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tick tock tick tock.

The sister tells me I’m curvacious.

Mr Sunshine wants me to gain a little more weight because he does not like thin girls.
Gila ke hape.

Two weeks to go and I am still fat.
Say hello to the fat bride-to-be.
I guess I’d have to learn to live with my body being like this since there’s not enough to do anything about it anymore eh ? 🙁

Things left to do:
1. Get myself some nice lingerie. Haha.
2. Print signage.
3. Find a way to get the big pillows for our akad nikah two days before the day from Kajang.
4. Buy 100 eggs for the bunga telur/pahar. And boil them !
5. Stick thank you stickers on door gifts when they arrive the night before the date.
6. Buy henna.
7. Collect bersanding outfit.

Melissa R.

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one month.

I’m back from being all depressed and angry. 🙂
I have not totally gotten over what has happened but I am trying, and it’s slowly getting better. Alhamdulillah.
Thank you to The Best Friend who never failed to be there for me with her comforting words and advice. Thank you for knocking some sense into me, Akey. I love you.
And thank you Mr Sunshine for your patience and effort. I love you.
We have ONE MONTH more to go, baby. InshaAllah. 🙂

Oookkaayyy back to my wedding plans.
I have ordered muffins as my door gifts.
There will be no fancy packaging or whatsoever. 🙂
And no ‘VIP’ gifts. All of you who come are VIPs. 🙂

I’m afraid I might have overestimated with the catering (and door gifts).
But I am still waiting for confirmation of attendance from more people. But I guess it’s okay, biar lebih jangan tak cukup eh ?

I have asked Feli to help me with my song selection on that day. She was such a darling as she came up with a looonng list of good love songs. Thank you sayang.
I have not edited the list yet. I plan to add a few nice Malay songs too. 🙂

It looks like we might be going on a honeymoon after all ! Will update on this soon. 🙂

I have so much to do but so little time in KL ! 🙁

Melissa R.

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