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miss you already.

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I am just in no mood to do anything except sit in my room and sleep. And maybe cry a bit or a lot. Who cares, right ?
Mr Sunshine is on his way back to Terengganu (he was already in Kemaman the last time I checked and that was about half an hour ago) and I am extremely sad.
We did not get to spend much quality time together this time around, we met last night (Friday) at around 8 pm as I got off work pretty late and he had to settle a couple of things pertaining to his car earlier in the day.
He helped me moved most of my things into my new room, then we had a late dinner, and before we knew it, it was today (Saturday) and he had to send his car to the tint shop which took fucking 4 hours to finish as there were many cars in line. We were stuck there the whole time.
Then he had to leave early to avoid arriving too late as he’s working tomorrow.
I despise this feeling.
All the anticipation I had the whole month, pushing through every single day knowing that it brings me a day closer to being able to be in his arms again.
But it all just has to end so fast. And I have to wait for another month (or more) before we can see each other again.
I hate kissing his hand before he leaves.
I hate the sad stare he gives me. I believe he does not know it’s noticeable.
I hate that I already miss him (tremendously !!) just seconds after he leaves.
I hate the fact that he has to leave !

This is seriously depressing.


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tarzan in town.

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Tarzan in town.
Uhuh, that’s the name of the water game I had to play at the hospital’s Pharmacy Department Family day at Desa Waterpark yesterday. That and a couple more games which is why my arms and legs are so freaking sore right now.
The whole event was not as bad as I expected it to be, I was hesitant to go actually. But it went okay I guess. I had quite a good time.

My lappie’s with Trev, he’s gonna give a try at reformatting it. I hope he can, I need to get started on my research. I just got the topic I have to work on. I’d be doing a retrospective study on the impact of Novomix 30/70 on glycemic control.
I should have started days ago actually, but my lappie has been giving me problems. So yeah.

I’m so dead, I know.

I lost RM 50 last Friday.

I’ve finally got a new (cheaper) place to stay ! Just when I was about to give up looking, I came across this ad online. It’s a single storey semi-D in Desa Pinggiran Putra. I’d be renting a room only, of course. If all goes well, I’d be moving in next weekend.
The problem now is I have to look for someone to rent the current room I am in.

I miss the boyfriend so much. We haven’t been able to have a decent phone conversation for quite some time now. I’ve always been too tired or too cranky. Sigh.

I seem to have forgotten where I put my new white coat. Ergh.

Next month I’d be in the clinical unit. I’m so very nervous because my clinical knowledge is so weak you would be wondering what I studied for the past six years. Sigh.

I wanna watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button lah.

I am in dire need of a Girls’ Day/Night Out/In.


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So it has begin.
It’s a sad fact that running away is not an available option.
Double sigh.

I hate that it’s affecting my social life.
I am starting to feel like curling up in my bed and detaching myself from everyone.
Daily tear-filled phone calls to the boyfriend have also started.
I despise this side of me.

This is only temporary. But it’s already feeling like forever.
I can do this.
Can I ?

I wished I was as strong as you, Mummy.


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Currently feeling: Moody
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I absolutely do not know how to park a car.

I took a good 15 minutes reversing and driving into a parking space to adjust my parking but it all proved futile.
About 5 cars thought I was reversing to get out of the space and started turning on their signals to park at my spot. I kept waving at them to let them know I was not going out but I guess they could not see. I think it’s the window tint.

In the end, I put on a huge pout and and turned to the boyfriend and (almost) screamed, “Tolonglah park kan !!!!

Dah tak reti nak park nak marah marah orang lain kan.
Mesti lah weyh. Takkan nak marah diri sendiri macam orang gila.

He took about a few seconds to get the car straight and in the box.
Am I that dumb ?



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steer away from me.

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My menses is due soon and I have been PMS-ing terribly for the past couple of days.
The boyfriend came down to see me (I love him !) last Friday.
Apart from his attempt to stuff me with food all the time, we watched Bride Wars yesterday night and the movie sort of triggered my already active lacrimal glands. I was bursting with tears while saying things like, “I want a best friend like that ! I don’t even have a best friend ! Mummy wanted to be at my wedding, my convocation ! I miss her. I don’t know how to live without her !” etc etc etc.


And after the movie, we bumped into the brother and his girlfriend, my cousin and a few other friends at Murni. My eyes were still swollen and my nose was still red (obviously) from all the unnecessary crying I did, that my brother asked me what was wrong with me.
I just told him that a movie got me a bit emotional.
Well, it was true lah.

Then after sending the boyfriend off at Hentian Putra this afternoon, I was back to crying again.
I suddenly felt so alone.
So down that even my chest hurt.

I got back and read an email that was sent to me a few days ago and started crying (this time while cursing) again.

This is sure exhausting !


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take me shopping.

