainee stint at Sime Darby. But so far there is no news of him or the others being absorbed, so we’ll just have to pray, wait and see. I really hope he gets it. InshaAllah.

I am quite pleased with myself for actually following through with my vow to start making up my fasts as early as I can. So far I have managed to make up for 11 days which leaves me with another 5 more.
If all goes well, after today, I’d be left with 4 days !

I’m having this weird pain at my body’s right lower quadrant. Hmm.

I am totally aware that this is a weird and boring post.


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my blissful eid.

Hi everyone. How was your Monday ?
I succeeded in fasting today, despite all the temptations at work.
1 day down, 15 days to go. Yea, FIFTEEN ! 🙂

I hope all of you are still enjoying Syawal. 🙂

Syawal 1431 Hijrah marks the first year Mr Sunshine and I are celebrating Eid together as husband and wife. Alhamdulillah. 🙂
Even though I had to work on the first day of Eid, but having almost the whole of the following week off, I can’t (and won’t) complain. 🙂

I shall continue to bore you with the happenings surrounding my Eid.

My 1st day of Syawal

Instead of making ketupat or lemang or rendang, I gave making soto a try. Spent about three hours in the kitchen on the eve of Eid. Hehe.
And soto was what we had on the first day of Syawal.

Mr Sunshine enjoying my home made soto !

After Mr Sunshine came back from Eid prayers, we had an emotional moment (hehe) when we took turns to salam each other and ask for forgiveness.
Without wasting any time and any more tears, we snapped some photos before I had to leave for work.

 The love of my life. 🙂

Mr Sunshine was such a sweetheart as he came to the pharmacy to see if I needed a hand. He helped dispensed medications to a few patients. 🙂
As soon as I was done with work, we rushed back home to change and then we were on our way back to Batu Pahat. For the first time in my life I could really enjoy and relate to Sudirman’s Balik Kampung song !

We arrived at my in-laws just after Maghrib. By then all the usual eve-and-morning-of-Eid excitement had fizzled and there were only two families of relatives left but getting to savour a plate of delicious ketupat, spicy rendang, delectable lodeh gravy and tasty peanut gravy was wonderful enough. 😀

 Oh yummy !

My 2nd day of Syawal

Following breakfast consisting of all the food pictured above, all of us (Mr Sunshine, my in-laws and I) started our beraya journey to Muar !
From Mr Sunshine’s paternal grandfather & grandmother’s grave to a string of aunts and uncles’ homes. All I had to do was salam people and eat and drink and eat and drink from day to night.

 Took a family photo before we left.
 Raya cookies !

Photo stolen from Mr Sunshine’s cousin, Ain’s camera. She’s the one in orange. 🙂

It was a pity one of Mr Sunshine’s two sisters, Liyana, or more affectionately called Angah, was not able to join us throughout our whole trip. She had to go back to KL on the first day of Eid as she had work. 🙁

3rd day of Syawal

Our beraya excursion continues ! This time to Kota Tinggi and Johor Bahru. Despite the hours of jam we had to endure from Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru. I had a great time visiting Mr Sunshine’s cousins and maternal grandfather. 🙂
My dad in-law even treated all of us to a short ferry ride at Danga Bay !

With the ever so lovable, Syahieda. 🙂
 Awesome Mak. 🙂

4th day of Syawal

Mr Sunshine took me to the home of the pharmacist he used to work for during his retail attachment.
We squeezed in some time to run some errands for mum in-law, then he brought me to Dataran Batu Pahat to snap some photos until evening.

 The beautiful pink hijab was a gift from Diana. 🙂

I was so wrong when I thought the beraya session for the day has ended for.
After Isya’, the whole family joined a few other families to go to a few houses in the neighbourhood. My in-laws’ place happened to be the last house everyone went to, and by that time it was already past 2300 hours ! I had to excuse myself from the living room because I was yawning every few seconds. Hehe.

