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roti cheese.

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Before I start babbling, I would like to wish my dear brother, Marc, a very very Happy Birthday !! He turned 22 yesterday ! Boy, how time flies, it feels like it was just yesterday that we were hitting each other with a broom. Hee.

His birthday fell on the same day I had my convocation, Alhamdulillah. I am now officially a graduate. Hee.

I must have been super excited.

Thank you for being there, Daddy !

I was so touched that she came.

Oh how I miss Nanab.

Wouldn’t have got through it without you, babe.

I returned my robe yesterday itself as I was gonna be working today so I could not take extra photos with me in it.
I am still waiting for the photos from Zana’s camera.

I was so touched that Akey came.
It was her first time driving to Shah Alam.
She drove me back to Presint 11 last night, and was responsible for forcing me into posing for these photos below. Hee.

I had breakfast and early dinner with Mr. Sunshine today before he headed back to his hometown.
Roti Cheese at Restoran Al-Naz Maju at Presint 9 is the bomb.

That’s all for today.
I need to get to bed as I have work tomorrow. Sigh.


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need advice on your medication ?

Currently feeling: Grateful
Currently listening to: You’re My Angel – Switchfoot

I got through all of my papers.
And I am officially done with my degree !
Like, finally !
Six years of ups and downs and downnnnns !

Mummy, even though you’re not here, I know you’d be sooo happy for me, kan ?
Thank you for your faith in me.

To Daddy for your never ending love, support, prayers and advice,
To Marc for keeping me sane whenever I’m on the verge of breaking down,
To Marlene for being there for me, giving me hope and encouragement through almost everything ! ,
To Akey, Gan, and Diana for believing in me when I did not, for never allowing me to give up, and for helping me get through the shitty times ! ,
To Zana and Nanab for everything we have been through together for the past four years,
To Adam for being such a sweetheart.,
To my extra special friends (you people know who you who are) never looked down on me when I felt like everything around me is crumbling down,
To Mr. Sunshine for all the time spent studying with me, for wiping my tears and holding my hands when I let the stress get to me,
And to the rest of the people who has been there for me all this while,
I thank you all from the bottom of heart !!

Sangat surreal okay !
Someone pinch me, please.

Eh, Pharmacy bukan senang tau !



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Currently feeling: Bloated
Currently listening to: Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Az Yet

The only good thing about Over Her Dead Body is Paul Rudd.
Yummy yummy.

The interview’s tomorrow and I’m just only starting on my resume.
Yamin has hers today, I hope she does okay. I know she’ll do okay !
Nervousnya saya !

I feel so bloated that I think I can throw up over and over again.
I overate last night.
I ate enough to sustain me for the whole week. No kidding.

Okay, I need to wake Mr. Sunshine up.
That rarely happens because he’s the one who usually wakes me up so saya bangga sikit. Haha.
But I’m up early because it’s so freaking hot.

Oh, oh, Happy happy birthday Stumpy ku !
Love you babe !
Miss you loads !


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