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of dian khayla turning two & our 2013 eid celebrations

Well, hello there everyone ! 
Assamu’alaikum !
Selamat Hari Raya ! Still valid lah I guess since today is the last day of Syawal, teehee. 🙂

This is going to be a looooong post so bear with me ok ? 🙂

On the 13th of August, 2 years ago, after 21 hours of labour (yes, you can click here to relive my birthing experience, hee), this precious gem was born ! 

Happy 2nd Birthday my Beautiful Light !

Thank you Allah. 🙂 

Dearest DK, Mummy loves you so so so so much & I cannot imagine life without you and your incessant chatter.
I pray that you grow up to be bright and the best in this world & the hereafter. May you be blessed with all the pretty, happy & wonderful things you deserve. Aameen.

Loadsa love, hugs & sloppy kisses from your Mummy ! :’)

Mr. Sunshine and I planned a birthday celebration for Khayla at Burger King, Extreme Park, Shah Alam on the August 25th. We invited family, some relatives friends who lived nearby. 
I ordered a Barney themed birthday cake & Mr. Sunshine hired ‘Barney’ to entertain the kids.

The Barney we hired turned out to be skinny and looked pretty different (haha) from the real Barney, so Khayla wasn’t really pleased. In fact, she was terrified ! Haha.

The birthday cake from Jasmeen Home Delights


Cake cutting session. 🙂
Told ya she was terrified of this version of Barney. Poor baby ! Hehe.
I even had to distract her with a toy to take a picture with Barney.
Us, sans Fahim who was asleep. Hehe. I look so tired !

Arina & pretty Ayra !

With my BFF Annisa and Lene.

The in-laws 🙂

The extended family ! 🙂

The friends ! 🙂

Mak & Abah who came all the way from Batu Pahat. :’)

 Disclaimer: No carbonated drinks were served at the party. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, the party went smoothly. Khayla would like to thank everyone for their presence & presents ! 🙂

Now moving on to our Raya celebrations this year, as I mentioned in my previous post, we spent Raya eve and the first two days of Syawal in Gombak this year.
Daddy bought beef rendang from Aunty Leha and I made some peanut sauce, chicken curry (as per Mr Sunshine’s request) & boiled some nasi himpit. 🙂

I had a makeup malfunction on the first day of Syawal. I realized I bought the wrong eyeliner because this one made me look like I have black eyes. Blergh. And because I didn’t bring my makeup remover, I had to deal with fugly eyes the whole day !

Selamat Hari Raya ya’ll ! 🙂

We went to arwah Mummy’s close friend, Aunty Zainah’s place in the morning. When I was small, I used to think that this was our kampung. Yes, that’s how long we’ve known Aunty Zainah ! :”)

Sunshine ! 🙂

Seth Fahim wore a baju melayu along with a sampin, super cute tau !

The future dentist and I.

The only photo we took at Aunty Leha’s place was of Khayla and her cousins, hehe.

At Aunty Maziey’s. Just like the good old days. 🙂

With Sal on the second day of Syawal before leaving for Batu Pahat. 🙂

Beraya in Batu Pahat in purple. 🙂

With the in-laws. 🙂
This was on the 5th of Syawal before going to Akey’s house. 🙂

My bestie of 15 years with her daughter Qaireen Alisha. 🙂
Last stop the day before I go back to work – Mak Andak’s. 🙂

There’s gonna be a huge change in our lives, soon InshaAllah. No, Khayla is not getting a sibling, YET. I’ll blog about it soon.  Ok ok, I’LL TRY to blog about it soon. Don’t be mad if I blog about it 6 months after it happens, haha.

I hope all of you had a splendid Raya ! 🙂


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monday memento #4

Assalamu’alaikum everyone ! 
I’m ONE today !! 

Khayla imitating Mummy’s gesture of asking her to look at the camera !

Wheee, Happy Birthday Dian Khayla !!! :)))


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the last weekend before ramadhan

Our last weekend before Ramadhan was packed with activities with family and friends.

Last Sunday was Diana’s son, Harith’s 1st birthday and he had his birthday party the day before. The theme was animal/safari, so I dressed Dian Khayla up in a giraffe patterned romper. Hehe. I couldn’t find an animal print top for Mr. Sunshine and I in my closet. I thought of buying a new blouse but Mr. Sunshine was against buying something new JUST for the party (Khayla’s outfit was an exception), so we wore what we had.

Khayla in her giraffe patterned romper.

Harith was dressed up in a tiger outfit, he was sooo adorable !

The birthday boy with his dad, Hanan.

The (homemade) food were delicious and even Khayla got to enjoy a few bites of the yummy rainbow cake.
She took quite awhile to warm up to the other kids, but she eventually did crawl to where they were all playing.

