I’m alone for tonight. Hubby bubbly is in Kuantan.
He has an enforcement operation to carry out tomorrow and will be back after that, InshaAllah.

We were back in Gombak AND Batu Pahat last weekend.
We reached Gombak late at night on Wednesday, had one Thursday to complete any necessary errands and on Friday we were already on the road to Batu Pahat.
Headed back here on Sunday.
It was a pretty rushed (and tiring) weekend, but we managed to get our original marriage certificate from JAWI as the temporary one we had expires today (OMG we’ve been married for two months already ! Alhamdulillah) .
We got out marriage certification card done too, so that we won’t have to bring along the A4 sized certificate everywhere we go. Alhamdulillah.

It’s sad that I did not have time to meet up with friends.
I miss Akey, my Gombak people, Diana, and Annisa. 🙁
I think I need more than 24 hours in a day !

I don’t think we’d be doing the ‘killing two hometowns with one weekend’ after this.
It will be one hometown at a time, ye sayang ?
Probably once every two months or something like that.
That way, I’m hoping I’d be able to spend some quality time with my family and friends who I rarely get to meet nowadays.

Oh, check out what just came out in the news ! 
Faster promotions for doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

I’m gonna get some sleep now.
I have a feeling tomorrow will be a busy day.


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