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Sayf Khaleel – 8 Months Progress Report & Raya Updates

Assalamu’alaikum. Hellloouuu !
Selamat Hari Rayaaaaa !
I know am 2 weeks overdue but hey better late than never, huh ? Hee.

I hope your Ramadhan & Syawal has been splendid. 🙂
I was really nervous about fasting this year as I was still exclusively breastfeeding Khaleel. I was worried about my milk supply dipping and I did not know whether I could be able to go without eating during the day. But, Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s permission I managed to fast & breastfeed Khaleel throughout Ramadhan.
Before I knew it, we were already nearing Syawal !

First things first, Raya updates. 🙂

This year Khaleel celebrated his first Syawal, our first as a family of four, Alhamdulillah.
We were in Batu Pahat on the first day of Raya, and Mr. Sunshine’s family chose peach as our theme colour this year. 🙂

Raya Updates
With my in-laws. 🙂

Mak (my MIL) decided to scratch rendang out of the Raya menu this year, so we had ayam ungkep (a Javanese dish), beef satay etc. As usual, after Raya prayers, we asked for forgiveness from everyone, and started to go beraya to a few of Mr. Sunshine’s uncles & aunts houses.

On the second day of Raya, we drove back to Gombak. My mission was to look for rendang ! Hehe.
Found my rendang at Aunty Maziey’s ! We managed to beraya at Akey’s house and a couple of my relatives houses as well. 🙂

Raya Updates 2
One with cousins at Aunty Maziey’s. 🙂
Raya updates
Another one with my uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews & nieces at Abang Jai’s. 🙂

Well, enough on Raya updates, I shall move on to share about Khaleel’s update for the past 5 months.
Whoa, I haven’t blogged for 5  months ! Hahaha.
I feel so bad because I used to blog on Khayla’s updates pretty frequently when she was a baby. 🙁

Anyway, here goes..

4 months progress

Khaleel started to roll over both directions. The first thing he would do when he woke up was roll over, so we would always put pillows around him as barriers. He could grasp toys or things pretty well.
Had his first episode of diarrhea for about 5 days, and then started developing rashes all over his body. Brought him to a paediatrician which confirmed it was viral exanthem.

Sayf Khaleel 8 months update

Sayf Khaleel 8 months update 3

5 months progress

He recognizes when we call his name. He slowly started to crawl at 5.5 months. Had his first swim in a pool at Port Dickson. Hehe. He adores his sister, and gets easily amused by almost anything Khayla does. Hehe.

avillion port dickson
Khayla & Khaleel having a swim ! Hehe.

6 months progress

Started on solids at 6.5 months, has been eating quite well everyday. He started to be able to sit down without support.

7 months progress

He successfully learned how to get into a sitting position by pushing up from his stomach. He jabbers a lot. Hehe. His favourite thing to do is stand while holding on to something, and he started being able to pull himself up from sitting to standing.

Sayf Khaleel 8 months update 2
Khaleel trying to give me a heart attack by showing off that he can stand with only one hand supported. -_____-

8 months progress

Expresses his feelings by screaming, no actual words yet, still jabbers a lot. Starting to get very attached to me, sometimes to the extent of not wanting to go to his Ayah.
Alhamdulillah, so far he is still fully breastfed while on solids. I reallllyyy pray and hope I can breastfeed him until at least 1 year. Ameen !

I have been sending him to a babysitter for 5 months now and Alhamdulillah, so far so good. May Allah protect him at all times. May Allah make it easy for the babysitter to take care of him. Ameen ameen.

I hope I have covered all his milestones, until my next post, bye ! 🙂


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of dian khayla turning two & our 2013 eid celebrations

Well, hello there everyone ! 
Assamu’alaikum !
Selamat Hari Raya ! Still valid lah I guess since today is the last day of Syawal, teehee. 🙂

This is going to be a looooong post so bear with me ok ? 🙂

On the 13th of August, 2 years ago, after 21 hours of labour (yes, you can click here to relive my birthing experience, hee), this precious gem was born ! 

Happy 2nd Birthday my Beautiful Light !

