I don’t enjoy leaving my blog idle for so long whenever my last post is a negative one.
I feel as though it leaves a bad impression on myself.

I’m doing much better emotionally right now, Alhamdulillah.
Apart from praying, Mr. Sunshine, Akey and my family are a good source of comfort. 🙂
Mr. Sunshine took me out for an impromptu movie marathon date last Saturday. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 and Fast Five.
In my opinion, the sequel to Kung Fu Panda was better than the original film. I was laughing like a kid throughout the whole movie ! Baby seemed to be having a blast in my uterus too, kicking, punching and squirming from the beginning to the end of the movie. Haha.
At first I thought he/she was disturbed by all the noise coming from outside but the exact opposite happened when we were watching Fast Five.
Baby behaved really well, only kicked twice as if he/she knew the movie was not suitable for below 18 year-olds. Hehe.

Baby Po is so adorable ! And always hungry (like me, haha) !

Speaking of always being hungry, I found out that my weight had shot up another 3.5 kgs in the span of two weeks (!!!) during my antenatal checkup last Monday.
It’s really weird because I weighed myself at home before I went to the checkup, and I was so sure I weighed 1 kilo less than what it showed on the weighing scale at the clinic. Not that it’s a major difference, but it’s still a difference. :p
Hence, I have to go through another MOGT test next week, get my blood pressure checked every other day again, and get my blood checked for signs of pre-eclampsia. 🙁
My previous MOGT test came out normal, Alhamdulillah. So far, everything’s looking normal, except for my weight !

The doctor did an ultrasound on me to check the baby’s estimated weight and the condition/amount of my amniotic fluid. Baby’s weighing around 1.3 kilos right now – which is normal for 27 weeks – and there were no abnormalities with my amniotic fluid.

So, what does that leave us with ?
My butt is the sole culprit of my weight gain ! Ok boobs too, but a*** is huger. Hehe.

Moi at 27 weeks. 🙂

I’m praying I don’t end up with gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia or any other complications. Ameen.

I think it’s best I give my back a rest already.
Goodnight everyone. 🙂


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