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As of tomorrow, I am officially unemployed.
I was a tad emotional at work just now, not because it was my last day but because it was today that I managed to finish reading Marian Keyes’ Angels and the ending actually brought tears to my eyes (laugh all you want). I was also in tears when a lady, who during her last visit to the pharmacy had gotten to know about Mummy’s passing, came and while stroking my arm she said, “Kesian dia dah tak ada mak tau” to her friend.

I hope SPA or KKM won’t take too long to send us those offer letters otherwise they’d have to deal with my slow-working brain cells.

Looks like I’m gonna be fairly busy for the next three days with a dentist appointment, a dinner with the Gombak people, a dinner with the family and a one-whole-day (or half) date with Mr. Sunshine.

Then it’ll be Monday where I need to start fasting as I have another six more days to ganti. Not to forget, another thirty days of nazar.

My whole body’s aching.
I long for a massage. *hint hint*

So now I can finally laze around at home like most of my classmates.
Woohoo ?


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