Thank you Allah. 🙂 

Dearest DK, Mummy loves you so so so so much & I cannot imagine life without you and your incessant chatter.
I pray that you grow up to be bright and the best in this world & the hereafter. May you be blessed with all the pretty, happy & wonderful things you deserve. Aameen.

Loadsa love, hugs & sloppy kisses from your Mummy ! :’)

Mr. Sunshine and I planned a birthday celebration for Khayla at Burger King, Extreme Park, Shah Alam on the August 25th. We invited family, some relatives friends who lived nearby. 
I ordered a Barney themed birthday cake & Mr. Sunshine hired ‘Barney’ to entertain the kids.

The Barney we hired turned out to be skinny and looked pretty different (haha) from the real Barney, so Khayla wasn’t really pleased. In fact, she was terrified ! Haha.

The birthday cake from Jasmeen Home Delights


Cake cutting session. 🙂
Told ya she was terrified of this version of Barney. Poor baby ! Hehe.
I even had to distract her with a toy to take a picture with Barney.
Us, sans Fahim who was asleep. Hehe. I look so tired !

Arina & pretty Ayra !

With my BFF Annisa and Lene.

The in-laws 🙂

The extended family ! 🙂

The friends ! 🙂

Mak & Abah who came all the way from Batu Pahat. :’)

 Disclaimer: No carbonated drinks were served at the party. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, the party went smoothly. Khayla would like to thank everyone for their presence & presents ! 🙂

Now moving on to our Raya celebrations this year, as I mentioned in my previous post, we spent Raya eve and the first two days of Syawal in Gombak this year.
Daddy bought beef rendang from Aunty Leha and I made some peanut sauce, chicken curry (as per Mr Sunshine’s request) & boiled some nasi himpit. 🙂

I had a makeup malfunction on the first day of Syawal. I realized I bought the wrong eyeliner because this one made me look like I have black eyes. Blergh. And because I didn’t bring my makeup remover, I had to deal with fugly eyes the whole day !

Selamat Hari Raya ya’ll ! 🙂

We went to arwah Mummy’s close friend, Aunty Zainah’s place in the morning. When I was small, I used to think that this was our kampung. Yes, that’s how long we’ve known Aunty Zainah ! :”)

Sunshine ! 🙂

Seth Fahim wore a baju melayu along with a sampin, super cute tau !

The future dentist and I.

The only photo we took at Aunty Leha’s place was of Khayla and her cousins, hehe.

At Aunty Maziey’s. Just like the good old days. 🙂

With Sal on the second day of Syawal before leaving for Batu Pahat. 🙂

Beraya in Batu Pahat in purple. 🙂

With the in-laws. 🙂
This was on the 5th of Syawal before going to Akey’s house. 🙂

My bestie of 15 years with her daughter Qaireen Alisha. 🙂
Last stop the day before I go back to work – Mak Andak’s. 🙂

There’s gonna be a huge change in our lives, soon InshaAllah. No, Khayla is not getting a sibling, YET. I’ll blog about it soon.  Ok ok, I’LL TRY to blog about it soon. Don’t be mad if I blog about it 6 months after it happens, haha.

I hope all of you had a splendid Raya ! 🙂


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my 1433H eid.

Hello ya’ll !
I hope it’s not too late to wish all my Muslim brothers & sisters SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI !

Last Monday marked 6 years since arwah Mummy left us and the day before (Sunday) would have been her 62nd birthday if she was still around. I’m still in a bit of a sombre mood, but I’m trying my best to not let it affect me too much. Gotta concentrate on work. I can’t believe it has been 6 years already. It still feels like it was just yesterday. :'(


August is a bittersweet month for me. *nangis*

Gotta. Focus.
Gotta. Focus.

How has your Raya (I somehow prefer addressing Raya as Raya instead of Eid) been so far ? I was on leave for the whole of last week. Not because I wanted to beraya but because my workplace was closed for the whole week and so was Khayla’s nursery. Soooo, I had no choice but to take leave. But I think I’ve managed to put all the spare time to good use.

