I am not sure whether any of you had noticed some bickering going on in my blog. If you have not, just ignore this next paragraph. Hehe.
For those who have, I apologize for all the negativity in this Holy month of Ramadhan.
The thing is, I usually rant about that person in my private blog, but I stopped writing altogether over there halfway through my first year at work, so I kinda forgot about the whole point of that blog’s privacy.
It was my mistake to bare it all here, in my public and so-called happy blog. Sorry !
The timing of this situation is actually funny because I just finished reading Marian Keyes’ The Other Side of The Story a few days ago, a book which tells a story about three different characters; Gemma Hogan, Lily Wright and Jojo Harvey, and how their lives intertwined through heartbreak and success.
Gemma and Lily were former best friends. Their friendship was torn apart because Lily stole Anton, whom Gemma thought was her love of her life.
Funny because I can relate to the ‘becoming former best friends’ part except that no boyfriend stealing was involved. :p
I am not going to delete any posts or comments because what’s done is done.
No looking back, those are the words that are frequently told to me by Mr Sunshine and Akey.
I believe that when a relationship turns sour, both parties involved should be blamed and responsible for the damage. So I am in no way saying that I have done nothing wrong at all.
But I’ve done my part to try to rectify things, but it was a breakdown waiting to happen.
I am honestly relieved that it finally did.
So yeah, let’s just put all that nonsense behind because I do not intend to be an attention seeker or perfect baby/budak who always thinks she’s right. 🙂

Moving on, today I received some pretty exciting news (work-related).
I am trying not to keep my hopes up but I sure am hoping for the best !
Semoga dipermudahkan semuanya. Ameen.

How did your first day of Ramadhan go ?
Despite all the drama, I made three simple dishes for berbuka just now. Although I am not fasting, I only drank a few gulps of water throughout the whole day so I was pretty famished by Maghrib. :p
Currently waiting for Mr Sunshine to come back from Tarawih prayers.
I feel bad for waking up at 0530 hours this morning for sahur, even though Mr Sunshine had already told me he only wanted to have bread, I still need to practice waking up to prepare a sahur meal, don’t I ?

I better lie down before this headache of mine gets worse.
Here’s to a better day tomorrow, InshAllah. Ameen.
Bye !


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