Thank you for 365 days of blissful married life, my Sunshine !
Let’s pray for another 365 x 1000 days more. InshaAllah. 🙂
Love you sangat banyak !

Oh oh, this one’s for you. 😀

P.S: I sense another vacation around the corner, could my instincts be fooling me sayang ? Hehe.


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9 Comments on baby, we’re one !

  1. Rasa macam baru semalam wedding kita. May the freshness of our love always remain.. Happy anniversary and thank you for being my friend, my love and my life..I love you with all my heart. So ke mana kita this weekend? 🙂

  2. Aauuww… sweet! Congrats Mr n Mrs Sunshine on your 1st wedding anniversary! May you have many, many more of this special day, InsyaAllah.

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