A sweet fact about the whole thing was, knowing that I do not drink tea/coffee/Milo etc, mum in-law requested plain water for me in every house we went to !
At the first few houses, I was really touched but as it went on, although I was still touched by her gesture, but I was getting a bit embarrassed and worried about what the host would think of me. Spoiled little daughter in-law ! Haha.
Note: Usually whenever I go to people’s houses where they serve tea, I would take a sip and ask Lene, Marc, Daddy or Mr Sunshine to finish the rest of the cup for me. There are also times when I just don’t take a sip at all, especially when it’s coffee or Milo. And I make sure I always have a bottle of plain water in the car. So this has never been a problem for me all my life.
But being the awesome mum in-law that she is, she just had to go the extra mile for me. :))))

5th day of Syawal

It was time to turn on Sudirman’s Balik Kampung song again, as Mr Sunshine and I drove back to Gombak after breakfast that morning. 🙂

The first house we went to after reaching home was the best friend, Akey’s place. I was beyond excited to see her and her mum and dad that I forgot to snap any photos of us. :'(

Since Angah could not join us during the weekend, we decided to bring Raya to her. Hehe. We picked her up after work and had dinner with her and gave her duit raya. Hehe.

I look so tired in this shot. Angah looks lovely, as usual ! 🙂

6th day of Syawal

Mr Sunshine and I drove to Kajang to pay Diana and Hanan a visit at their new abode. 😀
The place was soo beautiful ! It’s always fun meeting up and chatting with Diana.
I was sad that I was gonna miss their housewarming session the following weekend.

 Friends since we were 12 ! ♥

My Eid would not be complete without meeting up with my Baby Jumbo twin (you would not wanna know how we came up with that nickname), Annisa !

 This was before we were told we were not allowed to take pictures in the cafe. Haha. (Photo credits to Annisa)

While I was with Annisa at Solaris Mont Kiara, Mr Sunshine was meeting up with a friend of his too. 🙂
Annisa drove me home because she insisted that she took me to Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang to check the place out and get myself a box of macaroons.
There was a moment on our way home where our conversations came to a halt when she saw a, “Rainbow !!”. Hahaha.

 Did you think I would go on without putting up the picture of the rainbow ?
Me with my macaroons ! (Photo credits to Annisa)

7th day of Syawal (Malaysia Day)

We woke up kinda early that day, to go visit Mummy. Mr Sunshine took the lead in the short tahlil we had there. 🙂
Sayang, you’re the best.

Then we all got dressed up, and posed for some family photos which were sadly all a bit blurry. 🙁

Lene had a friend’s open house to attend, while the rest of us drove to my cousin, Abang Jai’s place in Sungai Buloh then to Aunt Leha’s place in Shah Alam. Candid shots of the men at Abang Jai’s place.

Due to us being extra busy stuffing ourselves with food, there were no photos snapped in Shah Alam except for these two.

 Daddy Candy. 🙂

We had to part ways with Marc after that because he had a work meeting to attend.
On our way home, we stopped by Amcorp Mall to get my BookXcess membership card and I treated Mr Sunshine and Daddy to A&W’s Rootbeer float. Yummmm !
Even though we only went to a couple of houses, we reached home quite late in the evening, all exhausted !
Did not know (over)eating could be so exhausting.

8th day of Syawal

We decided to take a break from all the food and outings and just rest at home before we leave for Kuala Berang. But after Zohor, I got a minute dose of window shopping and more food at One Utama with Lene and Mr Sunshine. 🙂

 The beautiful sister and I. 🙂

Last minute sugar treats before leaving for Terengganu. *drools* Daddy took a bite from the classic flavoured doughnut on the bottom right before I could take a photo ! And I told him to, “Put it back first, put back, put back, Daddy !” Hehe.

Mr Sunshine and I were back in Kuala Berang just after midnight that day.
And yesterday, we were both back at work. 🙂

I’d have to say that honestly, this is by far the best Eid I have ever had since Mummy left. Alhamdulillah.
I kinda feel bad saying this but when I think about it, I’m sure Mummy would want me to be happy, right ? Of course I would give anything to celebrate Eid with Mummy, but that’s impossible.
I have Allah SWT and Mr Sunshine, my family, in-laws and friends to thank for this blissful bubble that I am in now. Alhamdulillah.
But at the end of the day it all boils down to me, and I should really learn to appreciate the present, instead of dwelling in the past. 
Mummy will ALWAYS be in my heart and prayers. 🙂

I hope your Eid was as good as mine, or better. 🙂

How’s that for what seemed like a never-ending post ? Haha.
Goodnight all.
Have a good week. 🙂


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