I was supposed to go to bed at 2100 hours just now but the 1 hour I put aside for packing turned into more than a 2-hour thingy because Marc & Lene called me every 5 minutes to check on how to set up the new wireless router they just bought.
They called me on the house phone so every time it rang I had to run from my bedroom to the living room to pick it up. I think I got enough exercise by just doing that. :p
Managed to help them through it and now I feel like an IT expert. Hahaha.
Kak Siti, Kak Liza, Abang Atan, Marc & I chipped in to get Daddy a new Acer notebook, I can imagine him being so excited about it especially after not being able to go online for so long because his PC had gone kaput.
Lene told me that Daddy had asked her, “Kalau wifi boleh wireless ke dik ?” Hehehe so cute lah my Daddy !
I’d be seeing all of them tomorrow ! InshaAllah. It has been two months since we’ve last been home. 🙁
Mr Sunshine and I plan to leave as early as possible, so I gotta get enough sleep because I get really cranky when I don’t.
Goodnight everyone !
Salam Aidiladha. 🙂

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