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clozapine and valproate.

Currently feeling: Anxious
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I don’t know why I’m feeling really uneasy about tomorrow’s presentation.
I’m not sure whether it’s the talking in front of the pharmacists part or the embarrassment of not being able to answer the questions they throw at me part that I’m actually worried about.

PH210, Part 08, all the best !

My English teacher while I was in Form 2, Pn. Roslina Baghawi passed away earlier tonight due to cancer. Sedihnya.


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Currently feeling: Uncomfortable
Currently listening to: Teenage Love Affair – Alicia Keys

It’s almost 10 am and I haven’t slept. So maybe the Nescafe did help. I’m experiencing mild menstrual cramps. Sigh.
Case reports are done ! Wheee ! Alhamdulillah. Please remind me to never doubt myself ever again.
I’m taking a break before I concentrate on completing my case presentation slides.
My tummy’s growling. Lapar nya !


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i miss home.

Currently feeling: Hungry
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I just woke up from sleeping since 8 pm. I got back from our dinner performance practice at around 7:30 pm just now. Yeah, that’s how exhausted I was. I haven’t even had dinner. It’s not that I was planning to anyway.

This week was crazy. Apart from missing the Backstreet Boys concert (haha) last Wednesday night because I had no transport as I had to be back in Shah Alam that night itself. I had my hospital clerkship the next morning.
This week also saw me being busy with my presentations (yawn !) and my faculty dinner performance practices. I’m gonna be singing (while some of them dance) yo ! And acting. By the way, I suck at the latter. Sobs.

I’d have to admit that I have a bunch of very talented classmates.
It’s funny that the thought that it’s our final semester together saddens me a bit. Hmm.

I haven’t lost any weight which is pretty sucky as our dinner is only a week away. Should I just starve myself ?

I’m starting to think that I’d be single for the rest of my life.
Because I have too high expectations on how the man of my life should be. And it doesn’t help that I am someone who is just too difficult to be with.
Plus, I’m too afraid of history repeating itself.
So yeah, I’m not only gonna die being a fat ass. I’d also be alone.

I miss home.
I miss Daddy.


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