Well, my 1st day of fasting is going ok so far. Alhamdulillah.
It might be due to the fact that I took the day off today.
The real challenge of fasting would be tomorrow.

To start things, thought I’d share a picture of me which Mr. Sunshine took this morning. 🙂

A sleep-deprived me at 36 weeks and 5 days. 🙂

I had my weekly antenatal checkup this morning and my blood pressure was on the low side, 90/60mmHg.
It was probably a result of staying up too late last night.
Lack of sleep = exhaustion.

Mr. Sunshine and I had pizza, pasta & chicken wings from Pizza Hut for dinner plus a few slices of Sarawak layer cake for dessert last night, so we decided to just have something to drink for sahur.
I have always been used to not eating and only drinking plain water for sahur, but this morning I had milk, since milk has been my staple breakfast for the past 9 months. 🙂

I don’t usually have dates for sahur or berbuka. But this year, because of how good they are for baby and I, I have vowed to try to incorporate dates into my diet, however distasteful they are to me. :p
Mr. Sunshine bought Chocodates, which are dates covered with chocolate and almonds replacing the seeds of the dates.

I think it’s an awesome alternative for people (who don’t fancy dates) like me. 🙂

Oooooh, guess what arrived in the mail yesterday ?


My post natal set and tummy binder (bengkung) !

Bought from Kak Engku.

After considering online reviews and advice from friends and family, I’ve opted for the post natal set from Nona Roguy. I don’t know whether I’d be able to follow through with the whole set but it’s worth a try. 🙂

These arrived too..

From FabulousMom. 🙂

And as you can see, I’ve chosen the Spectra 3 breast pump (with the extra breast shield set for dual pumping). I gave the pump a try last night, it’s not as noisy as I had expected it to be. I can’t comment on it’s milk expression efficiency yet though. Hehe.

Mr Sunshine has disallowed me from cooking, hence I haven’t got a clue what we’ll be having for berbuka today. I am more than willing to prepare a berbuka meal for us, but I guess not today.

Just a few more hours to go, I can do it !

Ramadhan blessing: Listening to the heartbeat of my baby through a fetal doppler. Subhanallah.


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  1. yeay for melissa! tapi u ada beli chiller tak? nak letak susu while working nnti..
    happy breastfeeding babe! the best journey ever..hihiihi

    p/s: nursing bra kena beli banyak2 sket..u gona wear it for 2 years..if u plan to:)

  2. Yay for me ! Hehe. You mean like a cooler tote ? Yeah, it came with the package. 🙂
    Haha, yeah, I’m planning to buy more of the bras, just wanted to see if the size was ok first. 🙂

    Thanks darling ! 🙂

  3. Melissa! dina pun shopping for nursing bras kat fabulous mom haritu… i think their nursing bras are much more comfortable as compared to autumnz… plus they’re cheap too! but if i have extra money i would love to invest in a few mothercare nursing bras… i did try them on… n they’re d best! but then again, we have to see what happens when our milk production betul2 keluar kan? =)

    oh b4 i forget… do u mind sharing with me where ur hubby got those chocodates? i would love to buy them too… nampak mcm sedap!!!

  4. yeyyy tooo… that’s looks enough for the time being… i loves kelly sleep bra too…lembut n selesa utk malam…hehehe

    that chocodates to b said good for milk production but haven’t try yet…org cakap la…

    neway spectra tu pun ok dah… hospital bag ready… mummy don’t worry, bersalin bulan puasa nie Insyaallah Allah akan permudahkan…

  5. wah adik!
    tak sabar tunggu ur baby!
    take care. good luck.
    and please update me with ur tweets in case u already delivered k.
    good luck. semoga dipermudahkan olehNya.


  6. Ezlinda: Ameen, thanks dear. 🙂

    Dinashuz: I agree, I bought one from Autumnz and it’s not to my liking. And true, the real test is when we’re breastfeeding ! :p
    My hubby bought those Chocodates from a shop here in Kuala Terengganu lah dear. I think you should be able to get them in wherever they sell Yusof Taiyoob’s dates.

    Ana: Tak beli lg sleep bra, rasa nak beli gak. Haha tamaknya. :p Yeah, I’ve heard abt the fact that dates can boost milk production, we’ll have to see lah kan. 🙂 Ameen, ameen. Thanks so much dear ! 🙂

    Switakon: Ameen. InshaAllah. Thank you so much kak ! Nervous ni. Hee.

    Haneesa: Yeah, tell me about it ! InshaAllah, thanks dear. Selamat berpuasa. 🙂

    Eka: InshaAllah ye. 🙂

  7. selamat berpuasa, melllll!! 😀 😀 😀 it’s amazing how you’ve decided to go on with fasting even though you’re with child. ADMIRABLE MUCH! that photo of you is so cumel coz it looks like you just woke up. (and i love that your hijab is pink!)

    the baby things are so cute!! polka dots are LOVE.

  8. comelnye mummy!yun pn bru start pkai spectra3,highly recommended!serius okey and alhmdulillah hasil perahan sgt memuaskn,sbb b4 ni yun gne manual pump.. =)

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