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syrup and bandung.

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Good morning people.
The lack of updates here is due to the current hectic and exhausting situation of my final semester.
It’s all about cases, day in day out. Case report, case clerking, case discussion, case presentation ! Argh.
Every day by the time I get back from school, I’d be lying ‘dead’ on my bed for a couple of hours. But then after that it’s back to work again la kan. Sigh.
But I’m very grateful for where I am right now and I won’t change a thing about anything.
I’d just have to grin and bear it for now.

Last Saturday, my faculty organized a futsal tournament and I was one of the so-called cheerleaders for my class teams. We only had a few hours of practice the night before and along with our unattractive pom-poms (Zana calls them anorexic pom-poms), we performed and lost. Hee.

During cheer practice. Hehe.

The ‘cheerleaders’.


With Zana.

The male team. They were good, but unfortunately they lost.

Zana, Yamin and I.

Halmy ! I think he secretly wanted to be in the cheerleading team. Hee.

Ayu, Zana and Juju.

Half of the girls’ team. They won second place yo !

Yus will be getting engaged later.
I have a wedding to attend tonight.
It feels good to be home. Even for awhile.

This semester is teaching me (and the rest of my classmates) to be more patient and stronger I guess. I think we’d be dealing with a whole lot more in the working world.

Gosh, this song is so sad.


Until my next boring post, take care everyone.


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polar bear.

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This week is the first of my 8 week hospital clinical clerkship in which we’d be spending every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at different wards, clerking cases and reporting them.
This week me and my partner, Ayu were placed at the HTAR Psychiatric ward. It was an very interesting experience. Despite what happened yesterday. Click to read, please. (P/S: Daddy cracks me up !)

Polar bear ! Haha.
So yeah, yesterday was scary. Yet, interesting. To be able to talk to these patients, learn how to deal with them when they become aggresive (or try to kiss you) was such a valuable lesson for me. I felt so sad talking to one particular patient who was in her depressive episode of her bipolar disorder. She was thinking too much about her financial and family problems. To think that it can happen to any one of us. So you people out there, if you feel that you’re troubled or distressed (even about the slightest things, there were patients who were admitted just because of boyfriend problems), do talk it out with a family member or a friend, at least. Even if they can’t help you physically, at least they’re doing you a favor, mentally and emotionally. Don’t keep it all in !

Last Saturday, the family and I were at Aunt Maziey’s place for lunch and dinner. In between that we had a karaoke session. A 7 hours one ! Heee.

From Yesterday Once More to I’m A Slave For You to Seberapa Pantas, we (the cousins) had a great great time. Daddy showed off his talent too, with a few renditions of the oldies.

Singing makes me happppyyyyy !

Currently not feeling so well. This semester has been so taxing. Yes, it has only been three weeks.

Pimples galore ! Ergh.

While I was taking a nap this evening, this guy from my class showed up in my dream. We were together. Funny. No one would guess that I would dream of him. Haha. Kelakar nak mampus.

I desperately need to lose weight. Help ?


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some days you just feel stupid.

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Today witnessed me giving my worst presentation ever in my whole 6 years of being a pharmacy student.


Screw that.
It’s a learning process, right ?

I never thought I was cut out to be in this line, anyway. I never wanted to be a pharmacist. I’m not as intelligent as others. I’m not as articulate as others. I’m not a fast learner.


Enough of self criticism la kan.
It won’t do me any good.

But I do know one thing I can do.
Not as good as Mariah or Aguilera.
But good enough for me.
So, I’d be singing all my heartbreaks away for the rest of my life.

I love this song.


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