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Hello all.
This would be my first post for 2009.
Before I go on, I hope it’s not too late to wish you all a very Happy 2009. Hope all of you had a smashing start to the New Year and here’s to an equally smashing year ahead.

How did I usher in the New Year ?
Well, I was wrapped in the arms of my comfy blanket and was far far away in dreamland.
I dozed off early on New Year’s eve night, after a couple of rounds of sparkling wine with Daddy and Marc. Lene was in Penang with her friend’s family.
We were supposed to join Faiz, Faizal and the rest of the cousins but Daddy did not feel like it so we stayed in to keep him company.
I still remember those days when I used to feel like a loser if I had no plans for New Year’s/Merdeka etc. Nowadays, I am content even if I do not get to watch the fireworks or stay up until midnight.
Boy, I feel old.

Mr. Sunshine came down to see me on New Year’s day and we spent almost 3 full days together. I had help from Sal to drive me to LCCT to pick him up. We went shopping, watched Bedtime Stories and indulged in a sinfully huge amount of food from buffet breakfast, TGIF three course meals, Swensen’s baked rice and ice cream, McDonald’s Prosperity Burger meal and (unnecessary) snacks in between all weekend long. Crazy, right ? I gained 2 kgs over the weekend.

Oh oh, we also made a trip to the Zoo last Sunday just before he headed back.
He did all the driving.
I had a panic attack on the (one) night he let me drive in Damansara. I was crying (shrieking, to be exact) all the way and I was only at the wheel for 30 minutes.

I miss him so much already.

My driving skills have slightly improved. I actually drove to KLPac, Sentul to send Lene to work and also to pick her up after she finished. Sentul is a car-crazy place !

I was on medical leave yesterday and slept halfway through work today. I have been feeling a bit under the weather since Mr. Sunshine left. Sobs.

I have a couple of resolutions this year but I am not planning to disclose them, just don’t wanna jinx anything. Haha.


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  1. OMG how can both of u eat so much food la dear !!!~ arghhh… jeles ni…jeles… (im not saying u fat ok..) even nak mkn burger kat chili’s pon tak abes… rugi2.. damn rugi !

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