Day 45.
Confinement is over, baby !

I am back in Gombak. Home sweet home. Nothing feels better than being back here. It would be great if Mr. Sunshine could be here with me, but this is good enough. Alhamdulillah.

On our way back to Gombak from Batu Pahat. 🙂

My confinement period was not as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe because my mum in-law wasn’t so strict and I wasn’t so strict on myself either ! Haha.

Diet – I had fish on most days, which is an achievement for someone who is not a fan of fish. I am more of a chicken person. Now that the confinement period is over, I am thinking of staying away from fish dishes for a year. Haha. I had to stay away from ‘cooling’ food (I still don’t understand this concept of heaty and cooling food) and food that will make my episiotomy wound itch. I was supposed to limit my fluid intake, but I found that ridiculous, how can I breastfeed and avoid constipation without drinking sufficient water ? So I chugged down at least 2 liters of water a day.

Urut – I was actually looking forward to this part of the confinement only to realize that it is not pleasant at all ! It was super painful ! I wasn’t excited about the following urut sessions.

Bengkung – I quite enjoyed being wrapped in a bengkung. The only problem I had with it was having to remove and put it back on when I go to the toilet. I am still wearing my bengkung now. 🙂

Param and pilis – Hate them. Full stop.

Socks – I took them off everytime I went to bed. I like to rub my feet against each other before I go to bed, so wearing socks was out of the question. Haha.

So far I have lost only about 9 kgs. I have 7 kgs more to lose to get to my pre pregnancy weight. Right now it’s looking like an impossible feat.

Baby Dian Khayla is doing good, Alhamdulillah. She’s still fully breastfed and at her one month check up, she weighed 4.2 kgs.

Khayla after her one month check up.

She almost lost her voice a couple of days ago which I think is due to all the crying she has been doing. She is the type of baby who really, really cries with all her heart. Hehe.
She smiles and laugh occasionally, loves her bath time but hates having to put on her clothes after that. She usually sleeps through the day and stays up through the night. Except for these past few days where she had no trouble going to bed at night because she was awake most of the time in the day.
Today might be different, because she’s asleep now.

Motherhood (and breastfeeding !) is challenging. But I feel blessed for every single second of it. Alhamdulillah.

Khayla’s awake, gotta go now, bye !


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10 Comments on and i’m free !

  1. no idea what bengkung is. neither param nor pilis : but i’m glad your confinement period’s over. didn’t sound like you enjoyed it too much? haha. i like that dress on dian. sho cute!

  2. Diet – after 45 days…. i x ambik ice till my baby 7th month…that’s good… btw my mom + mak teh during confinement they allows me drinks lotsa water,but air suam…which is sooo ok la… air suam/kopi/susu…

    Urut – this is my best part… myb ur tukang urut x berapa pandai kowt… i miss my urut mengurut time

    Bengkung- good…but after confine ment,siang i pki yg strap but with the herbs skali…malam jer berbelit…

    Param and pilis – i didn’t take it till i start working

    Socks – ini kita ada habit sama… i always curi2 tanggalkan… gataiii lorr my tapak kaki…

  3. Amelyn & Aida: Alhamdulillah. 🙂

    Mel: A bengkung is actually a body wrap, something like a tummy binder to help reduce tummy flab. Param & pilis, they’re herbal powders made into pastes and applied on your body and face to keep your body warm. They fall all over when they’ve dried ! So unpleasant. Well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s over too ! Haha. Thanks darling !

    Red Clutch: Minum ice dgn minum air sejuk lain tak Ana ? Teringin sangat nak minum chilled drinks !

  4. Homaigod!! Mel… u still wear ur bengkung until now? Salute! Salute! heheh… i gave up already lah… occasionally i’ll put on my modern avon corset n girdle courtesy of my mom… am thinking of getting dat expensive premium beautiful corset but is it worth it? i dunno =( being fat sucks! =( boohoo

  5. Bestnye tgk tgn Dian . Berketak – ketak . jgn lupe selang @ ajar Dian minum pakai botol jgk sbb kebanyakn bb breastfeed susah nk pakai botol lps kite start keje . mcm anak syikin n few mbers here, anak tak menyusu la kat umah BS, sbb refuse bottle, nk direct jek, so skrg da ilang segala ketak2 di badannya . huhuhu

  6. Dina, I have stopped using my bengkung now ! Haha. I have this Audrey corset which I occasionally (more like rarely, actually, haha) put on. I have thought abt PB too, but haven’t got the green light from hubby yet. My butt and hips are humongous ! Sobs.

    Syikin: Hehe baiklah. Dah try ajar last week, challenging jugak eh. Hopefully dia accept botol lah before naik kerja ni. Ameen. Thanks Syikin ! 🙂

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