Yummy rainbow cake !

Mr. Sunshine and I still haven’t decided whether we want to have a party for Khayla’s first birthday.
Our initial agreement was to buy a cake, dress Khayla up, recite a doa, sing Happy Birthday to her and snap happy pictures. You know, just for immediate family members. I would love to organize a party when she’s a bit older and has friends I can invite to play and really enjoy the party with her. InshaAllah.
I also have plans of buying one cake and packing some goodie bags for the kids at Khayla’s nursery. InshaAllah.

On Sunday, we met my sisters in-law for brunch at TGIF, The Curve. It was a treat from Mr. Sunshine. Thank you, love ! Khayla was surprisingly very friendly with her aunties, especially when they had food in front of them. This is  good progress. Hehe.

FYI, Khayla LOVES food, she’ll eat when it’s her mealtime but would still crawl up to anyone who has food in their hands. Hehe. I wonder who she got that trait from….. hahaha.

After a bit of shopping, Mr. Sunshine and I drove back home to pick up Marc and we headed to UMMC to visit baby Rauf. Rauf is my cousin, Faizal’s one month old son who was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, truncus arteriosus since birth. He will be transferred to IJN soon for an operation. From what I’ve learned, he will needing a few more surgeries throughout his life. Poor baby. :”””””(

1 month old baby Rauf.

Rauf was asleep the whole time we were there. He looked exactly like his father ! Hehe.
According to Dee (the mother), he is otherwise a very active baby boy and is feeding well (they’re feeding him through a tube to avoid the exhaustion when feeding). Alhamdulillah. May Allah give Dee and Faizal the strength to get through this, and May Allah protect little Rauf. Ameen.

Marc treated the whole family to some delicious steak that night. It was a belated treat for Lene’s 21st birthday which was in early July.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLENE !! I’m your sister so I have to be in all your pictures. Hah.

Om nom nom nom nom. Khay;a was sweating from all the eating. Haha.

Marc & Lene. 🙂

That pretty much sums up our weekend. Can’t wait for Ramadhan ! 🙂


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april sweets.

I turned 28 on April 27. Alhamdulillah. We made our way back to Batu Pahat that night and little did I know my in-laws had a surprise for me. A birthday cake ! Wheee !

Thank you Mak, Abah, Syahieda, Angah & Razy. Love !

Mr. Sunshine and I had our first movie date on the last day of April, it was a belated birthday treat from Mr. Sunshine. The last time we watched a movie together was in June last year. We watched The Avengers (which was AMAZEBALLS !). I was like a jakun in the cinema hall, smiling from ear to ear, looking right and left. Mr. Sunshine was as usual maintaining his ‘macho’ness. Hehe.

The highlight of my birthday date was of course Mr. Sunshine’s surprise lunch treat at Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant at KL Tower ! You see we had planned this date since March, we both took our leaves and Mr. Sunshine said he would make lunch arrangements. He kept me guessing until the very last minute. 🙂
Even after we entered the KL Tower compound, I still thought we were just going for a walk. *slaps forehead*

The place was beautiful and the food was absolutely delicious ! Thank you Sunshine ! *smooches*

We attended Mr. Sunshine’s sister’s degree convocation last Sunday. It was a looooong hot day but at the end of the day, everyone was happy  ! Alhamdullillah, congratulations Syahieda ! 🙂



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27 on the 27th.

I’m exhausted so I’m just gonna post up pictures tonight.



You never fail to surprise me. Thank you sayang ! 🙂

Alhamdulillah, another year older and wiser (I hope) !
Thanks a million for all the birthday wishes and kind thoughts. 😀

Goodnight !


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birthday gift dilemma.

I finally received payment for the claims I made in August. Alhamdulillah.
I have promised myself that I will use some of that money to pay my income zakat (alms) for this year.

October will be ending in a little more than a week’s time.
And November happens to be a super special month because three VVIM (very, very important men) in my life were born in November !
Daddy and Mr Sunshine share the same birth date on November 1st (but arwah Atok registered Daddy’s birth a day after), and Marc’s birthday is on November 26 !

After what Mr Sunshine did for me for my birthday (you can check it out here and here), he definitely set the bar pretty high for me.
Frankly, I don’t think I can ever top what he did, knowing that I suck when it comes to surprises or getting gifts for people. :'(
I already got him one of the few gifts I am planning to get, but I have a feeling he already knows what it is and he will just pretend to act surprised when he gets it. Hehe. Kan awak, kan kan kan ?
But at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and it’s not a competition of who gets who the best gift right ?
Ok, I am obviously consoling myself here.

