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It’s Mummy’s birthday today.
Happy birthday Mummy. You’d be 58 if you were still around.
Tomorrow would mark 2 years since you’ve been gone. Why hasn’t time healed anything ?
I want you to know that I miss you to death.
There are times I still hear your laughs and can still see your face around.
I miss you.
I miss you !
Oh, I miss you so terribly.

Well, hello dear blog of mine,
I apologize for abandoning you for the past week or so.
It’s just that things have been just a little crazy lately.
But I am back, feeling stuffed as I had 7 pieces for drummets for buka (yeah, I still haven’t finished ganti-ing my puasa) and am ready to rant about whatever that had been going on.

That paragraph was really unnecessary, wasn’t it ?

Okay, I started off last week (Monday) by getting my stitches removed.
Initially I was really anxious on whether I was gonna bleed or be in severe pain or if the swelling’s gonna get worse, but it turned out the whole process took less than a minute and it was painless.
As at today, I still feel uncomfortable once in awhile as the wound is still healing but it’s bearable !
Right after my dentist appointment, Lene and I took the LRT to The Curve and there was where we met Baby and her Mr. A for the Zombie Apocalypse a coffee and gossip session.
We had real fun and this time we didn’t forget to snap piccies !

Just in case you people didn’t know, Baby was one of the few friends I made in Form I while I was (briefly) in Kuala Selangor Science School. So she has witnessed me at my worst. Hint: Faint spells and incessant crying episodes. Malunya ! We met again in UiTM. Small world eh ?
Oh, and her dad and Daddy know each other.
A few more pictures from the night.

Cheryl had her birthday/graduation party last Friday night at The National Press Club. There was buffet dinner and and I think I might have overdosed on the Coke refills. There was karaoke too.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations again, babe !

The happy couple.

Bryan drove us home that night and we had a series of photo snapped in the car.
This is my favourite.

The Pretend to Laugh Pose. We’re pretty good aren’t we ? Haha.

Woke up last Saturday with Daddy at my door holding a huge white envelope saying, “The letter is here !”.
I jumped straight out of bed and took it from him and ripped it open.
It was the offer letter from SPA. Finally ! Alhamdulillah.
The letter came with a few forms I needed to fill in, including one that needs a Commissioner for Oaths’ signature too. There’s also a need for me to go for a medical check up which (I just found out) can only be done in a governmental hospital or clinic. I initially thought of going to the same private clinic I went to before my UiTM admission. Sigh.
Okay so the letter had all that, but not the date of when I have to report for duty or the whereabouts of my placement.
That I’ll know in another letter, which will be from KKM.
Oh sigh, all this waiting is really sucks.
It can’t be healthy to be all anxious 24 hours a day, right ?
It’s affecting my mood and my energy level.
Okay maybe my energy level is just being attacked by the lazy bug.

I am seriously sangat lazy lah nowadays okay.
I sit at home and do nothing.
Haven’t been working out for a few days now.
I do take evening walks with the sister but somehow I don’t think that’s barely enough the intensity to get my heart pumping hard.
I hate the fact that you can lose muscle mass so quickly !
Oh sigh.

Mr. Sunshine was in town since last week, staying at his best friend’s place in Seri Kembangan.
Was out with him yesterday (and a few days last week – bliss).

On our date yesterday, I experimented with a new hairband I bought a few weeks ago. I’m used to wearing hairbands with my fringe sticking out (?) but yesterday I decided to sweep all of my hair back.
I didn’t like the end result.

How many foreheads do I have lah ? Eiii.

Obviously, I had it taken off by the middle of the day. I walked around with flat hair but I suppose flat hair is better than multiple alien-like foreheads, right ?
We watched Penelope. I enjoyed it.
I had Nando’s for buka last night and it was absolutely heavenly to be able to chew and chomp on chicken. Yummeh ! Hee.

Chew chew chomp chomp !

Me: Awak ! Tunggulah kejap, saya tak habis makan lagi ni.
Him: (Snaps photo)
Me: Ergggh. Bak sini tengokk ! (Grabs camera)
Him: *straight face*
Me: Haha muka awak tak ada, padan muka !

A happy chicken lover and her boyfriend who still can’t seem to get his entire face in the picture.

There has been slight tension between us for the past few days because he was superbly busy with a couple of things he had to settle here, and I felt, well, neglected. Or in other words, mengada.
Biarlah aku nak mengada dengan boyfriend aku kan. Dia suka pujuk. Yay ! Hee.
But he’s back in his hometown right now. Sobs.

Oh, dear boyfriend ku, saya support awak !

I have been really hormonal this past month. What am I talking about ? I am always hormonal.
But my menses were a week early.
My face is starting to look like a pizza with extra pepperoni and cheese.
And I have been wasting way too much of my tears.

A friend came up with something really unexpected recently and it kinda hurt my feelings.
Oh well, people change.
But don’t you think your reason was a pretty superficial one ?

I loved Wall E.


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