It finally poured and I am feeling calmer than I was yesterday.
Mr Sunshine will be back late tonight, he’s playing futsal tonight.

I have six days worth of work clothes to iron. Six because I am working this coming weekend. Plus four days of Mr Sunshine’s shirts. Ironing shirts is just not my forte.
They appear the same before and after ironing !
I usually iron for the whole working week straight but yesterday’s hot weather did not allow me to stand and perspire for an hour.

Last Thursday morning, I was shocked to receive a text message from Lene, telling me that Marc met an accident.

She consoled me by letting me know he was alright, but the car was not.
I knew I had to be home.
When I called Mr Sunshine to let him know, he suggested we drive back and leave my car with Marc to use until the repairs are done. So, I took the afternoon off, drove to Kuala Terengganu to meet Mr Sunshine after he was done with work. We parked his car at the airport and started driving home in my car.
We reached Gombak just after midnight.

On Friday morning, we went to the workshop as I had to sign a few insurance documents, and they needed a copy of my MyKad as the Kelisa is in my name.
Note to self: Add Marc’s name in the insurance policy the next time I renew it.

Poor Kelisa. 🙁
Apparently, the accident happened while Marc was on his way to work, stuck in a jam in Jalan Kuching, when a stupid Myvi abruptly cut into Marc’s lane without signaling, then the car in front of the stupid Myvi suddenly braked. The stupid Myvi drove into the car in front of it, and yes you guessed it, Marc drove into the stupid Myvi. 🙁
The stupid driver of the Myvi was literally shivering after that. I know because Marc recorded her crying and admitting her fault.
Poor Marc.
I am just grateful that he did not get hurt.

Lesson of the week: DRIVE SAFELY PEOPLE !!

We took the first flight back to Terengganu yesterday morning.
We were definitely burned out by the time we got back.
I don’t think we have even recovered from traveling to Batu Pahat the previous weekend, and KL the week before that.

I think I need a day off just to sleep. Hehe.

Oh yes, I have not told you people about my weekend in Batu Pahat, Mr Sunshine’s hometown.
I had a great time with good company and good food.
We went shopping for a handbag for my mother in-law at Batu Pahat Mall after watching Prince of Persia which was absolutely fun !
It’s a pity one of Mr Sunshine’s sister, Syahieda couldn’t be with us as she is in Perak doing her practical.

Razy, Angah and I with our Coolblogs. 😀

We managed to attend Che Wan’s wedding while we were there too.  Che Wan is Mr Sunshine’s friend while he was a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah for three months.

Speaking of weddings, I am very disappointed that I have missed so many of my friends’ weddings because I am so far away. :'(

We bought more than a trunk load of kerepek for those who ordered them back in Terengganu !

When I distributed them to the staff here, they told me to buy myself an MPV because they’ll be ordering more for Aidilfitri. Yikes.

Mr Sunshine brought me to Tongkang Pechah to see his old house and his primary school.

My mother in-law can cook up a delicious meal for seven in less than an hour ! So cool.
She packed assam pedas for us to have on our way back to Terengganu. 🙂

And here I am finishing the scrumptious assam pedas at Kuantan’s R&R.
Sedap hingga menjilat jari ! 😀

Have you guys given Pizza Hut’s Fish Prawn King Pizza a try ?

You should ! So yummy ! And take note that this is coming from a chicken fanatic. 😀

Ok bye.


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