OK so I guess I am no superwoman.

I worked the night shift on Friday night, then had a few hours of shut-eye then headed to Aunty Maziey’s place for her usual Raya open house yesterday.
I am currently working, and am feeling fatigued.

Just look at how I was looking like when everyone was happily enjoying the open house.

Half asleep while filling my glass some more.

Ok was not actually half asleep, this was a candid shot and my eyes blinked. 

Despite feeling terribly sleepy, I did not have any trouble going for seconds (and thirds) at the dining table.
While Faiz was talking about his battle to resist food during this Raya season, I was happily gobbling down mutton, chicken, paru, prawns, beef and rice. 
My diet always starts tomorrow, you see. 🙂

I did not get to snap a lot of photos while I was there for a few reasons. Firstly because I was tired, secondly because I did not have that much time on me and lastly because I was not exactly looking my best due to the lack of sleep, my eyes look horrible in every photo ! But here are some..


I took a half an hour nap (after eating, I’m so smart ! *straight face*) but I have a feeling it is barely sufficient.
Maybe I need to start taking some jamu or herbs for energy and vitality ?

I am sooooooo sleeeepppppyyyyyy !
Four more hours to go.


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