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I changed my mobile number for the zillionth time.
I apologize if I have caused any trouble to anyone.
I’m gonna try to stick to this one.
For at least one year. Haha.
But seriously, I am gonna try to keep this one.
I kinda really like the number.

I haven’t received my placement letter yet and I am in a sort of confused state right now. My friend from UIAM told me that her friends who were placed in HUKM or PPUM, were told to report at those hospitals, so she claims that I would be posted in Putrajaya. But another classmate of mine actually was told to report to Putrajaya and I wasn’t.
Confusing enough ?
I guess I’d just wait for the official letter. But knowing me, I can’t really get this whole thing outta my head.


I need to get a place to stay, eh ?
I’m gonna try to get a room all to myself this time around.

I have skipped working out for three days in a row now.
I was pretty tied up over the weekend and I was just plain lazy today.
This seriously cannot go on. I wouldn’t wanna balloon up (again).
I don’t need to be 46 kilograms like I used to because looking back at my old photos, it’s true when people say I don’t really look good at that weight.
I’d be pretty satisfied if I can maintain my weight at 48/49 kilograms.
I think.
I hope.

Raya is next week and I hope I am still eligible for some duit Raya since I am still unemployed. Hee.
It still doesn’t feel the same without Mummy around.

Uncle Razak and Uncle Tan came over last Sunday with heaps of food for buka. Chee Cheong Fun, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, some local kuih and cupcakes !
It was so sweet of them. I was so satiated !
It’s sad that I had to cancel on Annisa yet again on that day. Sigh.

I honestly just wanna stay at home this week.

Has anyone watched Mamma Mia ?
I plan to bring the sister out to watch it after she’s done with her exams.

I miss my Sunshine.


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