Hello everyone. I’m writing from my hotel room in Sutera Inn, Kota Bharu where I’m accompanying Mr. Sunshine who’s attending a course here.
This would be our first stay at a hotel with Dian Khayla, and I have been adjusting the air-cond temperature every two minutes (yes, exactly two minutes) because I’m worried that she’ll freeze or fall sick.
Another worry is that how am I gonna bathe Khayla tomorrow morning. Most of the people I’ve asked have told me I could use the sink, but I have little confidence in my abilities to bathe her in such a small space.

How lah ?

We’re fortunate that the room they provided us with comes with one queen-sized bed plus a twin-sized one. I’m planning to put Dian Khayla to sleep on the twin-sized bed, surrounded by lots of pillows so she won’t roll and fall off the bed. Choy !
She can’t exactly ‘roll’ yet lah kan, but there have been a few mornings on which I have woken up to find her head not on her pillow anymore and her legs and butt were off her mattress !
It’s a good thing we’re all sleeping on the floor at home. Hehe.

I’m such a worry wart.

There’s a peculiar stench in this room. Hmm.


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4 Comments on babies don’t really need to bathe, right ?

  1. Mel, i sometimes bathe Aydan using the shower head… his legs are strong now. so quite easy, i hold him tummy down, then using another hand, sabun2 my hubby will help rinse.. good luck! x pun wipe guna towel and warm water =)

  2. sink works! i’ve seen it happen. or towel bath? it’s better than nothing.

    also, ryc: i wish i could look back and see more sweet/happy memories but right now, all i see is nothing. literally a big black void. i think i just have this way of blocking out all the bad things. in a way i guess that’s a step up from being ridden with regret? idk. it’s strange… for a living breathing girl, i sure feel more of a robot. hmm. but i suppose some day the sun will come out and all that jazz. i only wonder when…

  3. Dina: Oh I’ve never tried that, maybe because I don’t have a shower head here in Terengganu. I shall make a note to try it when I am back in Gombak. :))

    Mel: The sink wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Hehehe.

    Ana: Itu lah ek, bila dah try, senang plak. Sbb tak pernah try tu yg rasa intimidated kot. Hee. 🙂

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