Dian Khayla binti Mohd Syafiq
Dian – “Light, Cahaya
Khayla – “Beautiful, Cantik

My Beautiful Light with her Ayah a.k.a Mr. Sunshine. 🙂

Ramadhan blessing: Seeing my daughter smile in her sleep. Subhanallah. 🙂


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8 Comments on and her name is…

  1. It’s such a beautiful and meaningful name, my dear. Your baby girl deserves the very best, that’s for sure…..

  2. Finally!!! Melissa announces baby’s name! yeay!!! Dian Khayla, ur so lucky to be blessed with a beautiful name n a beautiful mommy too… may she grow up to be a wonderful Muslimah insyaAllah… =) nanti boleh kawan dgn Zabi Aydan k… hehe

  3. How proud am I of you. This one is gonna be a beauty just like her mum. And can I say right now she looks just like her dad 🙂
    Welcome to the world Dian!!!

  4. Yeah, Dian Khayla looks exactly like her Ayah…..and I’m so glad that she’s a ‘Leo’ too, just like me…..

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