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On Monday, I was elected as the Assistant Head of the PRPs. Why they need an assistant head ? Beats me.

On Tuesday, my head did not hurt. It felt good. It was on that day too which I found out that the current tenant in the apartment I’m supposed to be moving into next month have decided not to move out. *straight face*

On Wednesday (today), our Pharmacy Department had a Jamuan Aidilfitri. I was responsible for preparing the drinks for the guests. Unfortunately, it was too sweet for their liking. *blushes*
Oh, my head did hurt.


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2 Comments on assistant head.

  1. Darling, don’t worry, 80% will stick with government.. sebab when I think again, I should be grateful la kan sebab dapat keja, better than nothing so buat apa nak susah2 masuk pvt. cuma kena improve diri sdn and try to apply post yg tinggi sket.. huhu..

    tanx dear…
    love u !!!

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