Mr Sunshine and I went shopping for baby stuff yesterday after work. Bought a couple more pairs of baby clothes, a baby bathing tub, a bedding set, disposable diapers and a few other necessities.
I was pretty excited and surprisingly energized that there were even times I was the one telling Mr. Sunshine to rest and wait for me while I walked up and down the staircase of the departmental store looking for stuff. But of course he wouldn’t leave me to do all that walking on my own. Hehe.
It’s no surprise that all that energy I had fizzled just after 2 hours of shopping. Hehe.

There are some other things that I am planning to get before giving birth:
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1) A breast pump.

As I intend to breastfeed my baby exclusively, I wanted to get a dual pump. But considering the cost, I have decided to go with a single electric pump, the Medela Swing. The only problem or question that I have with a single pump is, will my other breast leak milk while I am pumping ? If it does, then wouldn’t it be a total waste ? Should I get a cheaper manual pump to pump both sides ? *pening*

The main reasons that I have chosen Medela Swing is because of its 2 Phase Expression Technology, similar to Freestyle which has garnered so much positive reviews. Plus it can operate on batteries too, which I think would come in handy if I happen to be stuck in a jam or whenever there’s a blackout. Hehe.

2) Nursing bras

I’ve only bought one pair of these so I definitely need more.

3) A nursing pillow. 

I consider this a necessity because I am prone to have back pains and sore arms etc etc. Prevention is always better than cure. 😀

I sure hope whatever we have purchased for Mini Mel is enough at least until I finish my confinement period.
Speaking of which, I will be in Batu Pahat after I give birth, InshaAllah. Mum in-law will be taking care of me and baby during my confinement. As much as I want to give birth in KL, near Daddy, Marc and Marlene, it’s best that I deliver my baby as near as possible to my in-laws. Hence, Batu Pahat would be the wisest choice.
I’ve been having my good share of sleepless nights about this. I have never stayed over at my in-laws without Mr. Sunshine and that’s something I’ve gotta prepare myself for because I can’t expect Mr. Sunshine to take a whole month’s leave to stay with me. He obviously has to go back to work.
Now don’t take this the wrong way, my in-laws are great, but being away from Mr Sunshine (and Daddy, Marc & Lene) while I deal with postpartum pain, and the pressures of adjusting to being a new mum is something I am not sure I am capable enough to deal with. 🙁

I know it’s all for the best, for both baby and I.
I hope the one week leave before my EDD will be approved.
I hope I get to go back in time to deliver my baby in Batu Pahat.

But at the end of the day, we can only plan. InshaAllah.


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