I am back in Kuala Berang with Mr Sunshine and Dian Khayla.

Mr Sunshine started work last Wednesday which means I have been left alone at home during the day with Khayla for two days already.

It’s just you and me, baby. 🙂

Khayla has not been sleeping much during the day for the past two weeks (about half an hour at a time and a maximum of 1.5 hours in total), but she has been sleeping for longer stretches at night (3-4 hours). This is a total opposite from how she was a month ago when she would sleep soundly during the day and have trouble going to bed at night, Alhamdulillah. However, without anyone around during the day, it can get pretty hectic because I have to squeeze eating, bathing, house chores etc within her short naps. Not easy !

I am still trying to adapt to the daily lack of sleep and panda eyes that come with taking care of a baby. I think I’m starting to look something like this now..

Tetap maintain comel ok. Hehe.

Mr. Sunshine stopped in Kuantan on our way back to Terengganu last Sunday and Khayla had her first official (brief) outing !
She was awake and enjoyed sightseeing while Mr Sunshine carried her around Berjaya Megamall but dozed off as soon as our Kenny Rogers’ meals arrived, as if she was giving her parents a chance to eat together, peacefully. Hehe. Oh, but not before she was fed. It was my first time breastfeeding in public and I managed to be discreet about it, thanks to my hijab and nursing blouse I bought from Autumnz. 🙂

Khayla, asleep in Kenny Rogers. 🙂

Speaking of breastfeeding, I’ve encountered a few humps in my breastfeeding journey. Hyperlactation (only in my left breast), just to name one. Khayla frequently has a difficult time feeding comfortably due to that. She’s also the type who wants to be fed at frequent intervals, so it can get pretty exhausting for me. Overfeeding and reflux has been an occasional problem for us, because it comes with projectile vomiting. How can you not panic when your one month old’s vomit ‘flies’ almost half a meter across the room and comes out through her nose too ?

I am hoping to be able to exclusively breastfeed Khayla for at least 6 months, even better if I can continue to do so until she’s two, InshaAllah.
But I haven’t started to store any expressed breast milk (EBM) yet, so that’s definitely a cause for worry for me !
I tried expressing my milk last week while we were in Gombak and had trouble trying to give Khayla the milk through a bottle. She refused the bottle if I was the one holding it, but was drinking fine for two days when Lene fed her. So far, I haven’t tried again. But I know I will have to real soon ! I’m currently trying to find time to express milk when I am alone at home with Khayla, but without any success. Gulp.

Gotta stay positive !

My maternity leave ends in about a month’s time and we haven’t found a babysitter yet. Mr Sunshine and I better do something about this, pronto !
I cannot imagine having to leave my baby with someone else. Sobs. 🙁
I have no idea where to start when it comes to searching for a babysitter here in Kuala Berang. 🙁

Gotta stay positive !

Who am I trying to kid, those who know me well know that optimism and I don’t go hand in hand. Hehe.

I am aware that this whole post is about Khayla, but at the moment there’s nothing interesting going on in my life except for her, so please bear with me. Hehe.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Bye !


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3 Comments on and it’s down to the three of us

  1. Mel: Dian is just like Aydan during the day. short naps!!! i sometimes find myself cutting my shower time short (x sabun satu badan properly / gosok gigi laju2) cos takut baby crying n all =( as for me, eventho im not working, i do try to pump at night, when Aydan is sleeping. i read somewhere that d most optimum time to pump is between 12am-6am… prolactin at highest level, something like dat… sometimes when im lucky Aydan will sleep early at 9pm/10pm… that’s the time i can finally rest while pumping… anyways, goodluck with stocking up!

    p/s: I have panda eyes too!! gotta go get a good concealer in case i need to go out.. hehe. oh and Dian is soo chubby berketak2 like Aydan. dah brp kg dah dia?

  2. Yea, everyday I mandi kerbau during the day ! Hehe. I haven’e had the chance to really start pumping yet and like you, I only have a one-door fridge here in Kuala Berang. Pening ni.
    At her last checkup, she was 4.2 kgs, but I’m guessing she’s weighing way more than that now !

  3. hi!! the picture (on my blog) was taken at pangkor laut resort and it’s perfectly alright for you to be writing about mummyhood. i’d be doing the same if i were right where you are in life. no need for apologies! and yes, while we all belong to the same circle of pessimists, i think it’s time for you to better your optimistic act because it’s not good for mums to be seen being “negative.” lol. don’t worry. things will fall into place in time but all the best in locking down a babysitter! i know leaving your child in the care of someone else must not be easy.

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