As I’ve blabbered in my previous post, we spent Raya eve and the first two days of Syawal in Batu Pahat. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’d have to be honest that I felt awful on Raya eve when everyone was busy preparing dishes for Raya. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and cry. It wasn’t just about being in Batu Pahat, it’s just the same emotions I go through every year before (and during Raya) and I guess it was exarcebated by the fact that I wasn’t in Gombak.

Alhamdulillah Mr. Sunshine was always there for me, he thanked me for agreeing to be in his hometown, and constantly had words of comfort for me throughout the eve of Raya. Things got a little better on the 1st day of Syawal, I managed to contain my tears whole day, even during the bersalam-salaman and the whole visiting relatives sessions. What an achievement, Alhamdulillah.
So yeah, it wasn’t that bad.

Green was our theme in Batu Pahat. Mr. Sunshine and I reused our outfits which we wore for Marc & Linn’s wedding. 🙂

My beautiful sisters in-law.
I’m so fortunate that I can joke around with them and talk to them as if they’re my own blood. 🙂

My man. 🙂

Awesome mum in-law. 🙂
Mr. Sunshine’s extended family ! 🙂

We were back in Gombak on the 2nd day of Syawal. We went visiting the next day. We intend to continue visiting friends/relatives this weekend. InshaAllah. Mr. Sunshine, Khayla and I were all supposed to be in purple, but the tailor didn’t managed to finish sewing Khayla and my baju kurungs. What a disappointment ! 🙁

Family shot on the 3rd day of Syawal.

I love this shot of us !

Last Thursday, Mr. Sunshine took Khayla and I on a 3 days 2 nights vacation to Penang. Traffic was heavy along the way but there was no jam. All we did in Penang was eat, eat, and EAT.
I didn’t gain any weight throughout the first 4 days of Syawal, but I managed to gain a kilo after being in Penang for 3 days !

Yummy Penang Food.

MORE yummy Penang food.

Khayla had her first trip to the beach at Batu Feringghi, and she didn’t like it that much. She was in tears every time the waves hit her legs. Hehe. Driving down Batu Feringghi brought back a lot of memories of when I was there with Daddy, arwah Mummy & my siblings.

At Batu Feringghi beach.

We also took her on a ferry ride on which she was pretty cool and calm, pointing at the sea water, unlike her Mummy who was terrified and couldn’t wait to get back into the car. Yes, I am still terrifed of deep water.

Khayla and Ayah on the ferry.

Mummy explaining to Khayla why Mummy is afraid of the sea. Haha.

Khayla was also pretty cool on the train ride up and down Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera). We got on the front coach and we let her stand by the front window. 🙂

The view from Penang Hill. 🙂

Khayla was a bit cranky throughout the whole Penang trip. I guess she was fatigued, because everytime we were in the car she would hug me and fall asleep. Poor baby.

Yesterday morning I think I heard Khayla call out, “Mi, mi !” but I am still not too sure whether she means Mummy. Hehe.

That’s all for now. Hope all of you had an awesome Raya.
Bye !


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confinement blues.

Day 22 of confinement.
I am halfway through ! Alhamdulillah.
Mr. Sunshine is back in Kuala Berang as he starts work tomorrow, so it’s me and Khayla at my in-laws.
I have got to admit that I’m not coping so well emotionally.
I think it’s partly due to the lack of sleep which every new parent is bound to experience with a newborn.
I have been so accustomed to getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night before this, so adapting to 1 to 2 hours of sleep is tough !
Khayla is not the only baby in this house, because I have also had my share of crying spells. Sometimes I just break down for no obvious reason. Exhaustion maybe ?
It’s painful not to have Mr Sunshine by my side because he is the one who has been my rock, comforting and consoling me without fail, rubs my back when I am nursing Khayla in the middle of the night, hugs me the minute he sees tears in my eyes and of course he is my partner in putting Khayla to sleep. :'(
Mr. Sunshine, if you’re reading this, I miss you and I need you. *nangis*

I know I should be grateful to have my in-laws here taking care of me and trust me, I am ! But I am sure wives out there would understand how it is like being away from your husbands. Especially in times like these.

I hope I don’t end up with post-partum depression.

22 days old Dian Khayla is doing good, Alhamdulillah.
She feeds, poops, pees, cries and sleeps every day. Hehe.

