I had to go for another checkup yesterday because of my abnormal weight gain last month. They reviewed my blood pressure levels I took every other day which were normal, Alhamdulillah, and weighed me again.
I was very nervous because I just spent the last weekend stuffing myself with food at Mr Sunshine’s hometown.
But Alhamdulillah, I only gained 1 kilogram over the past two weeks. Hehe. I’m allowed to gain 0.5 kilos per week ok.

There were trace amounts of albumin (protein) in my urine, and I was told to increase my fluid intake. I did cut down my water intake that day as I was traveling back from Batu Pahat and did not want to stop to pee every five minutes. :p
Other expectant mothers, please do not follow in my footsteps, it’s very important to stay well hydrated while traveling !
If only the nurse knew how much water I drink on a daily basis, I bring a 1.6 L water bottle to work and I finish the whole bottle every day !

So far no stretch marks have appeared (YET) anywhere on my belly. And my belly button is still an innie. It’s not gonna stay that way for too long I think.

I have been getting numerous questions on the gender of Mini Mel. Hehe. Sorry to let you all down but even Mr. Sunshine and I are still playing the guessing game ourselves.
I have also been receiving guesses on the gender based on how my belly and waist looks like. Apparently my belly is looking like I am carrying a girl, but the fact that I still have a tapered waist indicates that I am carrying a boy.
Ah, let’s not forget that because I easily perspire a lot, I might be carrying a boy. Hehe. Macam-macam kan ? It’s fun though, to listen to all the different opinions.

Mr Sunshine and I have not started buying any baby stuff. Not a single thing.
From what I know, my hospital bag should be ready as I enter my third trimester just in case Mini Mel decides to make an early appearance. My third trimester is only 2 weeks away !
Do any of you have any tips on shopping for baby stuff ? I have heard that (do correct me if I am wrong):

  • I should not get too many newborn-sized clothing because babies grow fast.
  • Purchasing things like a stroller or a car seat can be done after delivery.
  • It’s worth it to invest in a good breast pump if you plan to breastfeed exclusively.

That is all. I’m lucky (and thankful !) Diana shared her baby stuff checklist with me, so I basically copied hers with very minimal editing, being the lazy person that I am. Hehe.

I guess I need to do some serious researching on baby stuff prices !
Ok bye.


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