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I am in desperate need of a new pair of jeans.
I also could do with a nice new big black bag.
I would not mind having a new comfortable pair of sexy heels too.

I am so bored and so hungry but am in constant denial of the latter (of course).


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my himalayan quest.

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If any of you still remember, I complained about how I was losing hair a couple of months ago. It was really really bad. I was sweeping heaps of hair from my lap every time I sit down. I was so ashamed of going out into public especially on public transportations which requires me to sit and sweep my fallen hair of my body. My hair was so thin, my scalp was visible. Honest. You can ask the sister if you think I am being dramatic.
At first I thought it was due to stress and bad diet, but then I decided to try changing my shampoo. Lene suggested the brand Himalaya for it’s supposedly natural herbal ingredients.
I saw and felt the difference from the first time I used the shampoo and conditioner. My hair was not falling ! Well, not as much as it used to.
It has been two months since then and I dare not part with their shampoo and conditioner. They smell great too !
I was running out of conditioner a few days ago and I told Lene to try to help get it from the Himalaya store outlet in KLCC but it was out of stock. It was not available in Guardian there too where they usually have Himalaya products. She asked the salesperson whether it would be available in MidValley and the salesperson said yes. Being the paranoid person that I am because I just have to get my hands on a new tube of the conditioner before the old one finishes, I decided to go to MidValley after work yesterday night. I should have known that the KTM Komuter would be super super packed with people, all heading back to their hometown for the Chinese New Year holidays. So there I was, standing and sweating profusely in the middle of an ocean of people waiting for the train to arrive. That’s was not so bad. After pushing and pushing to get on the train, I was stuck. Stuck and sandwiched in between three men and a pole. I did not have to hold on to anything. I was securely sandwiched ! I was still sweating madly OK.
Huh, all that for a tube of hair conditioner.
When I arrived at MidValley, I rushed to the LG floor with much anxiety only to hear the salesgirl cheerfully say, “Oh, it’s out of stock right now, probably would be available next month.”
My heart sanked. Oh wait, it actually stopped beating. I wanted to cry as I was texting Lene to tell her that erm, I wanted to cry.
But then I saw Guardian which was opposite the Himalaya and walked into it.
Ahhhhhh there they were, six tubes of Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner arranged nicely on the rack waiting for me to bring them home. I honestly stood there and thought about buying ALL six OK.
I almost jumped in joy. I know I was smiling to myself because the girl next to me was looking at me with a worried look.
I only bought one tube just in case any of you were curious.
But yeah, Guardian saved me from a heart attack.

OK cukup lah drama malam ini kan ?


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i am a lousy blogger.

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I think it’s about time someone declared me the lousiest blogger around.
It’s nearing the end of January and I have only written ONE post this month and it’s not even noteworthy.

The thing is, nothing much has been going on in my life these days. It has been work, sleep, eat, a few parties, and a few get-togethers. That’s pretty much it.
I am too freaking lazy to upload any photos here. Most of them are in my Facebook anyway.
I have two and a half weeks more in Tanglin, then it’s back to hell HPJ (Hospital Putrajaya) for another eight fucking months. I am so dreading the 6th of February. Arggghhhh !

Lene just started working at La Senza, KLCC today.
I’m gonna have to go pick her up at the LRT station later tonight. But I am already feeling sleepy. How ? *yawns*
Oh yeah, I have been driving quite a lot I might say. The furthest I have driven to so far is to Kajang. I consider that an achievement. Haha. I can’t wait to drive Mr. Sunshine around the next time he comes down.

Lene named my car Coconut. I forgot why.
Hmm, because I love chocolates too much and that I am a nut ?
I’ve gotta remember to ask her again.
So yeah, my car, Coconut or affectionately called Coco. Haha.

Lene got through to the finals of the KLPac Idol 2009 which was yesterday. There were 8 finalists altogether. Her performance was awesome but unfortunately luck was not on her side. I was in tears (and hysterically shouting) as I was sooo proud to see her on stage rocking the crowd. *smiles*

I have bruises on my thigh and arm from Bryan’s birthday pool party last Saturday night. I honestly do not know how I got them.

I am slightly sunburned from sitting at the side of the lake at KLPac yesterday afternoon. My face is stinging OK.

Believe or not, I am gonna be 25 and I have never gotten a manicure (or a pedicure) and I think I need one. On the LRT this evening this girl who sat next to me had such lovely nails, unpolished, but lovely ! Unlike mine with all these dead/dry cuticles (or whatever these ugly things at the side of my nails are).
My feet are full of ugly blisters. Yucks.
Why is it so hard to find shoes that do not torture my feet ?

My back’s aching (age catching up ?) so I am gonna lie down for a bit. I hope I don’t fall asleep.
Goodnight people.


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a food filled start to 2009.

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Hello all.
This would be my first post for 2009.
Before I go on, I hope it’s not too late to wish you all a very Happy 2009. Hope all of you had a smashing start to the New Year and here’s to an equally smashing year ahead.