This year is my first year celebrating Eid as a mother, Alhamdulillah. I had to borrow my sister in-law’s baju kurung this year as I foolishly didn’t get one for myself (and Mr. Sunshine) and also because I can’t fit into the one I brought from Kuala Berang.
Daddy, Marc, Lene and Linn came over on the third day of Eid and spent half a day here. 🙂
Here are a few of my Eid snapshots.

Khayla with Atuk ! 😉

Khayla with her Uncle and Aunts. 🙂

My awesome in-laws. 🙂

My everything. 🙂

I pray for the strength to get through the days ahead. Ameen.
I need to stay strong for Khayla.






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of sacrifices.

I have to work tomorrow but I am still awake, forcing myself to blog about how my Raya Haji/Korban went.
When we talk about Raya Korban, the thought about slaughtering an animal to commemorate and remember Prophet Ibrahim’s trials comes to mind. It is also sometimes associated with making sacrifices in our lives, either big or small.
I have to say that this year’s Eid-ul-Adha saw me making a big sacrifice which was agreeing to spend only ONE night in Gombak. 🙁
These past few days were kinda bumpy for both Mr Sunshine and I.
We left Kuala Berang at about 0620 hours on Tuesday morning, hoping to reach Gombak by lunch time. About 15 minutes into our drive, our car hit a hole and two of our left tyres were punctured ! We initially thought we lost only the front tyre, but while replacing it Mr Sunshine realized that the rear one was losing air too !

Sweater’s on.

Sweater’s off.

Poor Mr Sunshine. 🙁

So we drove very, very, very slowly with our hazard lights on, looking for a tyre shop. Luckily enough there was one about half an hour from where we hit the hole. Alhamdulillah. But it opened at 0900 hours, and it was only 0730 hours. We decided to have breakfast at a stall nearby and wait for the shop to open.
Mr Sunshine had to fork out almost RM500 for both tyres. We’re fortunate he had extra cash on him, but the cash was actually meant for paying Mak for the kerepek orders we had asked her to help get.
The sport rims were also dented, so we knew we were gonna have to fork out more money to get them fixed.
Dugaan betul. :'(

Oh well, enough of all the sad news, I was really happy to get to be back in Gombak even it was only for a night.
Mr Sunshine drove Daddy, Lene and I to Empire Shopping Gallery Subang where I treated them to dinner at Serai Empire. 🙂
We chose to go there as Marc’s office was just around the corner so he would not have any trouble joining us after work. Dinner was good. Mr Sunshine, Marc and I ordered the Serai Platter, Lene had the Nasi Kerabu and Daddy had the Middle Eastern Medley. To top all of that, we shared a Berry Pavlova ! Oh nyums !

The guys engaging in a serious conversation about, hm, cars.

Daddy, Lene and I. 🙂

The Serai Platter. 

The Nasi Kerabu. 

The Middle Eastern Medley. The lamb shank was so delicious !

This is Daddy trying to take a bit from the Berry Pavlova before I got to take a photo of it. Lene and I screamed, “Noooo !” Hahaha.

If we didn’t scream, I would not have gotten to show you this. *drools*

My brother, fresh from his first day as a Marketing Executive ! 😉

On the morning of Eid, after Mr Sunshine repaired his rims (and was more than RM100 poorer), he drove us to Shah Alam for lunch.


Daddy had his hands full entertaining his grandkids.

Daddy had his hands REALLY full entertaining his grandkids. Hehe.
The ever adorable Alya. 🙂

We left for Batu Pahat after dinner at around 2030 hours that same day and reached just before midnight. All of Mr Sunshine’s siblings were around this time. 🙂
Since yesterday and today were not holidays in Johor, my parents in-law had to work, so we had less time to spend with them. 🙁

One big happy family, at dinner. 🙂

And today we’re back here in Kuala Berang.
Although I wish I had more time to spend in our hometowns, but I have work commitments, and I shouldn’t be complaining because this is my rezeki. 🙂

My eyes are tearing and my back hurts, my body is sending me signals to tell me that it’s exhausted.
Goodnight everyone ! 😉

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my blissful eid.

