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Currently feeling: Restless
Currently listening to: Memories – Eisley

I’ve just managed to finish my presentation slides for tomorrow.
I’ve got my Pharmacy Practice IV test right after the presentation tomorrow and I haven’t studied a thing.

Oh by the way, I’m at Selayang Hospital’s computer lab.
Our ward’s pharmacist is on leave today and the patient which case Ayu and I clerked this week was discharged yesterday. So basically, we’ve got nothing to do here.
We’re planning to go galavanting in awhile though. Wheee !


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i’m smitten.

Currently feeling: Anxious
Currently listening to: With You – Chris Brown

I am almost done with my slides for this Friday’s presentation.

It’s absurd how anxious I am feeling now. Just because of you.
You make me smile, please stay for awhile.


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white coat.

Currently feeling: Sleepy
Currently listening to: Stop and Stare – OneRepublic

I have a case report to complete. I am too darn lazy.
I have a presentation to get started on. I am just sick of looking at Microsoft PowerPoint.
I have a test next week to study for. I am experiencing severe loss of interest.
I mean, I need a break. Please ?

I am in Shah Alam, doing my laundry at the moment. Washing one whole week’s load of dirty clothes with a semi automatic washing machine is a good form of exercise I tell you. Note: I can’t wash everything at one go. Hee.

Annisa would be dropping by later and we’d be hanging out for a bit. We have so much to catch up on !

Marc has a test today. Hope he does okay.

I miss the sister. (Kau rindu aku tak ? Hee.)
I miss Daddy. I know he misses me and my incessant chatter too. Hehe.

Ayu and I was at Hospital Putrajaya last week for our case clerking. Apart from all the scary stories the previous groups told us, about how stern the pharmacists there were, I think everything went pretty well.
I’d be in Selayang from next week onwards. I hope that goes okay.

The faculty had our annual White Coat Ceremony (white coat, because all of us have to put on our lab coats) yesterday afternoon. It is where we have to recite our ‘pharmacist’s oath’, and where all the dean’s list award recipients would receive their certificates. The Dean had a little chat with us after that. It’s good to know that he’s concern about what’s going on with us.

I shall go get ready now.


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