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Hi all.
Gosh. How long has it been ? Three weeks ? Almost eh.
I apologize for abandoning this space for such a long time.
It’s just that I have been having trouble letting my thoughts out.
Every post I start to write ends up being saved as drafts for some reason.

But nothing much has happened since I last blogged, though.
I started work at Tanglin and I can genuinely say I am loving the place despite having to take a 20 minute walk to and fro from the LRT station. The people there are super nice, super kind, super helpful, super sweet. Just super. Unlike you know where.

Barath turned 23 on the 20th and we all (well, almost all) got together for dinner at La Bodega, Bangsar and after that adjourned to Telawi Street Bistro for some dancing and Barath smashing. I loved the ambience at La Bodega and the food was yummy too. Telawi Street Bistro was nice as we had the lounge all to ourselves. We were out until pretty late but it was a good night. Some pictures are ahead. I stayed over at Feli’s that night and headed home the following day. I wanted to stay a bit later but I had to attend Kak Shena’s wedding later that afternoon.

The Birthday Boy.

Kak Shena’s wedding (she was my senior in high school) was just sooo beautiful !

As usual the whole family and I spent Christmas at Aunt Thelma’s place.
I can honestly say that I stuffed myself with enough turkey and devil curry to last me for a month.
Faiz, Faizal and us went karaoke-ing for a bit in the afternoon.

Karaoke !

I bumped into an old close friend a couple of weeks ago and got to know that he relationship was on the rocks again.
A series of unbelievable shitty events happened since we met and now they are broken up for good. I hope.
I was absolutely speechless (I still am, actually) for I have never met and witnessed a person who thinks so highly of himself.
Aku memang handsome. Aku memang hebat. Aku memang perfect. WTF ?!
Mind you that he is not good looking (at all!) and has nothing. No sound career, no friends, no nothing. All he owns is his exceptionally great lying, cheating and flirting skills.
To make a long story short, he want this friend of mine to lose weight. He thinks she’s fat, ugly and is a loser. He actually said those things to her, among other nasty things. Jerk, no ?
I am not even sure jerk is the appropriate term for him. What’s worse than a jerk ?
You would not believe what she had to endure for the past TEN years of being with him.
She (no matter how she has been to me in the past) deserves way better.
Being with her reminded me so much of what I went through.
I hope she takes me as proof that she can get through this (very) rough patch.
If I can, anyone can.

I am now an owner of a brand new Saga. Alhamdulillah. I received it on Boxing Day and am still thinking of what to call it/her/him.
I love my license plate number. 274 ! Such a cool coincidence OK. Ha, tak ingat lah tu ! *raises an eyebrow*
I swear it was not planned or bought or anything !
I only drove it/her/him for the first time today. Marc brought me to Putrajaya for driving lessons and practice.
I suck.
I would say that I am a bit better than before.
But I still suck and I would not trust myself to drive it/her/him out of Sri Gombak.

Another year has passed, here’s to another 12 months filled with love, happiness, success, smiles and Allah’s blessings. InsyaAllah, Aamin.
Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 everyone.


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