Hi everyone. How was your Monday ?
I succeeded in fasting today, despite all the temptations at work.
1 day down, 15 days to go. Yea, FIFTEEN ! 🙂

I hope all of you are still enjoying Syawal. 🙂

Syawal 1431 Hijrah marks the first year Mr Sunshine and I are celebrating Eid together as husband and wife. Alhamdulillah. 🙂
Even though I had to work on the first day of Eid, but having almost the whole of the following week off, I can’t (and won’t) complain. 🙂

I shall continue to bore you with the happenings surrounding my Eid.

My 1st day of Syawal

Instead of making ketupat or lemang or rendang, I gave making soto a try. Spent about three hours in the kitchen on the eve of Eid. Hehe.
And soto was what we had on the first day of Syawal.

Mr Sunshine enjoying my home made soto !

After Mr Sunshine came back from Eid prayers, we had an emotional moment (hehe) when we took turns to salam each other and ask for forgiveness.
Without wasting any time and any more tears, we snapped some photos before I had to leave for work.

 The love of my life. 🙂

Mr Sunshine was such a sweetheart as he came to the pharmacy to see if I needed a hand. He helped dispensed medications to a few patients. 🙂
As soon as I was done with work, we rushed back home to change and then we were on our way back to Batu Pahat. For the first time in my life I could really enjoy and relate to Sudirman’s Balik Kampung song !

We arrived at my in-laws just after Maghrib. By then all the usual eve-and-morning-of-Eid excitement had fizzled and there were only two families of relatives left but getting to savour a plate of delicious ketupat, spicy rendang, delectable lodeh gravy and tasty peanut gravy was wonderful enough. 😀

 Oh yummy !

My 2nd day of Syawal

Following breakfast consisting of all the food pictured above, all of us (Mr Sunshine, my in-laws and I) started our beraya journey to Muar !
From Mr Sunshine’s paternal grandfather & grandmother’s grave to a string of aunts and uncles’ homes. All I had to do was salam people and eat and drink and eat and drink from day to night.

 Took a family photo before we left.
 Raya cookies !

Photo stolen from Mr Sunshine’s cousin, Ain’s camera. She’s the one in orange. 🙂

It was a pity one of Mr Sunshine’s two sisters, Liyana, or more affectionately called Angah, was not able to join us throughout our whole trip. She had to go back to KL on the first day of Eid as she had work. 🙁

3rd day of Syawal

Our beraya excursion continues ! This time to Kota Tinggi and Johor Bahru. Despite the hours of jam we had to endure from Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru. I had a great time visiting Mr Sunshine’s cousins and maternal grandfather. 🙂
My dad in-law even treated all of us to a short ferry ride at Danga Bay !

With the ever so lovable, Syahieda. 🙂
 Awesome Mak. 🙂

4th day of Syawal

Mr Sunshine took me to the home of the pharmacist he used to work for during his retail attachment.
We squeezed in some time to run some errands for mum in-law, then he brought me to Dataran Batu Pahat to snap some photos until evening.

 The beautiful pink hijab was a gift from Diana. 🙂

I was so wrong when I thought the beraya session for the day has ended for.
After Isya’, the whole family joined a few other families to go to a few houses in the neighbourhood. My in-laws’ place happened to be the last house everyone went to, and by that time it was already past 2300 hours ! I had to excuse myself from the living room because I was yawning every few seconds. Hehe.

A sweet fact about the whole thing was, knowing that I do not drink tea/coffee/Milo etc, mum in-law requested plain water for me in every house we went to !
At the first few houses, I was really touched but as it went on, although I was still touched by her gesture, but I was getting a bit embarrassed and worried about what the host would think of me. Spoiled little daughter in-law ! Haha.
Note: Usually whenever I go to people’s houses where they serve tea, I would take a sip and ask Lene, Marc, Daddy or Mr Sunshine to finish the rest of the cup for me. There are also times when I just don’t take a sip at all, especially when it’s coffee or Milo. And I make sure I always have a bottle of plain water in the car. So this has never been a problem for me all my life.
But being the awesome mum in-law that she is, she just had to go the extra mile for me. :))))

5th day of Syawal

It was time to turn on Sudirman’s Balik Kampung song again, as Mr Sunshine and I drove back to Gombak after breakfast that morning. 🙂

The first house we went to after reaching home was the best friend, Akey’s place. I was beyond excited to see her and her mum and dad that I forgot to snap any photos of us. :'(

Since Angah could not join us during the weekend, we decided to bring Raya to her. Hehe. We picked her up after work and had dinner with her and gave her duit raya. Hehe.

