This morning I had to send Khayla to the nursery because Mr. Sunshine has some work to do outside of KL. She didn’t shed a single tear, as a matter of fact she was pretty calm when she was in the arms of her teacher, while we were both talking to each other. The teacher was telling me that Khayla loves to pinch the other babies (T___________T) and that she can be quite fierce (garang) with them. *slaps forehead*
Aiyoooo, how come lah like that ?! But apparently it’s just ‘cubit-cubit sayang‘ with her friends there.
She also told me that Khayla has a big appetite. No surprise there. Hehe.

Looking at how Khayla is with her teachers and friends at the nursery, it pains me to have to put her through another phase of adjusting to a new sitter. Yes, Alhamdulillah we have found someone who is willing to take care of Khayla once we move to Shah Alam. Khayla does not wail in strangers’ arms anymore (unless she’s in a crowded place, or is hungry/sleepy), but she does take quite some time to warm up to strangers. I can only pray the sitter would have the patience to handle Khayla and that it’ll be a smooth transition for Khayla. Ameen.

I’ve been having mixed feelings about moving out from Gombak.

The cons:

1. I won’t get to see Daddy (and Lene) on a daily basis anymore.
2. I won’t have anyone around to help me keep an eye on Khayla when Mr. Sunshine goes outstation, which is like, all the time. Boohoo !
3. Khayla will have to learn to adjust to the new house, surroundings and sitter.
4. Heck, all of us will have to adjust to the new surroundings and neighbours.

The pros:
1. I would (hopefully) save time and energy because the place we’ll be renting is pretty near to my workplace. I’m hoping to get to save on expenditure, in terms of fuel and toll, but then the rent is pretty high and there will be utilities to pay for too.
2. More ‘family time’ for me, Mr. Sunshine and Khayla. More privacy ?
3. It would be easier for my in-laws to come over.

So yeah, mixed feelings. Hmm.


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5 Comments on adjustments.

  1. the pros pn not that bad…if hubs is outstation and i believe ur dad is welcoming u to stay at gombak for a while 🙂

    so after this farouq will lose 1 nurserymate la ek..hehehe

  2. Hey u know what, ZA loves to pinch other kids too. If not pinch, squeeze? Haha. I read somewhere that toddlers their age see other babies/toddlers as objects, not people, hence the curiosity to pinch and treat babies n toddlers like ‘things’ or toys. LOL. dats why ZA pernah ‘bite’ his cousin d other day. *shudders at the thought of him doing this all the time, then nobody would wanna play with him* oh, good luck with d move babe… i hope it will be a smooth one for u and DK especially. cheer up… think about all the pros that u just highlighted… bout missing ur family, u can always go to gombak on weekends so DK can spend time with her grandad n aunty =)

  3. Aida: Section belas-belas lah kat Shah Alam tu. Haha.

    Dina: Really ? Ok so it’s normal lah, haha. I guess it’s a phase they all go through. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a habit ! It’s actually not so much about missing the family, it’s about getting to keep an eye on my dad who has diabetes+neart problems. Tsk.

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