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please let it rain.

I was hoping so badly that it would rain tonight.
But so far, there’s no sign of even a slight drizzle.

It’s so hot I feel like stripping and walking around naked here. Here meaning in the house lah.

I’m sure Mr Sunshine wouldn’t mind (haha), but since the sliding door to the balcony is wide open to let in some cooling air and since that I live on the second floor, anyone who walks by down on the road can see everything that’s going on in my house, I would not want to make a spectacle of myself. Or to be exact, of my jiggly private parts.

I am not getting any cooling air from outside !

These past few days have been challenging but I am just to exhausted to blog about all of it. And about my trip to Batu Pahat.

In my next post, maybe.



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fit me.

It has been decided.

Instead of torturing myself just to fit in a couple of baju kurungs that refuse to make room for my ever expanding hips, I’m just gonna get myself a couple of cheap new ones for work.

Problem solved.
Well, almost.


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it’s getting hot in here.

It’s currently 36.8 degrees Celsius in here.

We’re being roasted and we’re dripping with sweat without even moving a muscle.

Not cool.


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Spent almost the whole day yesterday cleaning up the living room and kitchen.
All three rooms are still in a mess because my nose was starting to act up and I had to stop before it got worse.
I am still sneezing. 🙁

It feels like ages since Mr Sunshine and I have stayed at home together on a weekend.
Last week we were back in Gombak, the week before in Genting, the week before that Mr Sunshine was in Port Dickson and the week before that I was on call.

This feels good.


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my personal masseuse.

I am home alone.
Mr Sunshine is out watching football with an old high school friend and will probably be back around midnight.
I am bored.

Boredom must be good for me as I managed to work up a good sweat.
For half an hour.
Well, better than nothing, right ?

This shoulder pain that I have been enduring for the past one month has been partially relieved thanks to this thingamajig.

Mr Sunshine came back one day last week and surprised me with it. Hehe. I know chocolates or flowers are staple surprises, but to me this was super sweet as his intentions were to not see me in pain anymore. Or to hear my constant nagging about it anymore. Hehe.

I can be my own masseuse !
This helps a lot as I have been hesitant to go to a masseuse, because I am not too comfortable being naked in front of strangers. Hehe.

It comes with those two small adaptors for massaging different parts of the body. 🙂

See how blissful I look ?
Haha. Really cannot go (translated: tak boleh blah !) !

Thank you so much sayang !

Oh and thank you for making (a simple AND sweet) dinner when I was in pain.

Delicious Maggi Goreng !
We can start thinking of opening our own mamak stall now. Hehe. 😀


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Looks like I won’t be making my way back to Gombak alone this month after all. 🙁
After much deliberation, both Mr Sunshine and I have decided that it’s best for me to stay put rather than trouble anyone here or there to pick me up and drive me here and there.
We also need to cut back a bit on the expenses this month as both cars are due for service.

It’s kinda depressing but it’s for the best, I guess.
I really really honestly miss my friends. 🙁
We will be going back at the end of the month (InshaAllah) to attend a mutual friend’s wedding.

The Clinical Pharmacist Documentation Workshop I attended last week has left me feeling rather stupid.
I do not think I am good enough to be a Clinical Pharmacist.
I can choose to console myself by thinking that it’s a learning process, but frankly speaking, I do not feel like I have it in me.
Depressing nya !
And this is just the effects of a documentation workshop.

Tomorrow I’d be attending a one-day Methadone Replacement Therapy Course.
I have been having this persistent pain on my right shoulder. It has been going on for more than a month now.
It’s perpetually painful, fluctuating in severity.
Today it was pretty bad. 🙁
People at work keep telling me to get a massage and get it fixed before it worsens.
I keep hoping that I wake up one day and it will magically go away.
Foolish, but..
..I don’t know.

I’m feeling a bit lightheaded.
Good night.


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earth hour ?

More like Earth Day for us here.

We had an 8-hour electricity cut off today.
Plus, I have been down with diarrhea since morning, so I need all the cooling down (with water AND the fan) I can get.

Hence, I do not think we’d be switching off our lights later for Earth Hour.

Ok bye.


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high land.

Thank God it’s the weekend.

It feels good to just laze around doing nothing with Mr Sunshine. 🙂

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of March
Soon, it will be April !
I love April !

Not only because it’s my birth month lah. Hehe.
But Mr Sunshine and I are planning a short getaway to the Highlands next month !
We have not finalized whether we’d be going to Cameron or Genting, but so far the odds are against Genting because we have cash vouchers for two nights stay at the Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands.
The vouchers will be expiring end of next month.
So, we’d probably make a trip to Genting some other time.

Mr Sunshine will be away for a course in Port Dickson for 5 days next month.
And I am planning to take a flight back home to Gombak on my own for a couple of days to be with my family and also meet up with friends I dearly miss !
The only problem is transportation from to and fro the airport here.
I hope I will find a solution that does not involve leaving my car at the airport, so I can happily run into the arms of my loved ones. Hehe.

I honestly miss Gombak and all my friends ! :'(


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the biggest loser ?

I think I have only watched one audition episode and one weekly episode of The Biggest Loser Asia.
I only came to know about the finale last night while I was channel surfing as I had difficulty falling asleep. Since I had nothing else to do, I decided to watch it and find out who will win the 100,000 US Dollars.

And, David Gurnani from Indonesia had shed off more than 50% of his initial weight. This percentage added to the whopping sixty something (correct me if I am wrong) percentage of fat loss made him Asia’s first Biggest Loser.

But in my opinion (no offence to anyone), he looked quite emaciated and sickly.
I was really worried for him on stage, hoping that he would not collapse or pass out.
He just was not a picture of good health (in my opinion).

Picture credits to

I’m all for weight loss, and I feel that what he had achieved was very amazing.
But I feel that this sort of sends out the wrong message to people about losing weight. 
Being healthy is not about what shows up on the scales, it’s about having sufficient energy to sustain your through your day, maintaining good blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose level with a balance between proper eating habits and exercise. 

Anywayyy, I hope David is well and happy. 100, 000 US Dollars is a lot ! 😉


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birds and stones.

I’m alone for tonight. Hubby bubbly is in Kuantan.
He has an enforcement operation to carry out tomorrow and will be back after that, InshaAllah.

We were back in Gombak AND Batu Pahat last weekend.
We reached Gombak late at night on Wednesday, had one Thursday to complete any necessary errands and on Friday we were already on the road to Batu Pahat.
Headed back here on Sunday.
It was a pretty rushed (and tiring) weekend, but we managed to get our original marriage certificate from JAWI as the temporary one we had expires today (OMG we’ve been married for two months already ! Alhamdulillah) .
We got out marriage certification card done too, so that we won’t have to bring along the A4 sized certificate everywhere we go. Alhamdulillah.

It’s sad that I did not have time to meet up with friends.
I miss Akey, my Gombak people, Diana, and Annisa. 🙁
I think I need more than 24 hours in a day !

I don’t think we’d be doing the ‘killing two hometowns with one weekend’ after this.
It will be one hometown at a time, ye sayang ?
Probably once every two months or something like that.
That way, I’m hoping I’d be able to spend some quality time with my family and friends who I rarely get to meet nowadays.

Oh, check out what just came out in the news ! 
Faster promotions for doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

I’m gonna get some sleep now.
I have a feeling tomorrow will be a busy day.


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