I look so tired in this shot. Angah looks lovely, as usual ! 🙂

6th day of Syawal

Mr Sunshine and I drove to Kajang to pay Diana and Hanan a visit at their new abode. 😀
The place was soo beautiful ! It’s always fun meeting up and chatting with Diana.
I was sad that I was gonna miss their housewarming session the following weekend.

 Friends since we were 12 ! ♥

My Eid would not be complete without meeting up with my Baby Jumbo twin (you would not wanna know how we came up with that nickname), Annisa !

 This was before we were told we were not allowed to take pictures in the cafe. Haha. (Photo credits to Annisa)

While I was with Annisa at Solaris Mont Kiara, Mr Sunshine was meeting up with a friend of his too. 🙂
Annisa drove me home because she insisted that she took me to Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang to check the place out and get myself a box of macaroons.
There was a moment on our way home where our conversations came to a halt when she saw a, “Rainbow !!”. Hahaha.

 Did you think I would go on without putting up the picture of the rainbow ?
Me with my macaroons ! (Photo credits to Annisa)

7th day of Syawal (Malaysia Day)

We woke up kinda early that day, to go visit Mummy. Mr Sunshine took the lead in the short tahlil we had there. 🙂
Sayang, you’re the best.

Then we all got dressed up, and posed for some family photos which were sadly all a bit blurry. 🙁

Lene had a friend’s open house to attend, while the rest of us drove to my cousin, Abang Jai’s place in Sungai Buloh then to Aunt Leha’s place in Shah Alam. Candid shots of the men at Abang Jai’s place.

Due to us being extra busy stuffing ourselves with food, there were no photos snapped in Shah Alam except for these two.

 Daddy Candy. 🙂

We had to part ways with Marc after that because he had a work meeting to attend.
On our way home, we stopped by Amcorp Mall to get my BookXcess membership card and I treated Mr Sunshine and Daddy to A&W’s Rootbeer float. Yummmm !
Even though we only went to a couple of houses, we reached home quite late in the evening, all exhausted !
Did not know (over)eating could be so exhausting.

8th day of Syawal

We decided to take a break from all the food and outings and just rest at home before we leave for Kuala Berang. But after Zohor, I got a minute dose of window shopping and more food at One Utama with Lene and Mr Sunshine. 🙂

 The beautiful sister and I. 🙂

Last minute sugar treats before leaving for Terengganu. *drools* Daddy took a bite from the classic flavoured doughnut on the bottom right before I could take a photo ! And I told him to, “Put it back first, put back, put back, Daddy !” Hehe.

Mr Sunshine and I were back in Kuala Berang just after midnight that day.
And yesterday, we were both back at work. 🙂

I’d have to say that honestly, this is by far the best Eid I have ever had since Mummy left. Alhamdulillah.
I kinda feel bad saying this but when I think about it, I’m sure Mummy would want me to be happy, right ? Of course I would give anything to celebrate Eid with Mummy, but that’s impossible.
I have Allah SWT and Mr Sunshine, my family, in-laws and friends to thank for this blissful bubble that I am in now. Alhamdulillah.
But at the end of the day it all boils down to me, and I should really learn to appreciate the present, instead of dwelling in the past. 
Mummy will ALWAYS be in my heart and prayers. 🙂

I hope your Eid was as good as mine, or better. 🙂

How’s that for what seemed like a never-ending post ? Haha.
Goodnight all.
Have a good week. 🙂


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salam syawal 1431H.

The last day of Ramadhan is about to be over, may it not be the last Ramadhan for all of us.
May Allah SWT accept all of our good deeds, ibadah and forgive all of our sins. Ameen.