How did I usher in the New Year ?
Well, I was wrapped in the arms of my comfy blanket and was far far away in dreamland.
I dozed off early on New Year’s eve night, after a couple of rounds of sparkling wine with Daddy and Marc. Lene was in Penang with her friend’s family.
We were supposed to join Faiz, Faizal and the rest of the cousins but Daddy did not feel like it so we stayed in to keep him company.
I still remember those days when I used to feel like a loser if I had no plans for New Year’s/Merdeka etc. Nowadays, I am content even if I do not get to watch the fireworks or stay up until midnight.
Boy, I feel old.

Mr. Sunshine came down to see me on New Year’s day and we spent almost 3 full days together. I had help from Sal to drive me to LCCT to pick him up. We went shopping, watched Bedtime Stories and indulged in a sinfully huge amount of food from buffet breakfast, TGIF three course meals, Swensen’s baked rice and ice cream, McDonald’s Prosperity Burger meal and (unnecessary) snacks in between all weekend long. Crazy, right ? I gained 2 kgs over the weekend.

Oh oh, we also made a trip to the Zoo last Sunday just before he headed back.
He did all the driving.
I had a panic attack on the (one) night he let me drive in Damansara. I was crying (shrieking, to be exact) all the way and I was only at the wheel for 30 minutes.

I miss him so much already.

My driving skills have slightly improved. I actually drove to KLPac, Sentul to send Lene to work and also to pick her up after she finished. Sentul is a car-crazy place !

I was on medical leave yesterday and slept halfway through work today. I have been feeling a bit under the weather since Mr. Sunshine left. Sobs.

I have a couple of resolutions this year but I am not planning to disclose them, just don’t wanna jinx anything. Haha.


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lock your doors, people !

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While I was on the phone with Mr. Sunshine, I received a text message last night from one of my housemates at about 11 p.m saying that our apartment has been broken into. My heart stopped beating for a second.
I started thinking about the Saturday night that I spent there alone. I was literally shaking.
At the same time I felt lucky that I decided to pack up and leave for Gombak that Sunday evening after work itself and not wait until Monday morning.
I felt like crying, for reasons I myself cannot comprehend.
Marc, Lene, Linn and I immediately drove to Putrajaya.
A few police officers were there, they were the one who let me into the apartment to check on my room. I was told to just look around and identify whether anything valuable was missing and not touch anything.
It seems that they did not have much trouble getting into the apartment. The main door was not broken or anything.
My room was a total wreck. The door knob was broken.
My clothes were thrown all over. My books. My bags and even my mattress.
The only thing that was in its place was my shoe rack.
They even emptied my pencil case, in hopes of finding cash I think.
They did not take anything except for my RM10 note that I always have stashed in between my clothes for emergency purposes.
I was surprised that they did not even take my Fossil watch. Alhamdulillah.
One of my housemates lost her phone, and another lost her ring.
I guess they did not get away with anything much.
I am still slightly shaken.
I thank God that none of us were at home when it happened.
I thank God that I left the lights on when I was there alone last Saturday night.
I thank God that I decided to bring ALL my valuables back home.
I thank God that I decided not to stay back that Sunday night.
And although I’d be in Gombak for the next two months, can you blame me for not ever wanting to go back to Putrajaya ?

I took the day off today.
I was supposed to start working at Klinik Kesihatan Tanglin.
I’d be going tomorrow.
I would be taking the LRT to Pasar Seni then I’d be walking to the clinic.
Lene helped me find in finding the routes I can use to get to the clinic from the station. There are two different routes that I can use, one involves crossing a main road and walking uphill and the other would mean walking through the underpass where Audrey Melissa Bathinathan was raped and murdered almost ten years ago.
I have yet to decide which way to use. I’ll just go with how I feel tomorrow morning.

Have any of you been to Central Market recently.
I know I might sound like a jakun but that place has realllllly changed tremendously.
I was in total awe. You could ask Lene if you did not believe me.
But given the fact that the last time I was there was about 7 years ago, I should not be so surprised.
But it’s sooooooooooo different.
The toilets are actually nice and clean !

Mr. Sunshine’s car has been giving him some serious problems.
It breaks my heart that he’s all the way there, alone.
I am thinking of paying him a visit to lift his spirits up a bit but I am not sure when or whether Daddy would let me go alone.

People, please be careful.
Please make sure all your doors and windows are locked at all time.
If you’re inside, make sure you can lock it from the inside too.
Keep your lights on if you plan to leave the house for quite some time.
It helps if you could let your neighbours know that you’d be away and ask them to check on your house every now and then.
But then again, these days, you cannnot seem to trust anybody.
I do not even trust the guards at my place.
Whatever it is, just be extra careful.

Wish me luck tomorrow !
I hope the people there are nice.


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