One of my besties, Annisa is planning to make a trip here early next month and I am so excited. Although she won’t be staying over at my place but the thought of having someone I’m close to near to me for a weekend is just nice. She also happens to be a November baby ! ;D

Note to self: Don’t touch eyes after slicing cili padi.


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dear ursula.


Love you !


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is age just a number ?

It feels like ages since I last updated.
I have been busy growing old. Hehe.

So, I turned 26 two days ago.
As I am aging (gracefully, hehe), I no longer can pull an all-nighter, be it to finish my work or just to stay up and watch my favourite DVDs.
These days, my bedtime is almost always before midnight.

So as the morning of my birthday arrived, I was already zonked out as usual.
My eyes could barely open when I felt someone shaking my body.
I thought I was dreaming.
It was Mr Sunshine, of course.
I could hear Happy Birthday by The Beatles playing, which further convinced me I that I was in a dream.
But the shaking did not stop.
I tried my best to open my eyes, and I saw a cake right next to me !
Almost three quarter of the candles had already melted. It took that long to wake me up. :p

So yes, another sweet surprise by Mr Sunshine, which I was not expecting at all.
I was already happy with my Elliptical bike. :))

Sleepy yet happy me cutting my cake. 🙂
 My blueberry cheese birthday cake ! ♥

He even downloaded loads of birthday songs to play at that hour. 🙂

I could not have asked for any other way to kick off my birthday ! :))
Thank you Mr Sunshine ku !

Mr Sunshine and I took a couple of days off last week to head up to Genting Highlands !
The plan from Day One was to go to Cameron Highlands but after checking out the rates and considering that will be a 8-9 hour drive from here, we moved to Plan B. 🙂
Why Genting and not any other places ?
Because I was craving the cool hill breeze. 🙂

We had super loads of fun up there !

Showed off our muscles.

Trying out our luck. Did not have much of that though.

Practiced our shooting skills.

Mr Sunshine got addicted to the basketball game. I don’t blame him. He was pretty good at it.

I was terrible at almost everything, except for the kids’ shooting machine and kids’ cycling machine. No kidding, I was so good I actually wanted to go on playing for hours, but then I got a bit embarrassed. Haha.

We collected a huge bundle of tickets which we used to redeem a picture frame, a cute coin box, a Genting magnet (haha) and a whistle. Yes, a whistle because we were left with a balance 20 points and that was the only item which costs 20 points. :p

We had a blast at the outdoor park too.

Don’t have pictures of us on the rides lah kan.
I have always loved rollercoasters and being able to get on the Corkscrew and Flying Coaster again was so exhilarating !!
There was also the Space Shot. Getting on it reminded me why I told myself I would never be on it ever again back in the year 2000. I hate it when I can’t scream properly, which is exactly what happened. I opened my mouth and nothing came out except funny sounds because I was trying so hard to place my butt back on the seat at the same time !
Was that a bit too hard to comprehend ? :p

I went on the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride for the first time. I was bowing down so that I would not get so soaked but I ended up being thrown towards the front of the ride. I knocked my head pretty hard. It hurt for the rest of the day. 🙁

Entered SnowWorld for the first time too.
Maybe we weren’t properly covered up but we were out of there before wayyy before our session ended. My jaw was frozen. And Mr Sunshine was already sneezing.
Macam mana nak migrate ni, sayang ??

Of course all that energy needed fuel.
We stuffed ourselves to the max !

Steamboat buffet at HotPot. The tomyam soup was a bit too oily for my liking. I don’t think I’d be going back there again.

We had Marrybrown. No photos of the food there because it was lousy. We still found ways to entertain ourselves. :))

Baskin Robbins was heaven. I rarely get to eat my favourite Pralines and Cream these days. 🙁
And Wednesday was Pink day ! Anyone in pink gets two scoops of ice cream for the price of one ! I felt so lucky !

It’s good that I brought my tripod along, so that we could take shots like these.

On our way back home we stopped in Kuantan to catch Kick Ass, which was pretty funny. Though, I think it should have been called Hit Girl because she was awesome. Hehe.

After that we did not go straight back home, out of the blue we decided to spend a night in Cherating ! We were fortunate enough to get a room at Suria Cherating Beach Resort at a very reasonable rate.
And again, we put the tripod to full use before checking out. 🙂

Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman was our last stop. 🙂
I used to go there every time the family and I made trips to Cherating, so it brought back good old memories of when Mummy was still around.
I love their kaya toast buns !

That pretty much sums up the whole (happy) trip. :))
There are many. many more photos but I’m just too lazy to torture all of you today. 🙂

Before I end, I would like to thank everyone who took their time to call and send me birthday comments, messages and tweets !
You guys are great ! Thank you for making me feel so loved ! ;D
Smooches from me. 🙂


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an early birthday surprise !

