Hi hello.
Whew, it’s Thursday, 5th day of Syawal.
Time sure flies.

Here’s how my Raya went so far.

1st Syawal.

At home before leaving for Shah Alam.

In Shah Alam.

Marc displayed his paternal skills. 
 Daddy being bullied by Rashid. Hehe.
 Alya and I acting cute. Yay ! Hehe.
A couple of attempts, and this was the only one which had most of Daddy’s face in it. Hee.
 At Baby’s.

2nd Syawal

Marc, Lene, Linn and I went to watch The Ugly Truth at One Utama.


4th Syawal 

 Akey knows how to tempt me.

I also went to beraya from house to house yesterday and had a karaoke session while I was in my kebaya !

Mr. Sunshine had to be back in Kemaman on the 2nd day of Syawal. So I did not get to pay a visit to him and family in Batu Pahat. 🙁
I am hoping that there would be a chance for me to do so before the month of Syawal ends.


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