Mr Sunshine and I would like to wish all Muslims all over the world a blessed and happy Eid ul-Fitr. ♥

My sincere apologies for all my wrongdoings should there be any.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin ! 

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe people !


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aidilfitri 1430H part 2

OK so I guess I am no superwoman.

I worked the night shift on Friday night, then had a few hours of shut-eye then headed to Aunty Maziey’s place for her usual Raya open house yesterday.
I am currently working, and am feeling fatigued.

Just look at how I was looking like when everyone was happily enjoying the open house.

Half asleep while filling my glass some more.

Ok was not actually half asleep, this was a candid shot and my eyes blinked. 

Despite feeling terribly sleepy, I did not have any trouble going for seconds (and thirds) at the dining table.
While Faiz was talking about his battle to resist food during this Raya season, I was happily gobbling down mutton, chicken, paru, prawns, beef and rice. 
My diet always starts tomorrow, you see. 🙂

I did not get to snap a lot of photos while I was there for a few reasons. Firstly because I was tired, secondly because I did not have that much time on me and lastly because I was not exactly looking my best due to the lack of sleep, my eyes look horrible in every photo ! But here are some..


I took a half an hour nap (after eating, I’m so smart ! *straight face*) but I have a feeling it is barely sufficient.
Maybe I need to start taking some jamu or herbs for energy and vitality ?

I am sooooooo sleeeepppppyyyyyy !
Four more hours to go.


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aidilfitri 1430H

Hi hello.
Whew, it’s Thursday, 5th day of Syawal.
Time sure flies.

Here’s how my Raya went so far.

1st Syawal.

At home before leaving for Shah Alam.

In Shah Alam.

Marc displayed his paternal skills. 
 Daddy being bullied by Rashid. Hehe.
 Alya and I acting cute. Yay ! Hehe.
A couple of attempts, and this was the only one which had most of Daddy’s face in it. Hee.
 At Baby’s.

2nd Syawal

Marc, Lene, Linn and I went to watch The Ugly Truth at One Utama.


4th Syawal 

 Akey knows how to tempt me.

I also went to beraya from house to house yesterday and had a karaoke session while I was in my kebaya !

Mr. Sunshine had to be back in Kemaman on the 2nd day of Syawal. So I did not get to pay a visit to him and family in Batu Pahat. 🙁
I am hoping that there would be a chance for me to do so before the month of Syawal ends.


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eh, dah raya ?

I can’t believe it’s Raya already !
Spent the last day of Ramadhan at home for buka with Marc and Lene.
After buka, we went out to pick Linn and headed to PKNS for a last minute baju kurung hunt.
I had no intention to buy one, but seeing the three of them getting themselves baju Melayu and kurungs, I ended up getting myself a pair too. It’s more of something I am planning to wear to work, not my baju Raya. Murah sahaja. 🙂
I am pretty content with wearing whatever I currently own.
Mr Sunshine dropped by to see me on his way back to Batu Pahat last Thursday night. He brought me a chocolate cake. *hearts smiles*
I was so moved.
I was happy.
I was sad as well.
I have to thank him for all his effort to pick me up.
Things have never been the same since Mummy left.
And who am I gonna kid, things will never be the same.
There would not be any more staying up to boil ketupats and blend ingredients for her rendang.
There would not be any more sneaking down to steal her home made cookies in the middle of the night.
There would not be any more open houses with her spaghetti, pizza, pandan lychee cake and awesome pineapple tarts.
There would not be any hanging of Raya cards and duit raya packets all around the house together.
There would not be any more baju kurung hunts together.
There would not be nagging from her to get the house cleaned up.
There would not be a chance for me to kiss her hands anymore.
There’s just no Raya.
But, Aidilfitri is a day of celebration and forgiveness.
I’m sure Mummy would want us all to stay happy.
I’m sure she knows that not a second goes by without her appearing in our thoughts, minds and prayers.
Things will never be the same, but they do not necessarily have to be bad, don’t they ?
I want to try to make this Aidilfitri better than the previous ones.
I need to crawl out of this emotional shambles.
Salam Aidilfitri 1430H.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin. 🙂
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