I am beaming from ear to ear while I am typing this.

Last night, Mr Sunshine told me he wanted to play a game with me before he leaves for Port Dickson today.
I seriously thought he was kidding, so I smiled and nodded.

Then he handed me a small blue envelope.
In it was a piece of paper and the letter A.

Yes, the letter A.
The piece of paper read “American Idol@8.00 pm Wednesday STARWORLD.”

It took me a minute to realize that it was a clue to something and that I was on a treasure hunt !
Mr Sunshine had hid 6 other clues and I had to look for them !

I suck at these kinda things. Seriously.
And last night proved me right.

Did you get the hint to where the next clue is ?
I was looking under the Astro decoder and remote. -____-

The second clue was actually behind the telly !

Got it ?
For some odd reason I thought the next hint was at the balcony. -____-

The answer was in bed !
You know when you go to bed you can dream about anything and everything ? 🙂

Next !

Ok so this was obviously easy.
The next clue was stuck behind the sofa. 🙂

When I read this, I immediately ran to the kitchen because the window there was the only one we did not hang curtains on.
*slaps head*

Did any of you guess computer ?
Then you’re absolutely right !
Tingkap = Windows (XP, 7, Vista). 🙂

I rummaged through all the shoe boxes we had.
I was about to give up when I decided to look in my Power (from BATA) running shoes.
And there it was !

Ok, this was tough.
I watched Doraemon when I was (much) younger but I do not remember that much.
Especially not about a time machine.
I was sweating and itching for running all around not knowing whether I was on the right track.
I pouted hoping Mr Sunshine would give me a heads up on where to look but he kept giving me the ‘lips-zipped’ sign. -___-

I resorted to googling up “mesin cahaya masa Doraemon” and I got my answer !

Click to enlarge please.

Thank you Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu.

I started looking in all the drawers in the house.
Then, I found this in our closet drawer.

Next I had to rearrange the alphabets that came with the clues, to get to my BIRTHDAY PRESENT !!!!

Yes yes, my birthday is still a fortnight away but Mr Sunshine wrote in the card that he had to carry this out wayyy early due to unexpected turn of events.

Managed to solve the puzzle ?


Both Mr Sunshine and I went down to his car.
I did not want to go alone, biasa lah, mengada. 🙂

A nicely wrapped box was placed on the car’s dashboard.
Mr Sunshine drove me around Kuala Berang while I excitingly opened the gift.

Again, in it was a piece of paper, this time it was a bigger piece.
In my head I was going, “Oh no, I thought I’m done with running around !”
But it was actually a receipt.

FOR AN ELLIPTICAL BIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people from the store called Mr Sunshine yesterday afternoon telling him that they will be sending the machine today so that’s why he had to bring forward the surprise.

I was in tears lah as usual.

I am getting something from my wishlist !
(Not the same brand but it’s still the same thing !)

I am so happy !!
I am so touched !!
I am so so so in love !!

And yes, it arrived at my doorstep about half an hour ago. 😀
It’s a two in one elliptical bike, with a body fat, BMR, BMI and calories burned calculator.

I can get a workout while watching my favourite TV shows !
Now there’s absolutely no excuse for me not to exercise ! 😀



P.S: Mr Sunshine is already on his way to Port Dickson. He also left me with Season 7 of One Tree Hill to keep me company while he’s away. ;D


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April is my favourite month.

I will be turning 26 next month, InshaAllah. 🙂

Early last month, Mr Sunshine asked me what I wanted for my birthday.
I have prepared this post to make things easier for him.
So sayang, brace yourself ok ?
Don’t worry, I have managed to narrow them down to a Top 5.

5. LIFE FITNESS X3 Elliptical
This comes in fifth. I cannot promise I won’t get bored of the same routine everyday, but it’s not so harsh on my already bad knees and joints and I desperately need the exercise !

4. Digital IXUS 100 IS in red.
I just super love this because it’s RED.  Hot red ! ♥

3. BriteSmile Teeth Whitening Session
In third place, something that I have been wanting to splurge on since before we got married. I want to be able to smile as wide as I can ! Thanks.

2. BlackBerry Bold 9700
I just want this in order to be ‘in’. Everyone who is anyone has one. I think I deserve one too, don’t you think so ? I am your wife, aren’t I ? Hehe.

And last but definitely not least, the numero uno thing on my wish list.
Honestly, I can survive without all the above, but this is just something that I would absolutely be lost without.
Hence, you have no choice but to get me..

…YOU. ♥
Ok ?
Bye !
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