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I have two more days at Tanglin and on Friday I’ll be back in Putrajaya.
I am trying my very best to keep my spirits up.
I am starting to think my best is barely enough.

Chocolates are evil.
Not only do they give you that much needed orgasmic endorphin rush, they also leave you (okay, maybe only me) with this huge guilt of having consuming so much of them.
Bad chocolate, bad !

It has been almost a year since Mr. Sunshine and I got together. A month to it being a year, actually.
It’s hard to believe as I never thought we would even pass the six months mark. I mean, I was still hung up over the ex when we first got together, I thought it was gonna be (another) rebound relationship.
But, Alhamdulillah. *heart smiles*

I bumped into Heikal last Friday when I was out with Mr. Sunshine. We exchanged hugs and had a short talk.
It was good to meet him after all that had happened.
It’s nice to know we are still on talking (and hugging) terms.

I have people telling me that I have to be more thick-skinned.
I need a lesson or two on how.

My PMS symptoms are slowly dissipating. I think.
I’m back to my normal moody self.


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4 Comments on all cried out.

  1. Lesson 1 on how to be thick skinned: Pretend that you don’t give a shit and if you pretend enough you’ll soon start to believe it 🙂

    Btw Chocolates are GOOD melissa, GOOOOOOD. 😛

    Don’t worry about going back to that place, you just chin up and pray hard and before you know it you’ll be out. Love youuu!

  2. Feli: Sounds easy ? Hehe. Thanks dear !
    I know they’re good, too good !

    Baby: Oooh, that’s good, did you guys talk ?

    Thick skinned sister: Cannot meh ?

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