Okayyyy it’s about time for an update !
*blows dust off blog*

I’m so sorry for abandoning this space for more than two months ! I wonder if anyone still reads my blog ? Anyone ? Hello ?

*crickets sounds*

These days I always fall asleep earlier than I intend to every night. I usually doze off while putting Khayla to bed, not because I am exhausted or tired but because our bed has become just too comfy since Mr. Sunshine brought our portable air cond from Gombak to Shah Alam. *blushes*
As much as I want to stay up, I just succumb to the cool breeze and comfy mattress, sometimes even BEFORE Khayla dozes off. Haha. So that’s why I have so little to no time to blog. 🙂

Before I start rambling away, this a personal message to Mel Ng, haha.
Mel ! You can connect with me on Instagram (melissaraffur) and Facebook (Melissa Raffur). 😀

Anywayyy, life hasn’t changed so much since I last wrote.
Khayla is officially off the pacifier. Alhamdulillah. I feel that her pacifier has played a role in her frequent fever/flu all this while.

I turned 29 last month. Happy birthday to me ! Do I feel old ? Nope. Haha, with the exception of my osteoarthritic knees, I think I’m doing okayy for a 29-year old. Do I look old ? Haha that’s for you to judge lah. :p

Marc treated me (along with the rest of the family) to some Seoul Garden. Yums ! I was down with stomach poisoning that weekend, but it didn’t stop me from gobbling down all the delicious food.

The sister in-law treated me to some Fullhouse. 🙂

Annisa darling took me to Baci, Citta Mall. 🙂

Mr. Sunshine brought me out on a date to watch Iron Man 3, wheee !

Awww, I feel so blessed. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

I just got back from a getaway to Cherating last weekend with my family (Daddy, Marc, Marlene, Linn & Fahim included !). Cherating brings back a lot sweet memories when arwah Mummy was still around, so it was good to be able to go back there and reminisce.

Khayla and I at our favourite Hai Peng Kopitiam.

Before leaving our Antara Suite at Holiday Villa, Cherating.

 You can view the rest of the photos on Instagram. 🙂

Ok gotta get back to playing the Fishing Game with Khayla.
What Fishing Game ?


Hahahaha. Khayla loves to catch the ‘pish’ and ‘atak’ (masak) them for me.

Ok bye.


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4 Comments on between getting old and old memories.

  1. that good old fishing game, am gonna grab one after this. my baby keeps putting things in his mouth was the reason i kept delaying buying it. the fishing game bring a lot of memories, i was younger than 8 years old when I first saw one. My stepgrandma bought for her grandchildren, and me and my siblings just sit there and look at them playing. Those days money is tight. Nowadays, my son has a lot of stuff to play with. But one thing I noticed, he won’t play with his toys if I don’t play along. Nice education there, a mommy lesson.

  2. Happy birthday mel!!yun pn dah 2 bulan tak update blog!heee.

    Btw u look young la…bila dukung khayla mcm kakak2 je tau..

    Take care! 🙂

  3. mizzyN : Yess, go get it ! That fishing game and also the penguin one, where penguins go up the moving stairs & come swirling down ? Hehe. True, Khayla expects me to play with her all the time. We should start thinking about giving them a sibling, hehe.

    Yun ! Thank youuu ! Haha ye ke, thank you, Alhamdulillah. 🙂

    Mel: Yayyy ! It’s so good to hear from you ! Thanks darling ! 😉

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