I have been on leave for three weeks now, to finish what’s left of my annual leave this year.

I am in the midst of packing up and will be moving out of here by the end of next week, InshaAllah. We have stopped sending Khayla to the babysitter since early this month, making me a temporary SAHM. Mum in-law was here last week, so I had a helping hand in getting most of our stuff into boxes, Alhamdulillah.

There are about 10 boxes so far.

As next week approaches, I am slowly starting to feel a bit pensive. It’s gonna be tough being apart from Mr. Sunshine. :'( I can only pray that he gets transferred to KL/Selangor ASAP. Ameen.
I’ve gotta get my emotions in check because I don’t want Mr. Sunshine to get all worried because of me. I’ve gotta be strong !
It must be even harder for Mr. Sunshine, being away from not only his family, but me (cewah !) & Khayla as well. *nangis*

I have spoken to the person in the Ministry of Health’s HR department who is in charge of my pelepasan dengan izin and she is trying to speed up the process. I need to report for duty in UiTM in January, by hook or by crook !

I miss Mr. Sunshine already ! Is this normal ??

I shall go sit in one corner and mope until Khayla wakes up.



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7 Comments on and we’re packing.

  1. be strong dik..i’ve been apart for almost 2 years..hehehe..

    so ull be staying with family in gombak ke? ulang alik gombak shah alam ke?

    for your future, i know u will be strong automatically…trust me! and khayla will be a good girl as she knows her father is not around..

  2. wait, are you and your husband going to be apart for a bit? i mean, is he going out of state to work or something? think i might’ve missed that bit…

    also, i think being a sahm is the best(!) ultimately, i would want nothing more out of life but i get that it can be pretty daunting. trick is to just get on with it and cross your bridges when you get to them.

    keep faith. everything will be all right, alright??! 😀 *big biiiiig hug*

    p.s. and when you’re ever in kl, we should plan a meet! it’d be so awesome to meet mini mel.

  3. Noe: Eh no lah, they offered me a post a pharmacist at their Pusat Kesihatan. 🙂

    Zurai: Isk, hats off kat akak ! I don’t know how you’re doing it, you’re so strong ! Yeah, stay kat Gombak dulu, ulang alik. 🙂
    Ameen to Khayla being a good girl. 🙂

    Mel: Yeaaaa, I’m moving back to Gombak and my husband will be remaining in Terengganu until he gets transferred. Sobs. Being a SAHM is a full time job, tiring, yet so fulfilling. :))
    Thanks Mel. HUGGGGs ! And yes, we should meet up. Would love to meet the other Mel. Hehe. :))

  4. owh thats great!keep up your good work, a great mommy and a pharmacist (kat Uitm lg busy kot ea)Puncak Alam la kan..?anyway goodluck, wish u’ll do better cos dh dpt blk KL =D takecare,hugss to khayla

  5. hi mel.
    already get the babysitter for kayla?
    be strong ok. as being apart it will make ur love more even stronger & rindu rinduan…hehehe. who knows kayla can have bro or sis after that? hehehehe

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